Schiit SYS Passive Preamp

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Mar 25, 2014.
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  1. franzdom
    I got so tired of plugging and unplugging, the reverse SYS is a more favorable alternative for me.
  2. Axiomatik
    Just ordered a sys! I'll have so many pieces of schiit!
    EDIT: could somebody please post a picture of their wiring, preferable with a modi and magni? I understand what cable path i need, but would like to estimate what cable lengths I should get. 
  3. Amish

    How would we know what cable lengths you need? I don't see the point of this question at all. Enjoy your Sys though.
  4. Noldir

    As short as you can make it, with no active components it'll basically be one long cable with attenuation

    Some reading :

    Blue jeans interconnects are at 12.2 pf/ft so might want to look into those of you need long lengths (and cheap cables)
  5. Axiomatik
    I ended up getting another set PSYT cables. 
  6. theblueprint
    Perhaps @Jason Stoddard or someone with a similar setup can chime in.
    I'm currently using a SYS to select between two sources (DAC and a Phono) and as a passive preamp into a power amp for speakers. I want to have those two sources feed into a headphone amp in addition to the power amp, so is it wise to use a RCA splitter for the SYS outputs?
    I was thinking of using these:
    Of course, I wouldn't have both the power amp and headphone amp on at the same time, but would having the SYS's output signal split between the two have any negative effect on fidelity? Thanks for any help.
  7. franzdom
    I use 2 SYS's, Phono & DAC (Mani & Yggy) sent into one, output to another SYS (backwards, into it's output) they out to HP amp (Lyr 2) & active speakers).
    I think your idea is sound but I may opt for y-cables like these
  8. theblueprint

    Nice! Grabbing a second SYS is definitely an option. Any reason why the Y cables are better?
  9. franzdom
    The Y cables are possibly less good sound wise but I think they would be a lot easier to route.
  10. theblueprint
    Good point. I'll definitely take those into consideration!
  11. nedifer
    I picked up a SYS to control volume from a 1st generation Berkeley Audio DAC into an Adcom GFA-555 (to better balance out the output of our two speaker systems (kitchen/living room).
    I have to say I am very impressed with it.  It doesn't (to my ears) color or degrade the signal in any way.
    The only disadvantages in my use case are:
    • It's so small and light that it is hard to position conveniently with the stiff interconnects I use
    • The knob is small
    Both minor quibbles.  I'm extremely pleased with the purchase.
  12. AviP
    So I've been using my SYS as a volume control for my Vali 2 because when I use my TH-X00's I basically have no room to play with the volume (it maxes out at about 9:00 and the channel imbalance starts when it's louder than i like to listen in some situations) and in that capacity it's been great.

    Yesterday I decided to try it as a reverse switch (1 in, 2 outs). Per Jason Stoddard's instructions, I turned the volume on SYS all the way up and it worked great, but then I noticed that the outputs weren't completely isolated from each other, what I mean is that when I had music playing out of the first output, I could hear the music coming out of the second output if I turned it's (Magni 2 on low gain) volume up enough.
    Is my SYS defective? Do they all do this? I guess this means that it's not ideal as a reverse switch.
    If you're wondering, the input was from a ModiMB, the first output was to a Vali 2 and the second output was to a Magni 2.

    Side note: When I used it with 2 inputs and 1 output I couldn't detect any leakage from the non-selected input.
  13. aamefford
    I just picked up a used Sys.  I wasn't sure how I was going to use it, just that there have been several times that I wanted one over the last couple of years for different things at different times.
    I have ended up using it as an attenuation pad for my Cavalli Liquid Crimson, as the Cavalli just has too much gain for my headphones, limiting the volume travel to 7 - 8:30 or so.
    I set the Sys at somewhere between 12:00 and 1:30 or so, and then have ample volume travel on the amp's volume knob.  It seems to be pretty transparent as far as any effect on the sound.  If anything, it all sounds better, as I am able to get into the meat of the Cavalli's volume pot.
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  14. Jacobh
    I just picked up a B-stock SYS to provide attenuation between a cd-player with the line out directly plugged into my headphone amplifier.  Comfortable listening was just on the border of channel balance (the first 30 minutes of 10 hours of travel), and the SYS definitely solves the problem.  I haven't noticed any differences in sound quality and as an added bonus I get a second input to my amplifier where I can easily plug in my phone or other portable device if I want.  
    Not much to say in terms of usability.  The volume knob is a little small, but still larger than my amp, and it has a nice resistance.  
    I didn't notice any major cosmetic issues outside of the switch not being aligned properly and some possible scratches on the bottom (I wouldn't have given them thought on a new unit).  The unit also doesn't quite sit flat for some reason (one corner must be a little bent at the bottom), so I had to add a little extra rubber underneath one foot to keep it from rocking.  It's lightweight, but doesn't stays put with the rubber feet.  I don't know if these were B-stock issues or just general manufacturing tolerance issues (I wouldn't have thought much of them on a A-stock). 
    Overall, I'm happy with this and would recommend it to anyone looking for a volume control and switch. 
    I did just notice that JDS seems to have taken a hint from Schiit and introduced their own passive pre-amp at essentially the same price that has two outputs.  Personally, I think the Schiit unit looks a little nicer and matches the rest of my setup.  However, if your setup is black or you want two outputs that's another option.  If all you want is passive attenuation you can also get a "subwoofer" remote volume control for quite a bit less.  However those seem to use a linear taper pot and would look pretty ugly sitting on your desk (probably better if you want to set the attenuation once and hide it away somewhere).
  15. Angular Mo
    Pairing with Mojo and active monitors.

    I am considering this SYS to use at home for my Chord Mojo, the colored marble balls for volume are just too annoying.

    A jerk salesman at NYC STEREO EXCHANGE admonished me as "making no sense" when I said I was pairing my Mojo with a Gulla 2 amp because I wanted a volume knob when I am home and not traveling.

    I just wish they added a Left-Right-balance control when I am feeding it out through my two-channel actice loudspeakers, often referred to as monitors.
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