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SE530/535 Acoustic Filter Mod: More SQ improvement than cables? Dampers!

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  1. plyr
    Found this double plastic layers on one of my dumpers, double check before installing...
  2. Mooses9
    probably just for protecting the filter.
  3. MarkIV
    I finally recieved the gray (blue) knowles dampers from mouser and the clarity I was missing in the mids/highs with the browns and ety greens are back. The vocals are more forward and has an overall better crispness. The sound stage also seems larger. The bass is certainly less pronouced with these but it is still tight and sufficient for me. I do listen to a lot of rock but I may not be as big of a bass-head as others.

    It's been a while since I listened to my SE535s with the stock dampers/filters (they broke) and I haven't received the white fiilters yet, so I can't compare the grays to those. However these do seem a little more lively from what I rememer (I hope to find out soon).

  4. Mooses9
    yep imo the grey are excellent much like you found out [​IMG]
  5. DKetzer
    Thank You all for this thread. My 530s have been sitting for 1 1/2 years and was unable to afford quality IEMs. I thought they were toast when one side lost 50% volume and clarity. After finding this thread and checking the filters, they were both torn apart from the metal housing, my fault I'm sure. I ordered Brown, Grey and White filters. After fishing out the torn filters I installed the Brown filters. THERE BACK, I could not believe my ears, just beautiful. 
  6. Mooses9
    u dnt find the brown to be slightly warm?
  7. DKetzer
    I tried the Brown and Grey. So in comparison, the Grey ones produced harsher highs, especially at higher levels and my ears became fatigued quickly. The Brown smoothed out the highs and revealed more upper lows which is to my taste. I am expecting White filters soon and will give them a go.
  8. Mooses9
    i believe the white filters are closest to stock, the grey closest to the ltd-j.....maybe a little more harsh on the treble... but have you tried the grey with foam tips. i would imagine that should deaden the upper mid and highs some
  9. thekash
    Anyone in Toronto, Canada interested in ordering these? maybe we can order them together and save a little on shipping if your nearby. Worth a shot right! :)
  10. SteveUK
    Exactly the situation I'm in...530s I thought were trashed but couldn't bear to part with them! So glad I didn't now I've found this thread....just ordered a load of filters and keeping my fingers crossed!  It's just a pity that Shure support didn't mention the filters when I told them the symptoms, just offered me a discount on 535s which I still couldn't afford...
  11. MiRaCL
    Anyone interested in selling me a pair of white, grey and brown and ship to Norway?
    The mouser shipping price is idiotic. It's like 8 times the price of the 3 sets of dampers.
  12. BB 808
    Thanks to everyone that posted their impressions on this thread, especially @davee5.  I ordered the white and brown dampers for my SE530 and the green and red dampers for my ER4S.  Wow it's like I have new earphones!  My SE530 (with brown dampers) and ER4S (with red dampers) have been resurrected from the dead.
    The "bass light" character of both earphones have been upgraded with solid thumping BASS  party1.gif
    I'm  listening to my music library again and discovering things I have missed.  The SE530 still retains the SWEET MIDS but the bass has been ratcheted up a couple notches.  Same thing with the ER4S - still all about the DETAILS but with more bass.
  13. Mooses9
    glad to hear the dampers help you
  14. thekash
    Just placed my order as well, will try our the white, gray and brown. I have a feeling the Browns will be what I settle on...
  15. kimvictor
    Now that I reflect on it... SE535 was quite interesting. While I still don't think it's worth $499 purely in terms of SQ, I really really liked them when I had them. My fav was brown and orange.
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