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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. up late
    that's quite a dip in the lower mid range. still, hearing is believing.
  2. macbob713
    I have both and have been jumping back and forth between the two, and I prefer the 800S for classical and most jazz, but the 820 for rock or where I just want more bass punch. Sometimes it’s a close call, but they are both different.
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  3. macbob713
    I owned the Z1R for about a month and found for my taste, they were a little to dark sounding. I personally prefer the 820, but it’s a very subjective thing.
  4. Rchandra
    They are meant to compliment each other and boy do they do a great job.. I enjoyed rap music more on the hd820 but for pop songs (maroon 5) for me the hd800S took the cake.
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  5. macbob713
  6. Beagle
    Did you have any difficulty getting a proper consistent seal?
  7. macbob713
    No, but I find the 820 sounds best to me with the phones sitting straight up and the headband pushed slightly forward on my head, but sitting flat across.
    On my 800S, I don’t hear any difference whether they are straight up or tilted back.
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  8. Hoegaardener70

    You’r rocking the same as me (i have H800s, thou). Great choice, I love the difference between the two which leaves no desires open on any end ...

    However, if I’d have to go for one headphone only, it would be the hd820.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2018
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  9. macbob713
    I would hate to have to choose, but I lean the same way.
  10. Beagle
    Thank you. I'm getting a fairly consistent seal now with the phones sitting high on the sides of the head, the ears tucked into the lower end of the pad openings. If there is any space between the bottom of the ears and the bottom of the pad opening, the seal goes awry.
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  11. macbob713
  12. macbob713
    I’m actually wearing mine high with lower ear at the bottom of the pads just as you described. I adjust the band 3 1/4 clicks on each side and works like a charm every time.
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  13. raypin
    Mm...read the Cnet review (Steve Gutenberg). Kinda’ disappointed about the isolation being inferior to the Z1R and the LCD XC (expected since it has thicker pads). Still waiting for my unit to arrive....
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2018
  14. Beagle
    I guess this is how it's meant to be. I remember having to futz around the same way with the closed AKG K872.
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