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Seiun player, $150 player with monster spec. Too good to be true?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by shiikamaru, Nov 8, 2015.
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  1. hellfire8888
    hopefully they really refund..
  2. fox403
  3. Kundi
    I requested a refund over a year ago and still nothing. So my guess is probably not.
  4. tienbasse
    What is unbelievable is that people seriously think they will get a proper refund or even decent quality perks...
    People who got their PHA dac/amp commented about the level of quality of what these thieves produced : atrocious (basic functions not functioning, laggy UI and crappy autonomy despite the huge battery, poorly implemented knob...).

    People, just one thing: stop dreaming you'll get anything decent. Try the refund, and don't expect much :wink:
  5. Roll
    Those were actually not bad sounding headphones when wired. I gave them to my niece due to the small ear pads. She is still using them with her Apple toys...

    I think these are the headphones mention
    Cyberdrive C-80 Electrostatic Headphones (Bass Enhanced Edition)

  6. Cloudtastrophe
    i definitely went for the refund over the "superset" since i doubt any of the products they produce will be any good, considering their horible QC for the PHA. Their track record for the simple audio player was bad too, so if they cant do low end or even high end products correctly, Why would i trust them making headphones?

    I had given up all hope tbh of ever gettign ANYTHING from them, but now i gotta hope they actually deliver on my full 550. I hope its not as torturous this time around. Id really love to reward myself with a dx200 or a dpx1a for all my troubles.
  7. FSTOP
    Filled out form for PayPal refund, seemed to work. Not holding my breath for any proper treatment from Cyberdrive though. Can't see trusting them with any other products now or in the future.

    However you look at it, they didn't do what they were supposed to. They took money that was intended for development of a few products (pro/x, PHA) and used it for others, then didn't deliver at all (pro/x) or delivered poor products (PHA). Even if they do ever refund all backers (which is highly doubtful) they had use of that money, interest-free, for 3 years. Try getting a bank loan to start your own business. They are dishonest people, plain as that.

    I almost funded the hyby R3, but after being burned on this, finding it hard to trust crowd-funding (especially Indiegogo now) as well. If that is a decent product, I will buy it when it comes to market in consumer sales.

    Heading over to hyby r3 thread to read up on it...
  8. Cloudtastrophe
    yea. The stress and the disappointment and the anticipation and the anxiety and risk and all of it was definitely not worth it. if this was a court case you could probably sue for emotional damages.
  9. Levanter
    I have a 100% success rate with crowdfunding so far with 12/12 delivered. There is always a risk, however you can minimize it by looking at the company background and also the product being offered. If the price is too good to be true for a product that offers so much, e.g. Seiun. Then i'd only invest in it if i have $150-200 to throw away with the expectation of not seeing the money again. When i saw Seiun crowdfunding, i didn't jump on it since there were several alarms going off for me.

    You don't have to worry about Hiby R3 though. I backed that campaign and i just received it yesterday. Build quality is nice for the price and so far it works like a charm.
  10. KosstAmojan
    I've probably done over 25 and this is the 1st failure...and two others were straight up theft (freakin ossic). I really did check this out; they already were an established company, they already sold a crowdfunded project...that's better than most other companies. Because they're doing this I am leaning toward believing they just weren't up to the task and that's just a risk of crowdfunding. That said, I still considered this one of the least risky investments but it still failed.
  11. Kundi
    I'm assuming no one has received a refund yet?
  12. Daeder
    I haven't received my refund yet either. Hopefully soon since it says it would start on the 16th of this month.
  13. FSTOP
    No contact whatsoever so far. I've checked my PayPal account as well. Not too hopeful.

    Regarding comments on crowd funding, I certainly did "check out" Cyberdrive to the best of anyone's ability. I too, have funded several projects, all of which delivered a product. Whether the finished product met my expectations isn't my concern. What bothers me most is that Cyberdrive did not have good communication with backers, did absolutely use funds provided to them to engineer and create OTHER projects not in the scope of the crowd funding startup, and did NOT create or produce the very product that the funds were to be used for, and as such, did not provide the "perk" promised. That IS a breach of the stipulations given to us as funders. Yes, i understand IGG basically indemnifies themselves, but they should be ensuring that the business a) fulfills its promises to create a working product and deliver the perk to backers or b) refunds backers if those funds were not used as stipulated or a product is not produced.

    You CANNOT get a refund if : " a perk associated with the contribution has been fulfilled (contribution is marked as fulfilled on Indiegogo by the campaigner)" - - clearly, for us, the perk was not fulfilled and the fundee is stating that it will not be.

    I personally am just concerned that Cyberdrive was not really worried about it, and used the crowd fund platform as an interest-free loan to create and market other products. And they may well have used some of the money to create the PRO-X, and plan to rebrand and sell it at full price in the future.
  14. Kundi
    I guess you at least got some stuff from crowd funding. This was my first and will be my last one that i do. We are not getting anything!
  15. Kundi
    Anyone get an email for a refund?
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