Schiit SYS Passive Preamp

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Mar 25, 2014.
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  1. Jacobh

    With regards to the Fulla,it is a little weird to use what is probably an inferior amp section instead of the amp on your mojo just for a volume control. You might be better off with a nicer amp without a DAC and just using the mojo as a DAC. If you don't like the volume buttons on the mojo why not just sell it and use the Fulla or a JDS element as both a DAC and amp.

    If you are really in love with your Mojo amp section, then the SYS would theoretically let you use its amp section since it just provides passive attenuation. The SYS doesn't have a headphone out since it's a pre-amp, but I guess you could get a rca male to 3.5mm /6.5mm female connectoion if you wanted a knob instead of buttons. If all you want is a knob though you might be better off with something like the emotive control freak if ergonomics are reall important to you. The SYS knob is functional, but honestly not that great in terms of ergonomics; it's a small knob on a small unit. You could also look at something like the PAC-LC1 which is just a (linear) volume pot inline in RCA cables if you want a really cheap option. It does use a linear taper, so that's the main downside to that option.
  2. JorgeGVB
    Using Sys in reserve turned out to be a great option for me. I have Korg DS-DAC-10R I use for recording LPs.  I was over switching wires around to use the Korg until reading about this device.  Now I use one side to Phono on my receiver and one to AUX for recording.  Works perfect!
  3. kcollins

    Doesn't take much marketing to tell me a simple switch and a pot already loaded in an attractive case and soldered up is a great deal.  About the cost of a family sized pizza (only flour, water, a bit of cheese and a few slices of pepperoni).
  4. Alcophone
    Does anyone else's SYS look like a steam boat from the top?

    Low volume:


    High volume:

  5. Jacobh
    If you mean "is the volume knob crooked", then yes mine is also slightly crooked. If you're just remarking on how they button/knob look like smoke stacks, then I never thought about it, but it's a good observation.
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  6. Alcophone
    Haha, I'm just commenting on it being crooked. Looks funny, and feels even weirder when changing the volume. Schiit has asked for pictures, but not commented on it further since I sent them. I know it's just $49, but it still bugs me.
  7. Jacobh
    Actually mine seems to be slightly crooked in the same direction no matter how the volume is adjusted. Yours seems like changes the direction, which would maybe imply the knob was put on crooked more than the potentiometer was mounted slightly off center. Mine has also never really bothered me, so if it feels wobbly or something that might be a little different.

    If you think it's weird then send the pictures to Schiit and see what they say. Some variation in the mounting is normal, but it shouldn't wobble or anything like that.
  8. Alcophone
    Yeah, I opened it to check, and it's mounted on perfectly straight. I think the inner cylinder of the volume knob (which is surrounded by glue) is not parallel to the rest of the knob. Or maybe it broke off and they glued it back together and it didn't come out right.
    I sent them an email about it, and didn't hear back, sent them another email, and Nick asked to see pictures, I sent pictures and didn't hear back, I sent the pictures again and didn't hear back, I sent an email asking whether they got the pictures or not, and didn't hear back. Either they are overwhelmed right now because of Magni 3 and Loki, or they don't give a Schiit. :)
  9. wilflare
    would be great to swap the enclosure of the SYS.. the silver colour is of a different tone compared to the recent Schiit products :/
  10. Alcophone
    I'd happily add one to my inevitable next order (for self install). For, say, $15 bucks or less?
  11. gvl2016
    I want SYS-2 that is also a matrix switch with 2 outputs and has a by-passable volume pot. Back panel: 2 inputs, 2 outputs (4 RCAs total). Front panel: 1-2 output selector button, 1-2 input selector button, volume control bypass button, volume control knob.

    Edit: can't count, back panel 8 RCAs total (4 pairs).
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2017
  12. Alcophone
    Volume control bypass = set volume to max, no?
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  13. gvl2016
    Close but not the same, the pot remains connected and can affect impedance matching. Not an issue in most cases but being able to completely eliminate the pot from the signal path would be a nice bonus.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2017
  14. Alcophone
    I see. Thanks for the clarification!
  15. gvl2016
    On second thought, I might just try to mod it myself, there is room for an additional 3.5mm output on the back panel and room for a couple of toggle switches on the front panel and the box is mostly empty.

    And on third thought a bypassed volume pot is a disaster waiting to happen. Hmm, scratch that, but I do want 2 switched outputs :)
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2017
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