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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. up late
    my take away from the what hi fi review is that they regard the hd820 as an excellent closed can, while acknowledging the inherent limitations of a closed-back design when compared to open-back designs. so it's not unqualified praise.
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  2. up late
    i don't know about "bash" but what hi fi's reviews can be quite critical
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  3. Rchandra
    Here's the thing. I can't after today listening to the hd820 again with the z1r say what's "better" since its subjective. What I can say is that it all depends on the type of music you listen to and the fit. Honestly I think that once focal comes into the picture with a closed back utopia this will get very good. As of now if anyone wants to take my advice if you're a z1r owner or a hd820 owner just enjoy what you have and ignore anything that makes you feel or think that you need to have both to be happy because in all honesty at this point you don't need a lot to make you happy
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  4. Maelob
    Unless you have thousands to play around or an uncontrollable headphone addiction. LOL
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  5. SeanS
    Anyone else have an lcd-xc to compare?
  6. Mark Up
    I got a really long listen to both of them. Actually the LCD-XC on three occasions, two in good listening areas. Far worse. The bass isn't even better on the XC. Really can't think of anything except how nice and shiny the wood cups are. The HD820 is lighter, far more comfortably fitting for large heads. It's treble has all that detail and then some while just staying on the safe side of harshness. The LCD-XC like all LCD planars has that hot midrange that can at times seem a bit congested. There is a resonance, possibly due to the closed backs. The low mids are decent, and again, both extend well but the HD820 bass has more snap.
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  7. Hoegaardener70

    I have neither but still own the HD800S and Z1R :)
  8. Rchandra
    I honestly think that its a harder choice to pick between the hd800S over the hd820 I think that the trade offs they make over the other make it tempting for a consumer to buy both and be happy. Sennheiser should sell them both together for 3k it would be a amazing package deal. If you want something that isolates well and gives you a reference sound or if you want something that gives you a out of this world sound stage with a natural sound. Man i gotta stop this I'm gonna shell out $2400 if I don't haha I'll keep my fingers crossed that they do something for black Friday
  9. Roger Dodger
    I shelled out for both. No regrets only happiness.
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  10. beowulf
    Haven't heard the 820 yet but I've been stable for a lot of time with the 800+Z1R combo and your findings don't surprise me. I expect the 820 to be a bit of a mix of the two, without really excelling at anything. Probably not a bad choice for someone who only wants 1 set, tho.
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  11. FastAndClean
  12. syke
  13. Art Garfunkel
    I don't pay much attention to measurements.
  14. Rchandra
    I think the reason one could be happy with a z1r over the hd820 is that the hd820 sounds like a familiar headphone where the z1r is a total new experience with your music. The hd820 is for people I feel that like to listen to their music with no coloration, now don't get me wrong for classical music the z1r doesn't hold a candle against the hd820..but for every other music genre well.... Let's say this sony is a leading producer for music and a ton of artists are signed under sony labels the z1r is to me the better experience. I think today is my final listen with my friends hd820s and I'm off to maybe in the future purchase one of these or a focal utopia closed back if it ever comes to fruition
  15. Beagle
    Me too. That bass hump is the result of a proper fit. Did Sennheiser not hear this?
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