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SE530/535 Acoustic Filter Mod: More SQ improvement than cables? Dampers!

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  1. dc5itr329

    I like red. haha
  2. BB 808
    If you're set on getting the SE535 Ltd, listen to it for a while.  If you like how it sounds, then no modifications are needed.  If you find you need more bass and less treble, then you can try one of the knowles acoustic dampers.  The white ones would make it like the stock SE535 and the brown ones would  party1.gif
  3. inline79
    BTW if anyone in Canada wants 3 grey filters (originally from LeeC -thanks) PM me!
  4. Mooses9
  5. zombywoof
    I may have missed this, but do the Etymotic filters fit in the SE535?
  6. Mooses9
    havent tried personally, but i know the knowles fit a bit more snug in the etymotic series earphones, which would lead me to believe the ety's might be slightly smaller in diameter.
    the knowles fit exactly like the  stock dampers.
    however i dont think that the etymotics will beat the knowles...just my opinion
  7. zombywoof

    Thanks, Mooses9...just curious.  I have not made any mods to my 535's as yet, but thought it might be kind of fun to try it.  Not a high priority for me as I enjoy the 535's OTB.
  8. Mooses9
    Agree, i havent made any attempt to mod mine either, too afraid of cracking the nozzle or the fact that you cant get new stock dampers, so i dont wanna go on a adventure and decide i liked the stock filters all along lol. although i believe the white knowles are closest to stock, and the grey are closest to the se535-ltd-j (which i had before and thought they sounded great) still imo not worth the risk for me
    i have tried the knowles in the e4c and they do work great and i noticed significant changes but the 535 just cost too much to mess up.
  9. zombywoof

    I may take the plunge someday and experiment with the filters, but like you I have decided that the risk of damaging my 535's is not worth the "potential" reward.  I have not heard the 535LTD's, but I am very satisfied with the 535's.  I have tried all the major brands of high end universal IEM's and have not found any to more satisfying for the wide range of music genre's I enjoy.
  10. inline79
    Yes, I've put the green-shelled Ety filters in my SE530.
  11. Mooses9
    What benifits in sound quality did u notice
  12. zombywoof

    Thanks, inline79.  Not ready to try it yet, but good to know if I ever decide to tinker with my 535's.  I am also interested in your experience with this mod to your Shure's.
  13. MarkIV

    Thanks for the tip. I have a bunch of ety green filters/dampers from my er-4p that I will have to try in my SE535s. I ordered a set of different knowles dampers many weeks ago and only the browns have been delivered so far (the rest are back-ordered). The browns (1000 ohm) certainly add some nice bass, but after listening to them for a while on a range of music I think the mids/highs are subdued more than I like.

    Do anyone know what the resistance is for the ety green filters?
  14. inline79
    Oh maybe you can tell us if the Ety filter is the same as the knowles browns. A page or 2 back I posted my comparison of Ety vs grey which is all I have.

    The Ety filters are green plastic housings with filter material that looks beige or brown. I have SE530 not 535 so I can't really compare with impressions here of brown or green filters on the 535. I think they are similar to one of these two. And as I mention before, you can get 4 filters and a tool direct from Etymotic for $11.50!
  15. MarkIV

    I've put the green ety dampers/filters in my SE535s this morning and have been listening to them for a few hours. In comparison with the brown knowles filters the vocals seem to be a little more forward and there is certainly still ample bass. They highs still don't seem as crisp as they did with the stock Shure dampers, but it's been a few weeks since I've heard thoses since one broke when I was swapping out for the browns. Also, I didn't do a rigorous A/B test with the browns so these impressions are subjective. I'm still waiting to get the grays and whites. I think overall the browns and ety greens have better bass than the stock, but at the expense of the mids/highs (which I think some folks are looking for).

    Inline79 - I haven't peeked at your previous impression post on these in the last few days but I probably saw it last week (i'll look again now). As an aside, Shure has fantastic customer service. I initially purchased the SE530s about 4 or 5 years ago. The cable started getting flakey shortly before the two year warranty was up. When I sent them back for repair they sent me a brand new pair of SE535s!

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