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SE530/535 Acoustic Filter Mod: More SQ improvement than cables? Dampers!

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  1. Mooses9

    Yeah that is understandable. Its a shame Id be interested in seeing some data sheets to see if improvement is achieved with the dampers and westones.

    I just picked up some cheap scl5 and scl4 im itching to pull the trigger and see if I cant make the scl4 sound much better same with the scl5...these are just my beater iems so no harm no foul.
  2. Mooses9
    Does the filter have to recess deep into the nozzle, i wanna try these out on my beater headphones which are the shure e4c and shure e5c. can the filter be flush with the nozzle or must be deeper?
  3. Mooses9
    Disclaimer: When ordering from Mouser i dont Recommend Using UPS Ground, they use mail innovations and its a horrible Process Where UPS picks up the package then it exchanges with mail innovations then with the usps..dont quote me on that but it works somewhat like that, and if you reading it makes you think it sucks, try ordering and awaiting arrival.
    so i decided to go with Brown for my E5c's and for my E4c i decided to go with grey.
    first i did the E4c, initial impression was WOW, i left the right alone and put the left grey in and off bat i noticed a HUGE difference, upper mid and highs clarity is insane on the comparison, the iem with the grey filter was so much clearer in clarity across the spectrum, mids were much cleaner same with the highs, mids were slightly brought forward, and the high extension was phenomenal,there was a clarity to the upper mids and highs that was not there on the right side it was congested and muffled....grey filter completely did away with all that and brought a much more focused and detailed sound. now take this into consideration its only a single dynamic micro driver setup, but with just the change of the filter it was enough to impress me, and i mean its not like i have alot of high end iems just the se535,w4r, and stuff like that, but DAMN....i will note that some might not like the grey filter as its VERY detailed, and it might be TOO bright for some..for me i feel its just right, but others who want a less detailed experience. 
    i had another pair of E4c's come in the black ones (the colour doesnt make a difference, one set is black one set is white, white have the grey's & the black have the Brown's)
    this pairs nozzles werent as easy to extract and had a hell on a time, i ended up slightly pushing in the nozzle screen, i hear no difference between the 2 so i think all is good.
    so again on my impressions wow again came to mind, same iem's different nozzle filters but a different beast all together. the brown acoustic filters are much more on the neutral side with emphasis on both mid bass and sub bass. these filters give the bass more punch and the sub bass goes alot lower than that of the stock acoustic filters....sub bass has alot more depth. i gave them a good listen before giving my opinions, i felt like even though the bass was emphasized the mids and highs were slightly pushed back again, to give the browns a definitive definition, mid bass/sub bass with a well rounded Emphasis on the complete tonality of the freq spectrum, its full and lively and fun with out overcrowding the other freq's but again bass emaphasized.
    Please Note: this review is for the grey and brown filters. and the differences they made with the shure e4c, from what ive read alot of what iv expierenced with the filters are what other expierence with the filters in the se535. but the reviews are for the filters not the iem's.
  4. MarkIV
    This thread has me very excited about tweaking my se535s. I just ordered 3 different types of Knowles dampers from Mouser (330, 680, and 1000 ohm), sadly 2 are backordered (the lower resistance ones).

    Thank you for the info, testing, and impressions. This is one of the few things to try without spending a lot of $$$.

  5. Mooses9
    I think you will find the Grey to be a Nice pairing with the se535. and i agree. little tweaks that dont cost a ton is nice.
  6. kimvictor
    I'm missing my SE535.
  7. Mooses9
    buy some. i missed mine, and then bought a pair and then got another pair for a extremely good deal. so now i have 2 pair lol
  8. MarkIV
    My ak100 is currently being modded (rwa) and it will probably be a week or so until I get it back in order to start playing with the se535s again. I've been using over the ear headphones with the ak100 since the pairing with the se535s wasn't that good. It took me about 9 months to get the courage to send it off to get modded so I could try it with the se535s again.
  9. inline79
    This also works with the SE530 which I'm experimenting with.

    Grey filters - very grainy, too bright for my taste.

    Etymotic green housing/brown material - Excellent balance, maybe slightly bass heavy, still a bit of grain. Using the attenuator helps.

    Unfortunately I my stock filters are broken so can't compare with stock.

    TIP: At the Etymotics.com store you can get a removal tool and 4 of their filters for $11.50!
    MarkIV likes this.
  10. Mooses9
    That's a pretty good deal on the tool and filters.

    The Grey filters on the se535 sound like the se535 Ltd j Asia edition. And I can see how one would consider it bright being it seems to extend the treble and push forward the mids some.

    I found the Knowles brown to be the second best. It seems to give a slight warmth while slightly emphasizing on the bass. I think those 2 are my favorite but again I like bright so.
  11. MarkIV
    I just tried out the browns (the grays and whites are still backordered from mouser) on my SE535s with a recently-modded rwak100. The removal of the stock dampers was easy using the Etymotic tool that came with my ER-4ps (although one split during the removal).

    I agree with Davee5's impressions on these, the bass is more pronounced and punchy and the mids-highs are not as forward. These seem much smoother and remove some of the occasional harshness. I found that i have to increase the gain, though. They sound great with rock but they may be loosing some crispness on acoustic instruments.

    I'm looking forward to trying out the other dampers. I wonder how much of a pain it would be to swap out filters everytime I listen to a different type of music? Perhaps I'll get good at it.

    Thank you for the thread and all the helpful tips / impressions.

  12. Mooses9
    lol that would be a PITA to do every time, i havent tried these on my 535 because i am too scared i am going to regret removing the filter because shure doesnt sell the filters, and like what happened to you the splitting i would be afraid that would happen to me.
    even though i would love to try the grey's in them becuase most ppl say it makes them sound like the ltd-j asian edition.
    i have tried the grey's in the shure e4c they sounded suprisingly good, for the e4c it brought the mids slightly forward and the highs were extended, overall it was a pleasing sound.
  13. MiRaCL
    Is there anywhere else to buy theese from except mouser? The freight is 4x the price of the dampers.
  14. dc5itr329
    I'm about to buy a set of SE535 Ltd.  Is it worth modding?
  15. kimvictor
    Why? Just buy a normal SE535 and mod them!
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