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Schiit Modi USB DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Spiral Out
    Mine has done that a few times due to static. Turned it off and then back on and it worked fine. I posted about it a few days back on this thread. It did cause me mild distress the first couple times it happened...
  2. jogfi2002
    Hi guys, I am comparing DACs and do not know how to choose.
    Does anyone have heard Modi2 / Denon DA300 / Cambridge DacMagic Plus and could tell if there is huge difference between these stuffs?
    Thank you!
  3. x838nwy

    Sorry for the super late reply, but my 9 year old mbp does that too when it's finding life difficult like having lots of tabs opened simultaneously, or just running Amarra. Probably running of of memory or faffing with the hdd or something.
  4. Jason Bourne
    EDIT : Nvm.
  5. plonter
    I have a rather technical question about modi 2 uber.  Although it has its own linear power supply, the usb receiver chip still gets powered from the input usb.  But is it a one time thing (only for connection between the pc and dac) or continuously?
  6. StanD
    The data flows as long as you listen to music, so I would think that the USB receiver continues to get power from the source just as  the non Uber Modi.
  7. plonter

    That makes sense  :)    I asked cause I also use Wyrd with it, so wanted to make sure that it is not a total waste.
  8. pldelisle

    Also interested to this question !
  9. Makaveli6103
    How well with this DAC work with powered speakers? I currently have the Monoprice 5-inch Powered Studio Monitor Speakers
  10. StanD
    You would have to get the proper cables RCA to TS (Tip Sleeve) to connect with.The ony hassle is reaching behind the speakers to manipulate two volume controls for the seperate channels and getting it balanced (Left-Right). If you plan on using headphones, you could get a Magni 2 Uber and use the preamp outs to connect to the speakers, or instead you could use a SYS for its attenuator.
    Tuco1965 likes this.
  11. sinkie
    is it ok if i just use this dac alone without any amp?
  12. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    With what? If it's with powered speakers that have a Master-Slave design (one active, one passive speaker) than it's alright, you have a master volume control on the Master speaker. If it's a Pro active monitor you have to work two gain knobs, one on each active speaker. If it's a headphone, there isn't even a TRS jack to hook it up to.
  13. Koolpep

    No. It's not ok. Read: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/portable-entertainment/buying-guide/introduction-portable-hi-fi-audio
    EDIT: It's like asking if it's ok to drive a car without wheels.
  14. sinkie
    Using with headphones. but it would work if i bought a cable like that right? http://www.amazon.com/3-5mm-Stereo-Audio-Adapter-Female/dp/B000I23TTE/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1430901078&sr=1-1&keywords=2-Male+RCA+to+3.5mm+female
  15. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    I already mentioned you wouldn't have a preamp stage to control the volume. The other problem will be that while the 2volt output of a DAC might be enough to get it loud enough, that doesn't mean it will be doing what an amplifier actually does, like provide current. You will not get a dynamic sound if you actually use this without an amp, but as to how bad it will be will depend on how much current your headphone needs. 
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