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Sennheiser HD820

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Dulalala, Apr 29, 2017.
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  1. Vitaly2017

    I know my self i am using hd800s + wireworld nano eclipse all copper even the connector is all copper finish 4.4mm.

    Hdv820 is probably the only ultimate amp dac for Hd800s and hd820 .

    20180804_021301.jpg 20180723_175410.jpg 20180723_175611.jpg 20180723_175440.jpg
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  2. Roger Dodger
    I thought about that amp also except the balanced inputs were of no use to me.
  3. Vitaly2017
    Hdv820 should be used in balanced only. Its significantly better!
  4. Beagle
    I'm about ready to give up on these. The inconsistent fit is driving me batty. The bass sounds different every time I put it on. And it sounds like it's floating in air, not secured to anything. Who needs the aggravation?
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  5. Vitaly2017

    It reminds me universall iems. Always tip rolling and never a perfect fit zzzzrrrrrgg.

    Strange to hear hd820 having. Seal issue very odd
  6. QueueCumber
    Yeah, I mentioned that awhile back with the bass. The lower end of bass disconnects with the mid and treble the more panned the instrument is in the soundstage. It’s not ideal for sure.

    They work well for me for closed listening with GF over and are enjoyable once I get them on well. Ideally, I’d rather use the Susvara or Stax SR-009S.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2018
  7. macbob713
    I have the hdv 820 source, (cd) player output using a coax cable to it, and using the pentaconn 4.4mm cable included with the amp gives me a balanced output. Works great!
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  8. macbob713
    I haven’t heard this disconnect with the bass. My head is shaved so I have a perfect fitting headphone. I wear them nearly upright
    Making sure the headband is flat on my noggin. Works good for me. When I wore them with the headband pushed back further on the top of my head, the wide soundstage was more narrow and confined between my ears like all closed back cans.
  9. QueueCumber
    For me, when an instrument like guitar is panned to the extreme of one side on the 820, like in Nora Jones Painter Song, the lowest octave notes are not lined up with the rest of the instrument. I don’t have this issue on the Stax SR-009, Susvara, Noble Encore CIEMs or Utopia. As a guitarist it’s noticable to me from decades of playing acoustic guitar with friends. It detracts from the realism of the instrument for me. It could be the FR curves of my 820, as the other FR that was posted was slightly different in the bass region and that person wasn’t having the issue.
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  10. Vitaly2017

    You have a defective hd820? Curve needs to be the same. Plus all hp pass qc at sennheiser factory. Something aint right
  11. QueueCumber
    Not defective. They all vary slightly. Go back through the thread and you can see the slight variations. Mine has a steeper drop off from lower bass to mid bass than the other listed FR.
  12. Rchandra
    So my bud that let me borrow his hd820 and me lending him my sony z1r we together came up with this conclusion.

    1.if you are a hd800S or a z1r owner the hd820 is pretty much not needed.

    2. The hd820 is not a fun headphone but rather a unique flavor of a hd800 that for some people will find enjoyable.

    3. The z1r though having a weaker treble response then the hd820 provided a more fatigue free listening experience.

    4. The ear pads on the hd820 and the z1r are both very comfortable kudos to both companies with the z1r just slightly edging it out.

    5. The hd800S is more natural sounding, while the z1r is clearly colored. The hd820 is the cleaner sounding headphone over the z1r.

    6. The hd820 is the hands down the better headphones out of the 2 (z1r,hd800S) in terms of usability anywhere you please. The z1r leaks a ton, and of course the hd800S isn't exactly going to be the headphones you take to a library.

    That being said the hd820 is not a bad headphone, but unless you are needing a headphone to be on the go and or wish to go a closed headphone route the hd820 might be the headphone for you.. Personally if you have both the z1r and the hd800 their is no point in owning the hd820 HOWEVER if you wish to have a great hifi experience in bed while your wife is sleeping and you don't want to die then hd820 all the way lol.
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  13. syke
    That's the exact same reason why I felt the HD820 wasn't for me. You can get away with open headphones like the HD800s, but not with the HD820. It sounds different everytime I move my head. I am sorry to say this but the HD800 form factor is not right for a closed headphone.
  14. Rchandra
    I didn't have any issue with the fit. However with any headphone if the fit isn't right the sound quality will be off for obvious reasons. I have a bald head so that doesn't seem to be a issue
  15. syke
    I don't think shaving the head bald is the solution. There is more to it, like head shape, cheekbones, etc to consider due to the large earcup.

    You would definitely think that the fit should cover a good majority of the population and not just the odd 10%. I do hope they have done their research right and I might be the odd 10% instead.
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