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Seattle Meet at Bottleheadquarters 5/5/2018

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  1. gefski
    Though I'm all prepared to hot-transport the Yggy to the meet tomorrow, there is now a possibility that I might not be able to attend.

    One of the two dogs we are providing hospice care for has come down sick this AM and tonight, though he has been doing good and was at the vet just a couple days ago. We have to be prepared to take him in tomorrow if necessary. So we'll see in the morning if Baxter has bounced back, and I'll decide.

    Cheers, Glenn
  2. FishCommander
    God speed Baxter.
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  3. gepardcv
    It was up in the air whether I could make this meet or not, but now I'm heading out. Bringing a KGSSHV which I just finished building, SR-007A, and an RME ADI-2 DAC.
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  4. Soundsgoodtome
    I'm leaving the Massdrop CTH at home because Doc has one. Bringing the Project Horizon and ATH R70X
    impressions thread is up
  6. itsikhefez
    Hey all, thanks for the great meet today.
    It seems that I forgot to pack one of my power cords. It is a thick black DH Lab cable with Furutech connectors. Did anyone take it by any chance?
    EDIT: And also an iFI 9V wall wart.. both were connected to a power strip in the bigger room
    Last edited: May 6, 2018
  7. DecentLevi
  8. Soundsgoodtome
    When you say the big room, this is the room with the snacks? Which particular setup was yours?

    I didn't see the cable but it would help to say which rig was yours so people around can recollect. Perhaps check if someone turned it in to Doc?
  9. itsikhefez
    Yes, it was in the room with the snacks.
    I had a small setup with an Ayre Codex and a Laptop on the corner of the table... I dont think many people tried it.
    Both the power cord and wallwart were connected to a generic power strip on the table.... next to Big Poppas Furutech conditioner.

    Asking here in case anyone took it along and I can arrange pickup, or if anyone saw and turned it in.
    it was left on the table. it happens all the time. I have it , if you are in Seattle it is an easy thing to get it back to you or i can just toss it in the mail.
  11. FishCommander
    EDIT: And also an iFI 9V wall wart.. both were connected to a power strip in the bigger room[/QUOTE]
    I'll PM you, I have an ifi wall wart in my kit that I am not expecting. I'll get it back to you!
  12. itsikhefez
    Thanks alot Big Poppa! I'll PM you for pickup details
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