Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Levanter, Oct 8, 2017.
  1. Eldair
    How is HD 660S bass compare to planars like MrSpeakers AFO? Or any planars?
  2. musikverein
    Okay - then I am helping out here ...

    It’s a choice between punchy, clear, straight, clean, honest and in one word, natural. That is HD660s Bass.
    Versus a sort of ‘Beats for Adults’ bass i.e. slightly wooly, tuned, artificially warm, dampened and in one word, unnatural.
    That’s AOF Bass.
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  3. Anarion
    I retested HD 660 S today under better circumstances.

    I actually have pull u-turn an pull back my previous opinion. It sounds signature is really similar to HD 595 - much closer than even HD 598 in my opinion. Soundstage is a bit different but it's quite hard to say which does it better. The feel is quite similar in sense that it feels like you are surrounded by the music rather than listening few rows back. HD 660 S has stronger centre, left, right thing going on but there's still air in-between. Yeah, at first it does seem to clamp quite a bit but shortly after I didn't really notice it. Now I know for sure where HD 595 lands in terms of sound signature (and it's actually quite far from HD 700). The current 499 € price though...
  4. pietcux
    Finally I got new earpads from Sennheiser for my HD650. They are identical to the HD660S pads. The sound of the 650 clears up with new pads, but the differences to the 660S remain. The detail level on the HD660S is better across the board.
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  5. king conan
    And now the dilemma is to guess how close the unreleased Massdrop HD 58x Jubilee will be to HD 660S...

    149$ and the "promise" to a similar sound signature is a big deal.
  6. Tuneslover
    I decided to give the Massdrop Dekoni pads a try for my HD650's. I'm hoping to have them by the end of the month.
  7. pietcux
    I am afraid they will change the sound a lot. And I like their sound a lot.
  8. Tuneslover
    Oh you've tried them?
  9. pietcux
    No, but different pads make sometimes totally different frequency responses.
  10. kman1211
    Very true and the HD 6xx series are particularly sensitive to pad changes and wear.
  11. Tuneslover
    I'll give you my impressions after I receive them and auditioned them on my HD650's for a bit.
  12. Krypto98
    Made an account just to ask this question and reading through like 50 pages i don't think anyone has asked this.

    If the HD600,HD650/6xx and the HD660s were all at the same price point which of the three would be the one to go for?

    I have the HD598 so I'm somewhat new to the audiophile thing.
    Between the 3 in the 6xx series if they were at the same price which would be the best upgrade from the 598s. Yes, at one point i saw the 660s a $500 and the 650s and 600 at $550 on from canada).
  13. DavidA
    You will get various answers to your question since everyone is different:
    For me I'd still get the HD650 only because I have a great amp for them (BH Crack), for someone just starting out and who doesn't want to deal with amps then the HD660S would be my recommendation. The HD598 and HD600 were not my cup of tea so to speak so that is something to consider.
  14. Pedro Oliveira
    Prices are starting to do down on european amazons. They can already be had for 430 there and i already saw them at 399 one day,

    Is there any hd25 lover with an hd660s? I would like to know if the 660 sounds similar to the h25 or if it is at least the hd6xx hdadphone that most resembles the hd25 sound sig....
  15. Pedro Oliveira
    Hey david. Remember i was having issues with the hd600 (tinitus effect) like you did? I dont know if tts because i used them so much and i got used to it but they are not bothering me that much anymore.... i think i will keep them. May get the hd660 or 650 later to complement but i am more tempted on the 6t0 since it seems to be the fuller sounding, hardest hiþing and overall bassier and best all rounder of the 3....
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