Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
  1. tayano
    Just orderd a pair off hd660S and mojo for my 30th birthday. My family didn’t know what to buy so I made it easy for them :wink:
  2. Caruryn
    Congrats on making it this far and enjoy your best decade in life:metal:

    You won't be disappointed with the combo just make sure to get a dap with a good digital out for mojo unless you plan on using it strictly with a phone (will sound inferior).

    I higly,higly recommend Cayin N6 as a source esp if you find it cheap, N6+mojo+660S=Magnificent synergy.
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  3. tayano
    I will use my iphone 6s plus to start with as a source. I’ll update with a DAP later..was going to buy x5iii + hd660S first but went for iphone/Mojo + hd660S combo instead. I’ll buy a DAP when and if I’m not satisfield with the iphone.

    I enjoy to stream using PLEX that’s why I’ve settled for the iphone as of now.
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  4. Caruryn
    If you're not satisfied with iphone do it.Source plays a role with mojo,even if by all accounts it shouldn't and only theoretically act as a hard disc for the music.There are a lot of people connecting mojo/hugo 2 to their Ak380s.Agree 100% with this post
  5. kman1211
    Honestly the more time I spend with this headphone the more I like it. This is one of those headphones that grows on you with time. It's like the Amiron in that sense for me, it's taking almost good month for me to fully appreciate it. It could also be a long break-in period. A lot of my minor quibbles with the sound are pretty much gone.
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  6. alfmoonspace
    What were your quibbles with the 660s? I am going through some growing pains :/
  7. franz12
    For me, senn always sounds great out of box, and I did not notice any noticeable ‘physical’ burn in. It is more likely to do with ‘brain’ burn in which is also important.
  8. kman1211
    In regards to sound, there was some strain and some lack of effortlessness to the sound that was hindering ultimate transparency, that's what improved the most sound-wise, it has become more effortless and transparent. Still quite mid-forward, maybe a bit too forward at times, doubt that will change. In terms of comfort, the pads softened up and clamp improved a lot.
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  9. RiseFall123
    Due to the latest your comments I think that I will keep the HD650 for now...
  10. kman1211
    I always found Sennheiser rather dramatic in the changes, it's likely more the pads than anything as the HD 6xx family is very sensitive to pad wear. There is definitely an adjustment time as well.
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  11. Webber1
    Exactly....I'm at 270-ish hours and they are still improving by becoming more transparent, more airy, better holography&imaging and both ends settled and became more refined....they grow on with time....
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  12. crafft
    Not all phones are inferior as a source. I'm enjoying Mojo with P10 Plus (Huawei). It's a great combo! Maybe because of usb-c connection I don't know but the sound is great. I'm using an Apple usb-c dongle (the one that can charge simultaneously) between Mojo and P10 Plus
  13. Eldair
    I have to return these 3rd Jan and i don´t want to. To be honest i have to listen few planars before i decide what i want. I like these lot. It is very true that these sound better better the more you listen them.
  14. Rob80b
    Ordered a pair back in November as a "post" birthday gift to myself also...didn't have them though back in "82" for my 30th. : )
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  15. kman1211
    They do grow on you with time. I need to try more systems with it. I changed my source(built a new computer) and that fixed all the weird USB glitches I was getting which influenced the sound negatively. Now i need to try more amps and dacs with it, my full review of the headphone will likely be on the Sony UDA-1 being my amp and dac again. These are keepers for me, which honestly was never quite the case with the HD 600 and HD 650, to me the HD 660 S has that special something the older pairs don't.
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