Sennheiser HD 600 Impressions Thread
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IMO HD600 is a quite balanced HP, not mentioning its laid back presentation. After removing the "veil" with an affordable aftermarket cable, I can hear the low-mid-treble much clearly and I did not find any significant freq imbalance.
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After removing the "veil" with an affordable aftermarket cable


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Veil? The only veil I noticed from the Sennheiser headphones were from the HD598's. Those sound terrible, like sweaty gym socks stuffed into the car cups. HD558's sound more clear like the HD600's.
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  Veil? The only veil I noticed from the Sennheiser headphones were from the HD598's. Those sound terrible, like sweaty gym socks stuffed into the car cups. HD558's sound more clear like the HD600's.

In my pile of cans is an HD558. I did the black foam mod, I've compared the 558's and 598's and found them very similar, not bad at all, until you put on a pair of 600's. The 558's can be found on sale for very good prices and are easy to drive.
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Hey guys
just wanted to share my opinion about the cables I bought for my HD600
I bought a ZY Hifi balanced cable (model ZY-002) directly from Shenzhen Audio and its appropriate adapter (model ZY-006) to single ended connection. The adapter they have is for balanced to 1/4" only. But after a quick email they talked to the manufacturer (ZY Cable) and they agreed to change the 1/4" connector to 1/8" so I can use it with my GeekOut 450.  I chose to go this route because whenever I'm not running the headphones balanced, I will be using a 1/8" port and I wanted to prevent having to use yet another adapter from 1/4" > 1/8". Besides, it is easier and cheaper for me to find a 1/8" > 1/4" adapter that is good quality when necessary, than it is to find a good 1/4" > 1/8" adapter... You can also buy them from Shenzhen Audio through Amazon. They have good reviews for the single ended versions and the balanced version, but it was better for me to go directly to Shenzhen for the connector swap.
The cables and connectors are of very good quality. Neutrik for the balanced and Canare for the 1/8" connector. They both feel solid and are better built than the stock cable by far. The cable itself doesn't tangle, it's a little bit shorter and easier to handle than the stock cable, which is a big plus for me.
I primarily bought it so I can run my HD600 balanced from my LH Labs Pulse Xfi balanced DAC/Amp when it arrives, and I didn't want to spend a lot of $$$ for a balanced cable, which we all know, can go into the several hundred dollars mark. I am believer in that high purity copper is all you need and this is a very high purity copper (OCC 6N) at a very cost effective price with balanced connection.*** The adapter to single ended I find a bit overpriced but I wanted an adapter and it made sense to me to have the same cable as part of a kit. The cost for both was a hair over $100 with free shipping and no additional cost for changing the connector from 1/4" to 1/8". Overall I think its a good deal. 
 The sound is very good! No complaints at all. I have not gone back and forth changing the cables for comparison. But nothing stood up immediately, perhaps some details are a little easier to perceive, but in general, I still have the amazing sound I get from my HD600s paired with my small but powerful GeekOut 450, but with a new cable that's better constructed and is more flexible to my needs. I any case, I highly recommend it if you don't want to spend a little more than half of the headphone's cost on a replacement cable. 
Here are some pictures for your pleasure



*** Perhaps at some point in the future I might experience one of the more expensive options available for this awesome headphone and change my opinion regarding upgrade cables.. So in general I am not trying to dismiss the value and/or any performance gains the more expensive cables may provide even if many of them are still made with the same high purity copper my ZY cable was made of. 
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Guys can you explain what does a dark sounding HP means? Can the HD600 categorised as dark sounding?

No, it's slightly laid-back, but definitely not dark.
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The Sennheiser veil is an old myth. The HD600's are called neutral because they are just that. Enjoy your HD600's.

The veil isn't really a myth, people may hear a veil coming from other headphones, I believe what is attributed to the veil has to do with the HD 600's rather soft, non-grainy, and smooth treble which does take time to adjust to. Most dynamic headphones are quite grainy in the treble so it can be quite a shock to people going from other headphones to the HD 600 and HD 650 which are much less grainy in the treble than most headphones in its price range with a laid back presentation on top of it. Only Beyers seem to be cleaner in the treble at the price range for dynamic headphones(though generally brighter and sharper due to the Beyer peak).

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