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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. zardos
    I have 1Z and IE800 too. To me there is no special roll off in the trebles in that combination. I like the IE800, but it has a little bit emphasised and at the same time kind of thin sounding trebles, independent from source.

    And I don't feel about the 1Z sounding thick at all. It just sounds natural to my ears, not dap-like, not digital- like, whereas the NW-WM1A which I also own sometimes tend to sound a little bit pierching in the highs. Many people seem to like emphasised trebles. They let us imagine more details than there are.

    But, from my experience, very much depends on customization to a special sound signature. When I use the same gear for a longer time it's sound sig seems to become kind of reference for my brain. I tend to percieve differences to that reference sound sig often as totally wrong at the first moment. There are many pitfalls with our hearings I believe, or at least with my hearing..lol.
  2. rcmo
    Hi Guys,
    As probably 97,64% of the ie800 owners I've always been fighting with their fit, struggling to keep them in my ears and looking for replacement tips. Those days might be over. I've ordered the mandarine tips not exactly thinking on the ie800 but for the sake of trying them. To my great surprise these tips attach to the ie800 as well as the originals (they even seem to make the click), are very comfortable and keep the iems in place.
    Sound so far seems indistinguishable from the original tips but I'll report back soon.  A very happy camper here :)
  3. meomap

  4. rcmo
    About mandarine tips: http://www.head-fi.org/t/825397/a-review-of-mandarines-foam-tips
  5. jwbrent

    Good to know, thanks!
  6. Dobrescu George

    Thank you for letting us know! 

    They look strange at first but I sure would be interested in getting a better seal and keeping it in place! 
  7. jwbrent

    I use the ML oval tips, and so far, I've had no troubles with them. But I agree, it's always nice to have choices.
  8. Sound Eq
    i got those as well and confirm they for great on my ie800
  9. Dj Jaz
    I just got some IE800's and can't figure out how to get the ear adaptors on. I think theres a part missing maybe? Looks different then everyone pics.
    Thanks Head Fi peeps!
    . IMG_83612.jpg

  10. les_garten
    Don't suppose you could post a pic with the Mandarine tips in  place?
  11. harpo1
    Those are fake.
  12. Dj Jaz

    Bloody expensive fakes from Amazon  I checked the QR Code and checked out as authentic.  This sucks........
  13. harpo1
    Were they new?  Who was the seller?
  14. tracyca
    Yes, those are a fake pair indeed.
  15. Dj Jaz

    Amazon warehouse deal open box so someone must have swapped them Sold by Amazon.com.ca, Inc. 
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