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Seattle Meet at Bottleheadquarters 5/5/2018

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    Will be there in a Hawaiian shirt with Little Poppa

    Yes there will be a summer meet.

    I am maybe going to travel light but not sure what to bring. Depends on the interest in gear.
    With the interest of a lot of new peeps, Dont be shy.

    Either way, I’m sure this will be fun. Wondering if there will be any pre meet ?[/QUOTE]

    Yes there is, Easy one at the brewery.

    I am packed up ready to go. Did I miss anything?
  2. thegabe
    I'd really like to hear your Spring DAC...
  3. LostInMyDream
    Will there be any higher efficiency speakers?
  4. bimmer100
    I can do that. Was either going to just bring the cyan or Kitsune Tuned Edition Spring with the newer xu208 usb module.

    But if I bring the KTE spring, I need to bring the IFi pro Ican, susvara w/Norne silver draug cable, and sundara’s, as well as the z1r’s with Norne silverguard 2 cable. I just got a pair of sundara’s so it has basic cable.

    Maybe the KTE Su1 DDR I can bring if anyone wants to see/hear it, many mods!

    But may leave the Voce’s and the iESL at home since it’s a lot of gear to lug around. Sold my sr009’s but interested to try the sr009s model if anyone has them.

    Anyone wanted to hear the Voce’s?

    Anyone want to hear he cyan pcm discrete NOS dac?

    Other portable stuff I could bring is xDSD or IFi micro Black Label.

    I’m hoping I may be able to set up in the same spot as last time which was kinda tucked away in the first room to the left? Doc B and Gil was kind enough to let me use this space last time which was excellent. My wife Dawn and I will be there and hope to have a good time and meet some new faces! This event is a bit of fun!

    Btw? Which ferry (time leaving) are people going to be taking from Seattle downtown area? We are debating which one to take and wouldn’t mind meeting up with some people before the ferry leaves. We live in mill creek but don’t ride the ferry so am not too familiar with the best way and times. It’s always better traveling with others I believe.
  5. LostInMyDream
    I'd be interested in the Cyan PCM NOS. I'm planning to take the 10:40 ferry from Seattle downtown. Though it will be my first time ever in Seattle...so I'd also like to travel with someone who knows the area.
  6. TTNK
    I would love to hear the Voce if you can bring it. If it’s too much to lug around I understand
  7. thegabe
  8. Soundsgoodtome
    If you can get to the ferry payment booths then they'll point you where to go. Keep in mind there's a Sounders game at 1pm so traffic in the area on top of viaduct construction might add travel time.. Plan on getting to the ferry docks with plenty of time before the sailing time to ensure you don't end up on the next ferry if the one you wanted sells out (30-40m recommended)
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
  9. ericr
    Hi All!

    If all goes as planned (and it's looking real good) I be there and will bring:

    My System:
    • Surface Pro (with Foobar)
    • Singxer SU-2 (standard)
    • Holo Spring DAC Level 1
    • Project Ember hybrid Amp (with Sylvania 6SN7W)
    • 64 Audio Tia Fourte (TOTL universal hybrid IEM)

    Additional Gear (you try these at your rig if desired):
    • Project Ember Amp (yes, I have two of these amps)
    • 2x Tung-Sol 6SN7 Black Round Plates
    • 2x Sylvania 6SN7W
    • Schitt Eitr
    • MHDT Labs Pagoda (a lovely NOS DAC with TI 1704 - for sale)
    • 64 Audio A18 (18 driver per side!!! Custom IEM - if it fits your ears)

    64 Audio Tour Gear currently in my possession:
    • 64 Audio Trio (hybrid universal IEM)
    • 64 Audio U12t (12 driver per side IEM)

    Beat Audio Premium IEM Cables Tour Gear currently in my possession:
    • Supernova MKII (4-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($249)
    • Supernova MKII (8-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($?)
    • Thor - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($399) (Copper)
    • Prima Donna (4-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($799) (Silver Alloy)
    • Prima Donna (8-wire) - 2pin/2.5mm balanced ($1199) (Silver Alloy)
    • Prima Donna adapter - 2.5mm balanced female to 3.5mm male
    • Prima Donna adapter - 2.5mm balanced female to 4.4mm balanced male
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
    FishCommander likes this.
  10. DecentLevi
    @ericr quite interesting. Your amp / tubes is the same as mine 3 years ago. Please set up on the same table as me so we can listen to your DAC on my Singxer SU-1 and Euforia amp, and I can bring a few compatible 'holy grail' tubes you can try. Are you coming on time?
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
    Ferry schedule:
    Leaving Seattle
    Depart Vessel ADA

    11:25 Tacoma [​IMG]
    12:25 Puyallup
  12. TTNK
    I’ll be there Saturday. I won’t be able to bring my jotunheim MB because I’m still waiting for it to come back from being upgraded by Schiit. I’ll have everything else in my sig though.

    I excited to meet you all and listen to some great music and great gear! :dt880smile:
  13. Doc B.
    We do have high efficiency speakers called the Jagers, but in deference to all of the headphone listeners we don't run them during the meet. Happy to demo them any other time, though!
  14. Doc B.
    A small update -

    I was just sent a Massdrop Cavalli tube hybrid headphone amp that I'll have set up for demos.
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  15. Soundsgoodtome
    Hmm..I wonder if I need to bring mine anymore? If I don't bring it I won't even need an outlet.

    I'm bringing the Hugo 2 and various closed backs.

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