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Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
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  1. Headstar
    I keep mine in a home made pouch. Same for the HD 598.

    I used to have headphones in their original boxes or other closed spaces. If i kept them there for too long they either had a funny fungus smell or the cable and plug was melting. I'm trying to avoid that, but still keep them away from too much dust.
  2. HipHopScribe
    Might want to try silica gel packets, the fungus smell is probably bacteria growing from too much moisture

  3. donlin
    Not a silly question. I never leave my headphones out in the open. When I hang them on my headphone hanger I cover them with a pillow case cut in half. Completely dust free.
  4. Mike F
    I leave mine out from time to time, but not for extended periods. Usually they are kept in a drawer. But to answer the question about whether any dust will affect the driver, I think the answer is no. Of course if there is excessive dust build up that wouldn't be good, but a small amount of very fine dust particles on the outside of the driver won't affect anything. The inside of the driver is more critical I would think, but that's covered by the foam grill (that's what it's for!).
  5. kman1211
    I agree, most dynamic headphones it's no big deal about dust as they aren't that sensitive to dust and many have dust shields as well protecting the driver, whether in the form of foam, paper, etc. Hair getting in front of the driver is a bigger concern. I leave my headphones out all the time, never had issues. One wouldn't really have to worry about dust except with electrostatics (which is what my next headphone is going to be).
  6. Headstar
    Thanks. I have but won't help too much. I installed bigger moisture absorbers. They collect quite a bit of water after a week or two of use. Then I have to empty them. They do a better job but it's costly in the long therm.

    Also I'm thinking of long periods of storage, like 2-3 years unused. For the pairs I no longer use. There's no way I'll leave my HD 660S and HD 598 unused for such long time. No need to store them. :beyersmile:
    HipHopScribe likes this.
  7. Mhog55
    Hmm, does anyone make cup covers for headphones? No way I'm storing these in a box or pillow case. Seems like a drawer would also collect dust, just less of it.
  8. Mhog55
    For anyone who has performed some EQ tweaks and discovered what they feel are better results, would you mind sharing your discovery settings? I haven't fiddled yet, as these sound quite wonderful without equalization. I switched over to my 58X EQ settings a few times, but didn't like what I was hearing.
  9. DavidA
    I keep most of my headphones hanging on my blueray/DVD stands and never had an issue with dust:
    I'm allergic to dust so I tend to clean/vacuum once a week and I usually have the AC system running since its a bit hot/muggy here in Hawaii and it doesn't help that I live along a canal (Ala Wai canal) and 150m from the ocean (Ala Moana Beach) adding to the humidity.
  10. Mike F
    Nice collection, David! I see though that you have dust covers on the most important things - the wine glasses! Good to see that you have your priorities straight! :wink:
    DavidA likes this.
  11. CaptainFantastic
    Uf, sounds like a tough life in paradise. :) I am currently staring at fog and 1 degree Celsius outside.

    Thanks for sharing the picture, that's a nice collection. I don't see the 660s but I see the 650.
  12. Mhog55
    Which headphones are...
    3rd down from top, right side of DVD rack on the left
    4th down from the top, left side of DVD rack on the right?
  13. Ichos
    That's a fine collection you got hanging there!
  14. DavidA
    Yup, the wine glasses are top priority :beerchug:

    I don't own a HD660s "YET" since here in paradise they are a bit pricy ($429 was the cheapest I saw on Amazon) and these days I don't use my headphones as much since I got some of my speaker system out of storage so most of my listening is done with speakers these days. The best thing about it being hot and humid is that most females will be minimally dressed :ksc75smile:

    Th-600 modded with removeable cables

    There are quite a few missing from the picture: T1gen1 ("borrowed" by my son), Stax SRD-34 (modded with TH-900 leather ear pads), Momentum V1 over ears, Momentum V1 on-ears, V-Moda XS (about as compact as it gets but sound is below avg), Fidelio L1 (a big surprise for me, modded with SRH-1840 ear pads), modded SR225e and SR60, K553, and PX100ii. I think I had just traded my SR009/SRM007/mk2 with my best friend, sold my SennGrado build, sold HD600 and gave away M50, HD598, and a few others that I can't remember.
  15. Headstar
    I've noticed the HD 660S are interfering with my sleeping pattern. Ever since I've got them, I go to bed at 4 am. :beyersmile:

    Be warned. These things are very addictive. :astonished:

    Good Night! :zzz::sleeping::zzz:
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