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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. Blueshound24
    So a while back I thought I read the hd660s has the same or very similar drivers as the HD700? Anybody know how the sound compares to the hd700?
  2. Kammerat Rebekka
    They sound nothing alike. Where the 660 sounds like a faster take on the old 650, the 700 sounds more like a Beyer.
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  3. zarze
    Any update? Very curious about the result of the comparisons and I think I'm not the only one:wink:
  4. Mike F
  5. Blueshound24
    My only experience with Beyers was the 880 and T1 and IMO they both were super light on bass so they weren't for me and I don't consider myself to be a basshead.

    However, my HD700 has ample bass for me, so I don't think the HD700's sound was anywhere similar to the 880 or T1. For what it's worth, I like my HD650 but the treble is a bit too rolled off for my tastes so I would probably like a "faster" HD650 if that means a little tighter bass and a little more treble.
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  6. kman1211
    Those are leaner Beyers, most Beyers I've tried tend to excel at bass and some had too much. The Dt 880 is a bit light on the mid-bass compared to the Senns, the original T1 is as well. Though I prefer the DT 1990, Amiron Home, DT 150, and T1.2 when it comes to Beyers. My T1.2 has plenty of bass(more mid-bass, tighter, more impact, more bass resolution, and better extension than the HD 650 and HD 660 S).
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  7. DavidA
    HD700 and HD660S are quite different. The HD660S keeps the HD6 family sound which is forward mids, some roll off in the lower bass and highs while the HD700 is more like the HD800, wide sound stage, slightly recessed mids, bass is less rolled of than the HD6 family and the highs can be a bit sibilant for some but to me its due to the HD700 being a bit picky when it comes to amps while the HD660S is about as easy as it gets to drive.

    As for the DT880 and T1 I don't think they are light on the bass but they have a lot less mid-bass compared to the HD 650 so they might seem bass light but to me the bass is tighter and better defined with a decent amp IMO.

    I'd suggest looking in to a planar if you want a bit more bass and a little more sparkle in the highs. For me an old EL-8 open does just this and is quite easy to drive and you might also want to look at the HE-4XX since they are quite cheap these days just to see if you are going in the right direction.
  8. Mhog55
    How do I know which version my cans are? Is it just a color thing?
  9. Headstar
    Both versions are black. :)

    The old ones have Made in Ireland written on the inside of the headband. On the new one, Made in Romania, it does not says on the product, only on the bottom of the box.
    The boxes are different too. The previous model (Ireland) has a black box with blue and Sennheiser logo at the bottom, the 2019 model (Romania) has a gray box with only a small blue line at the bottom and Sennheiser logo at the top. The black box also has written on it "The Legend Continues". The current gray box doesn't say anything than the model's name.

    There's also a small design change. The old model is more rounded on the headband arms, just like the old HD 600 and HD 650. The new ones have sharper edges. Another difference is the three dots indicating the Left side. On the old model they are on the exterior of the headband with the HD 660S logo, on the new model they are on the side of the headband facing front, as you wear them. Also the L & R letters are hidden on the inside on the new model.

    So which one you have? :sunglasses::headphones::)
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  10. Mhog55
    Does not say made in Ireland on the inside of the internet, yet it has the 3 dots of the old model. Box says the legend continues, but appears as what you describe as the new box. Were the made in Ireland on the inside of the headband stickers? 20191202_172812.jpg 20191202_172758.jpg 20191202_172734_HDR.jpg
  11. Headstar
  12. Mhog55
    So there's three iterations? Have we concluded that there is, or is not any changes in the frequency response or tonality?
  13. Mhog55
    I think I like the appearance of the newest model. It looks cleaner to me for whatever reason.
  14. Headstar
    Yes they are three of them. I believe it was Mike F who had or still has all three of them.

    I have the new one and it sounds glorious. I doubt they are different sounding though.
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  15. pwscott
    What a great thread! Learning a lot here. I had not really inspected the box nor the labeling very closely. I am certainly pleased to learn of the (3) dots/bumps on the left side of the band...I never really read the manual, I left it sealed in the box in case I didn't love these....I do love them so they're staying. I've also bought a few different cables for them, all with 3.5mm ends as that was what was available and I have a few DAPs/DACs/Amps that output on 3.5mm vs, the 4.4mm balanced. What I wanted in cables was less length for when I am just sitting someplace with a DAP in my hand. I don't often need the 9 feet of cable that's generously included unless I'm sprawled on the couch or something. There are a few good looking cables out there with terminations for the Sennheiser.

    As an odd footnote I suppose, I'll add that I worked in a California company with a team of engineers out of Bucharest, Romania and they were brilliant. I kind of like the idea of handing these to a friend to have a listen and to casually noting, "Yeah they sound pretty awesome. They were engineered in Germany and made in Romania."

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