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Sennheiser IE800 IEM's

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  1. kuebler
    I'm confused: this looks a bit like the Symbio MandarinES?
  2. cellarbro

    Its not. Its not foam in the center. Its made completely of silicone. The canal is just wide & made of thick silicone.
  3. Sound Eq
    they are sold by penon audio and they are cheap
    i bought those and have tons of them
  4. cellarbro

    I think the IE800 were a bump above neutral in the midrange. With a tip change that I recommended, they definitely seem less recessed just due to the bass not slamming so hard and the treble not being so prominent and sharp.
    I agree about the sound stage, its big but not huge by any means. I always liked the IE800 and had rave things to say about it followed by a little bit of disappointment due to them not doing electronic music well. (Sharp and harsh treble and too heavy in the bass slam) I am revisiting them on some electronic tracks and wow!
    I think the tips made them unsuitable for electronic music and overall hard to listen to. They are pretty good for electronic music. Nowhere near as fun as the SE846 that has me dancing around and jumping up and down but definitely very good and a hugeeee improvement.
  5. cellarbro

    Those look like the ones I have.
    Going to place an order.
  6. Sound Eq
    now as far as best sound I ever heard of ie800 was the mod i did in fitting the jvc spiral dots on the ie800 that was magical it took the ie800 to a whole new level
    this is a mod I encourage everyone to do on their ie800
  7. cellarbro
    Interesting. I will have to look into it.
    I usually don't like to make mods where I have to get crafty.
    I am a big fan of testing out other tips that do fit the IEM and seeing if I can hear a difference. Good or bad, it will peak my interest to try it.
  8. Sound Eq
    that mod i talk about is one of the simplest mod anyone can do with the jvc sprial dots
    all you gotta do is go to a shop that sells fish tanks and ask for those tubes that get connected to the fish tank pumps and try out which diameter they sell fits the ie800 and then just put the jvc tips on it
  9. cellarbro
    Seems easy enough actually.
    Ill have to give this a try lol
  10. cellarbro
    Do you know if these comply tips are the same as the ones for campfire audio foam tips?
    I seemed to have stumbled upon another pair of tips I took from can jam. They were taken from the andromedas or the vegas. I confirmed with my girlfriend to double check and we indeed did take them from campfire. (I took two pairs of tips in total, one from noble and one from campfire.)
    They seem to fit pretty well with the IE800 and are also foam tips. Not sure if they are comply but they smooth out the bass just a bit from sounding overtly punchy and pierce and the treble as well. The silicones I tried yesterday were in the middle grounds. Better than the stock for sure, but still a little on the heavy side in terms of treble, and bass.
    These foam tips are absolutely perfect. I can honestly say I prefer the sound signature of the IE800 with these foam campfire tips over my SE846. They sound clean, crisp in the treble region with zero sense of ear fatigue. The treble is absolutely perfect. The bass is punchy but doesn't cross that line of being overly punchy. The silicone tips from noble were middle grounds that left the bass and treble still a little more forward and louder than the mids. Giving the mids a bit of a recessed feeling despite them still having what felt like a forward like presentation. 
    Will try to order these comply tips perhaps and see if they differ from the campfire audio foam.  They hit the spot 100% and I currently cannot believe how clear, punchy and non fatiguing these things sound. They almost sound neutral W sound signature with clear punchy bass without going overboard, more forward mids and now tamer and very clear treble. Wow!
    The only problem I have is that the fit is not 100% tight tight. So at some points, I can take the IEM out and the foams might still be in my ear. Sound wise tho, it takes the cake over the silicone and stock ones I had yesterday.
    Not sure about the comply, but you should definitely try these campfire tips. The treble is not taken out per say. It is tamer and sounds more natural to me. It sounds more realistic and is still clear, crisp and signature is still bright.
    I did try comply for my IE80 and hated them however because they killed the treble. So I am not sure I want to try comply's again. I do know where you are coming from. These foam tips take the cake and bring the IE800 up to the top. They sound almost like the Vegas. Everything that I found wrong with the IE800's were there from the Campfire Vega. I originally thought they were an upgrade over the IE800 but they are almost twins. I am blown away. 
  11. Dobrescu George
    Now we're getting somewhere! 

    Ie80 experience with comply is what kinda killed all my will to ever try comply again [​IMG]
    If it doesn't kill the treble, that would be awesome, I like hearing them trebles with all their might! That being said, besides the tips being a bit slippery, I have peace with the default tips. At least, they're not so bad for me. I just use perioxyde before listening to ie800 and they just stay in. I also wash the tips with soapy water from time to time to ensure they don't really get slippery. 
  12. cellarbro

    I made amazon refund me for the comply's sucking. They were terrible for the IE80's. It advertised as hear more and it sounded so veil it wasn't even funny. They seem to be made out of the same comply material tho. Im not sure. I spent 2 minutes with the comply's and knew they were garbage. 
    That is why I'm not so sure if I should be ordering the comply again. These foam tips (pretty sure they are from campfire) are fantastic. I tried my test track to test the treble and bass ( Julian Caldor- Signs, Bright, powerful midrange, and super punchy bass) 
    Before on stock tips, I couldn't stand listening to them. They sounded fantastic on my SE846 but they sounded like absolutely garbage on my IE800 ( loss of control, bass sounded like it was gonna rip my ear drum up and treble was harsh. The track itself pushes the limit however of both bass and treble). Altering the tip, they never sound harsh, and not ear punching in the bass region and never sounding like it loses control. Granted the control and power on the SE846 is unmatched for this track but they come in very close. They actually sound fun.
    The brightness kind of diminishes a smidgeon on rock tracks, but still sound fantastic. I give up a little bit of the rock tracks sounding like its an actual live performance, to a row back in the stage for an overall better sound signature on other genres. Ill listen throughout the day and see if my opinion changes. The silicone tips from noble were good on initial impression but after 2-3 hours they began to sound fatiguing. These I don't see how they will ever fatigue. Maybe after 4-5 hours? Not sure. Ill test it out to make sure. So far my favorite tip change for sure. Because of the advertised proprietary tips I never bothered to try to change them and just thought the IE800 werent great performers to things like vega & encore. Boy was I wrong. My upgraditis just dropped a notch.
  13. Dobrescu George
    You know, I'm actually glad you found happiness in them! 

    I kinda like the harsh treble to be honest, I just wish it was toned differently, like, it also hurts me after a while with certain bands, but it is perfect with acoustic. Just the right amount of guitar bite. 

    Don't worry, I trust you that it helps, I cannot really enjoy ie800 for more than 2 hours as they are since it will also give me some fatigue, so I'm curious on the other solutions presented! 

    EDIT::: They create no fatigue if I don't set the volume too high! 
  14. cellarbro

    I agree with you that they are absolutely stunning and unmatched with acoustic, some pop songs, and old school rock songs.
    For me I cannot enjoy them for longer than 30 minutes on stock tips. I guess its my sensitivity to treble, it physically starts to feel like my ear drums need to be scratched otherwise I would put up with it.
    Maybe its the foam from the campfire tips. They are plastic for the most part with the outer edges made of foam. May calm the treble. The only thing I hate is that sometimes I pull the IE800 out of my ears and the foam tips get stuck in my ear.
    If I could give a rating to the IE800 for rock music It would get a 10/10 on things that don't have heavy distorted electric guitars in the front blaring away. With the tip adjustment, I would still give it a 9/10 while making other genres much more enjoyable. A small trade off for versatility. Treble is still very prominent, crisp and detailed.
    I ordered the comply tips specifically made for the IE800 hoping to see if the fit is a little better without sacrificing clarity. Hopefully they will be better than the T500 version with the wax guard. Ill report back my findings in a few days.
  15. jwbrent
    I've used Comply tips over the years--not with my IE 800--and they have changed. The current versions that I've used have a clear plastic tube insert which doesn't absorb the high frequencies like older Complys that didn't use the inserts.

    Perhaps this explains why some have had different experiences with them.
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