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Seiun player, $150 player with monster spec. Too good to be true?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by shiikamaru, Nov 8, 2015.
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  1. Shiikamaru
    • Seiun Pro X is the flagship product for the Seiun line, our goal is to make this a beast to be reckoned with.

    • Featuring a powerful 8-Core CPU and the latest version of Android OS.

    • It’s a Portable Media Player capable of playing Audio up to 384KHz/32bit PCM and Native DSD 256.

    • It can also decode Ultra HD 4K Video out via the Type-C to HDMI (2.0) port.

    • The USB Type-C port will also serve as a SPDIF out connection supporting up to a 384KHz/32bit digital audio signal. (We are also testing a 768KHz/32bit mode, however this is yet to be confirmed)

    • With a spectacular 5.5” 1920x1080px Capacitive Touch Screen you’ll be able to view your favorite content on the go!

    • You’ll be able to connect to all your favorite streaming video services through the Google Play Store (i.e, Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Vimeo, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Crackle, HBO Go, Vudu & more!)

    • We are working with our partners to integrate robust Local homeserver and Global cloud technology through future software updates. So you'll be able to access your collection anywhere you have a WiFi signal!

    • An ultra-low distortion ESS Sabre DAC featuring a Hyperstream architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator.

    • The Seiun Pro X also features a Bluetooth 4.0 Chip for added connectivity.

    • The Seiun Pro X will come with 64GB of built in storage and a Micro SDXC slot (for cards up to 128GB).

    • The 3.5MM Jack will serve as a Headphone Amp connection supporting up to 384KHz/32bit Audio out! (We are also testing a 768KHz/32bit mode, however this is yet to be confirmed)

    • Built on Android OS so you’ll have access to all your favorite games and content through the Google Play Store.

    • You will also be able to upsample non-Hi-Res Audio up to 384KHz/32bit.

    • The Seiun Pro X will have a 3000mAH battery

    • The Seiun Pro X will feature an aluminum body combined with a sleek glass screen.

    In The Box: Player, Charging Cable, USB Type-C to HDMI Cable, User Guide


  2. Romis
    Very interesting project, especially if there will be a recorder function implemented.
  3. musicday
  4. georgelai57
    I have backed your project in IGG. How do you answer critics who have claimed that you cannot possibly make it so cheap?
  5. acrox999
    I believe OP is simply sharing this one. But that sure is a good question, @georgelai57.

    Can we get Thomas (the project leader) in here? There are still some things left unclear, especially the amp that will be used this one.

    The only reason why that I can think of is that, the products that we will get are basically pre-production or test units, before they actually make the real one for mass productions to sell officially.
  6. muscular
    Just because it uses "ESS Sabre DAC" doesn't automatically make it a good sounding DAP. Time to hop off the hype train, the sound output is dependent on a whole lot more than just a chip.
    Still, the specs are incredible, especially the storage size given the price, but how it sounds is of no guarantee.
  7. hellfire8888
    Crowdfunding can be a disaster , I have received a refund for a fail project and another one with no news at all after two years.. U need to understand crowdfunding does not guarantee you get the product in the end.. This is a risk u have to take.
  8. Middy
    Flare Audio worked out great,Audeze used IDGOGO as a advertising hook to promote the king and LCD 4. I am getting an Audeze $5 tshirt. Crowd fundings the nearest I want to get to gambling. Except I get a cheaper product and support a small firm or get my money back..
    Iam using my FIIO X3 II as a dap and Transport for my OPPO ha1. So will be interested if this adds another layer of SQ/ portability and functionality.

    It's all good fun I suppose but crowd funding can be addictive...like a nerd shopping channel.

    Have fun gents, keep smiling.. 8^ )
    glassmonkey likes this.
  9. musicday
    This remained me of the Pono player, that was a major failure, and had lots of advertising and was backed by many.
    Lucky i wasn't one of them.
    Hope this comes true and bring DSD native playback cheap to the masses.
  10. Middy
    A stable working product and I'll be happy. I have the remix mini coming, android PC. I want to make that my music server, streamer... Using my Neutron Player to EQ..
  11. ringyring
    I'm in for the Pro. Really hoping this won't become another GeekWave and I'd like to know about the amp on this thing.
    If their page is to be believed, they already have a working player and need the money for mass production.
  12. severide
    I'm glad someone finally created this thread. I wanted to put it up a few days ago, but I don't have that forum privilege since I'm a lurker more than a poster. Anyway, I'm quite surprised no one else really thinks this is a shady project. Three things really turned me off from it:
    1. http://i.imgur.com/uNMnnJs.png --- this graph makes no sense.
    2. http://i.imgur.com/10NluiK.png --- And the good ole stairstep myth. They always try to get you with this.
    3. Advertising one of the main features as 4K playback while only having a 1080p display.
    About #3, a backer asked,
    Q: "hello, the resolution of screen about 1920×1080 , why you emphasize the 4K video playbak?"
    A: "the screen on the device is 1080p, the the device is capable of decoding and playing back 4K footage which is unique for a device of this size."
    Source: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/seiun-players-hi-res-audio-meets-4k-video#/comments

    It's capable of playing back 4K footage to an actual 4K display... why do we need or even want this? Most people that see "4K playback" will think the display is capable of playing 4K, but it's not. Shady! And supporting 384KHz/32bit with an experimental 768KHz/32bit mode. I mean, people that love big numbers get sucked in by that I guess.
    This is one of those projects where you think that the product is insanely cheap and you gotta get in on it now. But let's say this actually does get made and it's not a bunch of snake oil nonsense, its retail price can't be much higher than the indiegogo backer price. Let's say it goes up to $250-300 USD. That's still much cheaper than anything else out there with similar specs. Don't feel like you have to back it now cause it's so cheap. Unless you're drinking the same kool-aid.
    Bah, I'm just incredibly skeptical. The two graphs they show just tell me that they either don't know what they're talking about, or (more likely) they're trying to fool people into backing their project. Just be careful with your money, peeps.
    bcarr112281 likes this.
  13. Shiikamaru

    Hello, I'm not the creator of the dap nor am I affiliated with them in any ways.
  14. georgelai57

    My apologies. I thought you were.
  15. Middy
    There is reference to a camera chip on the populated pcb... All the controller IC's blacked out though..

    Interesting that they have test units for backers NOV DEC JAN.

    Who would be the best DAP guy here to offer improvements and suggestions On headfi?

    My take if they pull this off, is market foot hold through low cost.

    (Liztic Software)Their SW Development for UI and software opens up other markets for them and thier own foot hold onto another manufacturer. Cuts in house development costs working with a HW manufacturer. Same for coppertino and probably thier Taiwanese manufacturing house.

    Cloud revinues must be decent as all the big players are gunning for our pay monthly fees.

    Às memory prices shrink per megabyte..

    Playstore and I store revinues..

    Spreading cost and risk with partners and free development capital with Crowd funding, initial sales as much an advertising hook to expand future sales.

    We know here the cheaper options aren't so cheap now. I basso,Fiio... new FIIO x7 $650
    The high end guys are looking at the low earners and eastern markets. AK junior, chord Mojo...

    A gamble is only first weighted with what you can loose and what you gain. I can afford a 100 dollar gamble just..

    Sorry for the rambling, it spews out of my brain but I get others opinions for free here and more knowledgeable answers.

    Cynical,I am too but it's a bit of fun.

    Hopefully this will be a fun thread when we get too impressions.

    Flare R2B's and B+W P7'S for around the house and out and about. A source for my OPPO ha1. Time will tell..
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