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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Sound Eq
    i agree as well, to keep things real the cable is the weak point on ie800, and that is a fact
    but will this make me not adore ie800, of course not as i adore ie800 
  2. kuebler
    Exactly   [​IMG]
  3. Emerald Core
    Is Audeze iSine 20 is on par of IE800 ?
  4. Roybenz
    They are more bassy and dark, and not as detailed. They have the "audeze" sound, they sound good. The biggest problem with them is the size. Looks weird. And they are an open iem.
  5. Dobrescu George
    Exactly as expected [​IMG]
  6. Emerald Core

    I heard that some people reported that the cable gets stiffer after some time. Up to the point that it loses sq and cant be folded.

    Is this true for ie800?

    I am really interested to pick a second hand for 600$
  7. kuebler

    If you get a serial # near or above 30'000 (newest is app. 45'000), then you are safe. And for $600 you sure get a newer one.
    BTW: for $600 you should be able to get a new one, but I cannot point you to sellers.
  8. Philo
    Hi guys!
    I'm planning to buy these babies but I have some questions. If I will use it mainly at home, how many years could I plan with their durability? How strong is the bass response compared it to the IE80? (I'm going to use it with my Sony NWZ-F886 DAP, with equilizing the bass on max settings, and the treble on neutral setting.)
  9. Emerald Core

    The serial number is 17847. I assume this is an early production ?
  10. kuebler

    Reasonably old, and definitively not worth $600. By far not... Maximum $250, but I would stay away from somebody asking for such an impertinent price... 
  11. Sound Eq
  12. Dobrescu George
    From Sennheiser directly [​IMG]
    But it's not exactly cheap 
  13. tracyca
    blown away this morning with the amazing sound coming out of the IE800 pair with the Ipod 5gen & pico slim. To me the ie800 sound great straight from my iPad, and with mojo, CDM, it scales to higher levels. Great IEM.
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  14. les_garten
    I have both
    The IE80 sounds like it has a built in Subwoofer.  Not a great subwoofer either.  
    Don't get me wrong, the IE80 is not bad, but the bass is looser and less defined to me on the 800
    I really like the Bass on the 800's, very tight, multidimensional(not one note), and well defined.
    The 80's have a bit of boominess to me.
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  15. Dobrescu George
    That sums up my experience with ie80. Considering their price, they're not bad, but don't really stand at the same universe with ie800 sound [​IMG]
    Ie80 are a fun IEM nevertheless. 
    Ie800 are really nice IEMs. The more I return to it, the more I rediscover it sweet sound [​IMG]
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