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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. Dj Jaz

    Crazy. thanks for sharing
  2. Rob80b
    Make that had as I've passed them on to one of my brothers, who's also a discerning audiophile and says they're the best iems he's had...so there are some good ones out there, fortunately or unfortunately. [​IMG]
  3. AudioDwebe
    I picked up a fake pair, as well, from ebay last year sometime. Sonic bliss is what I encountered. I couldn't believe how spacious the headstage was. I was so impressed that I imediately bid on a few more before and won.

    I knew they weren't authentic, but figured they were just a gray market product. Since they sounded as good or better than most every other iem I had listened to, I doubted they were really "fakes."

    Only after I had three pairs did I listen to one of the Stereophile test discs.

    The spaciousness was due to them being wired out of phase. On top of that, the left/right was wired backwards. This I knew early on so I just swapped the L/R in my ears and they really never bothered me.

    I rewired them in phase and they still sounded great. I quit using them at some point for some reason.

    Never thought to try different tips. I guess I'll try that now that I'm thinking about it.

    Oh, I remember now why I quit using them: Through the iPod Classic and Arrow amp, they sounded absolutely wonderful. Then I got curious about the Oppo DAC/amp through an iPod Touch. With that rig, the iem's lost their magic. Weird, up until that point, I pretty much consided the fakes my end game iem's.

    I should have known better. This is Head-Fi, after all, which means there is no such thing as an "end game". :wink:
  4. Dj Jaz
    Thats how I kinda feel about my Fakes. I would have kept them if I didn't spend $700 Canadian. There going back to amazon, and I order IE800's right from Sennheiser. Taking no chances, and paying the full price. Oh well you only live once and can never have to many [​IMG].  right?  
  5. kuebler
    Doesn't really sound like solid re-engineering...
    Sure not one of the "good" fakes...
  6. rcmo
    The 3 size mandarines and the medium senn. Keep in mind that the mandarines do not shrink as the senns due to the inner foam.
  7. AudioDwebe
    Good point.

    If these are not one of the good fakes, the good one must be pretty sweet!
  8. jwbrent

    Comply has foam tips designed for the IE 800 as well.
  9. Dobrescu George
    Interesting (?)

    Sadly comply would almost always take some of the treble out , killing the presentation of ie800
  10. TeknicalXtacy
    I have found the same thing as well.  In some cases it can be subtle, but I also feel some of the detail is lost as well.
  11. Sound Eq
    i ordered those tips and i will report back
    i like to have all tips i can find that suit ie800
  12. cellarbro
    Just happened to accidentally thought of something and it just hit the bullseye for me.
    I happened to have some of the tips from Can Jam that I got from Noble Audio. They snap on perfectly onto the IE800 and are actually very clear. I actually think they are better than stock.
    The fit (stock) was uncomfortable due to the softness of the flaps. The edges of the tips would lean against my ear and I found it uncomfortable. I also don't think they sealed properly. These noble audio don't have a weird fit and clear up the mid range and make the treble a little less tizzy. Also because the tips are made of a thicker silicone, the edges of the tip corners don't sit weird in my ear. 
    Anyone with a pair of the Noble Audio tips should try them. They seem to have the same snap on snap off force of the regular stock tips. 

    Edit: I need to find more of these tips in case I lose them. Amazing! A+ for me.
    I was a little disappointed with the IE800 this morning after listening to my SE846 for so long. I found the bass kind of bloated and the treble at times tizzy and harsh with the midrange kind of drowned out a bit by the heavy set bass and sharper than usual treble.
    Definitely not as smooth sounding as my SE846 which has a warm and smooth sound signature with serious full ranged bass.
  13. catroni

    can you post a photo of the tips?
  14. cellarbro
    Sorry the images aren't working on the forum for some reason. 
    catroni likes this.
  15. Sound Eq
    i for one agree the ie800 lack in mids and sometimes is perceived as recessed, and I do not care how much it gets hailed here but that is a fact.
    now about sound stage the ie800 has a decent sound stage, if you really want a huge sound stage iem buy the tralucent ref1 peroid
    for best mids buy the empire ears zeus
    but all in all the ie800 is an iem that i will never sell as I like it alot 
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