Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
  1. Caruryn
    I will "burn" the headphones for a month and I'll see if I adapt to them or not.[/QUOTE]
    Give them time to open up,including the pads.I have the LG V20 and the sound was bland the first few hours but after 100+ hours the sound is very clear and treble detailed but non fatiguing(wouldn't call it smooth though).If you want to step up 2 levels in sound i agree add a mojo to your phone.You get a more meaty sound,multi layered soundstage even more details and bass punch and vocals are to die for with 660 s,more natural,sweet and clear.

    Happy listening and have a great time during holidays!
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  2. Eldair
    For me HD 660S treble was too bright at start but when i burn them in about 75h treble smooth nice. So mayby it just need burn in.
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  3. pietcux
    Please tell us which music do you listen to. The could help us to better guide you.
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  4. king conan
    Great, thank you. I finish earlier saying what I don't like.

    I don't like EDM, Hip Hop, latin hits and classical music.

    I'm more into rock (but not heavy), jazz and indie pop / rock.
  5. Me x3
    Have you tried the Sennheiser HD650?
    That one should do the trick for you.
  6. pietcux
    Then let me tell you that I enjoyed several albums of R.E.M. over the last few days and they sound gorgeous on the HD660S balanced from my SONY WM1A DAP.
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  7. Caruryn
    You don't like EDM??:cold_sweat:
    Listen to this
    Sounds marvelous with HD 660 s :o2smile:
  8. king conan
    I had the 650 and I enjoyed them a lot but actually I liked more the clarity of HD 600.

    I guess I'm not used to the "even more" clarity of 660s.
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  9. Me x3
    Well, give your ears some more time to get used to the sound then.
    Recording quality becomes very important when it comes to slightly brighter setups in my experience.
  10. HungryPanda
    Don't like hip-hop?

  11. DavidA
    Like you I don't care for Hip Hop, rap, and heavy metal but I do like EDM, classical, rock, jazz, K-pop, J-pop, indie, new age, Hawaiian/world (I'm in Hawaii), blues, country, R&B and a few others.
    I think adding the Mojo might smooth out the highs since the Mojo is a slightly warm sounding DAC/amp to me but it could also be the quality of the recordings which might be sounding worst on the HD660S since its less forgiving than the HD650 with poorly recorded/mastered tracks.
  12. RiseFall123
    Does the HD660S paired with the Mojo sounds more full, dynamic, punchy, slammy than the HD650? Which is the better pairing according to you? If so, the HD660S deserve to be bought by someone that already own the HD650?
  13. DavidA
    I didn't compare the HD660S and HD650 with a Mojo since my two friends who had a Mojo both sold them. Going from memory the HD650 and Mojo was a little too warm sounding for me and for my two friends who had the Mojo and its the reason they both sold it.

    If you like the Mojo/HD650 pairing and want to stay with the Mojo then I think the HD660S might be for you since you want more dynamic/punchy but it might also sound less full and less of a mid-bass slam than what you are getting now. I think those that the HD660S was made for are those that don't want to bother with amps since I think the HD660S sounds great from almost any source and doesn't need an amp while the HD650 is a little more demanding that you really need an amp to get the most from it. The HD650 with a decent/good amp is still a better sounding headphone than the HD660S to me having a sound that is fuller, smoother, dynamic and has bass that is punchy and detailed.

    You should also consider that the HD660S is not as forgiving as the HD650 so if you have some poor/sub-par recordings they will sound worse on the HD660S than on the HD650 due to the slightly brighter extended highs of the HD660S.
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  14. RiseFall123
    I think I will stick with Mojo and HD650, I want an all rounder for good and bad recordings.
  15. king conan
    Looking in my old gear I've been experimenting with this.

    I have this old JDS labs custom amp made for my old HD 650 (it has 2x 9V batteries inside). Connected directly to my phone (LG G6 Q Dac) and the sound is quite different and less bright. I feel I'm in the right path. This headphone has something special. I'll "fight" for it. I can see now its quite power efficient but it's important to find a good match, not every source will make them shine.

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