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Seattle Meet at Bottleheadquarters 5/5/2018

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  1. DecentLevi
    That will be super cool to compare the Liquid Glass to the Euforia amp. And I've got new toys too. An external mod for my amp, and Senn. HD-380 closed headphones
  2. itsikhefez
    I've never been to a meet, and have wanted to hear some Bottlehead items in a long while, so this seems like a golden opportunity.

    I have an Ayre Codex and HD700's.. is that of interest to anyone for me to bring?
  3. Soundsgoodtome
    Bring em! I'm sure people would want to hear your gear but also you might want to hear your gear with other people's gear.
  4. TTNK
    Tempting to go. I'm in Portland so it would be a long way for me to drive. If I come I can bring the stuff I have in my sig
  5. FishCommander
    Jot MB would be interesting to hear. I had Jot V1 at launch and I personally didn't like the dac section but, I've heard there has been some improvements over time.
  6. thegabe
    I just added the multibit module to my Jot (Jomby?). I'll bring it with me.
  7. Soundsgoodtome
    Would love to hear the Andromedas, I've read nothing but praises and want to hear Campfire's top performer! I can bring my own spinfit tips.

    Should I bring a case of Modelo or XX so we can do the May 5th thing??
  8. xmr0613
    Really tempted to join! I've never been to a meet either and I'm not sure how these meets are like.
    I have a focal utopia and a zeus xr, and I wonder how these would sound like on different amps, including Bottlehead ones, I've always get lost on how to pair them up.
    TTNK likes this.
  9. FishCommander
    Well if you do join us feel free to try out your cans on my amp. I'd like to hear Utopias again. Only heard them once for 2 minutes or something like that.
    Glad you are coming. You will learn how to make your 700's sing. They are very warm sounding cans that needed some help
    We do these more often then most. You are in great company with the nicest hosts. You will like auditioning gear with yours. Will give you an idea what your gear is capable of.
    And we are a jolly bunch. Cough@DrForBinCough

    You will be in great company from Portland @Ham Sandwich is coming from Portland. You may want to PM him how he does it.

    Did I miss anything?
  11. Ham Sandwich
    Bring the Ayre Codex. I would like to hear it. I've got a PonoPlayer and will bring it. Would be fun to hear the Codex and Pono side by side.

    Bring a source of some sort along with music to play. Most people bring a laptop as source. I bring a laptop and create a special head-fi meet limited user account on the laptop that has been configured to run JRiver and MusicBee.
  12. thegabe
    I guess I should ask if we will have WiFi. My source is pretty much exclusively Tidal.
    There should be Wi-Fi. There has been in the past.
  14. boomtube
    I might be able to make it from Gig Harbor w/a Hugo2.
    FishCommander likes this.
  15. Muziqboy
    I will find out by next week if I can make it.
    If I do, the vets know what I'll be bringing (with some new REALNESS tweaks to the rig of course).
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