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Schiit Modi USB DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. StanD
    OK, but in any case I dont see how it's going to make anything better, we can leave that to the probably banter in the  upsampling thread.
  2. Defiant00
    He's just asking if Modi sounds or works better with files upsampled vs played at their original rate.
    In an ideal world (and an ideal DAC) it should sound exactly the same, but real-world and actual implementation can make all the difference.
    In my experience with the Modi I haven't noticed any differences for sample rate, but I have when going from 16 to 24 bit mode with the Modi. In 16-bit mode I can hear the noise floor if I crank my amp, but in 24-bit mode I can turn it up all the way and still hear no noise.
  3. StanD
    And if you played music while it was turned up all the way, how would it sound? Any clipping or distortion?
  4. Defiant00
    Sorry, I didn't test that. I'd like to keep the magic smoke in my headphones :)
    Although, I did try a goofy test back when I did my original Magni/Modi vs Bifrost/Asgard comparison. I set Windows to 5% volume and maxed out the Magni's volume. Sounded fine with LCD-2s, kinda quiet but otherwise pretty much the same.
  5. StanD
    The reason that I asked is once you turn up the volume/gain and go past the dynamic range of the input you get more noise and compromise SQ. Of course listening at what might be a thunderous volume may not be exactly fun.
  6. jerg Contributor
    Just received my Modi 2 today, diggin' it. That bass kicks hard (compared to my E17 as a source), treble's a bit rough / splashy, hopefully it smooths out with some use.
  7. freddr
    Is Modi 2 Uber better than the DAC in the Matrix M-stage HPA2?
  8. plonter
    I own both modi2 uber and Dragonfly 1.2 and I have been listening to them for a few monthes now with two amps: headroom ultra micro and schiit's own magni 2 uber. I thought that some of you will be interested to hear my opinion on the difference between those two (since they both are very popular here and also cost - attractive).   I should also mention that I use Wyrd to maximize the usb performance.
    In general: they are both very nice sounding dacs for the price,really great value for the money, and they are also very neutral / balanced..don't have any obvious color to their sound. But it's a different kind of neutral.   The Dragonfly mids are a little bit more farward which makes the sound more full bodied and sometimes punchier, for me it is more exciting sound in general (reminds Grado mids a little) but probably not everyone gonna think so. The Dragonfly also doesn't neglect the highs,it extends them nicely and it is not harsh or sibilant, I would say they both sound similar in highs and also in the bass..bass is tight and sufficient.
    So the major difference as I hear is in the mids, Modi sounds "thinner" and more airy comparing to the DF, which is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on one's taste and also in the recording, I would say that some recordings can be a little too aggresive with the DF,while with Modi they sound perfect..and also the other way around.  In general I would say that Listening to the DF gives you the fatigue faster and draws your attention in greater percentage of time,while the Modi is "lighter" and flows better..I can listen to it many hours without feeling too tired..but like I said,it is less "exciting", even if in theoretical / scientiffic measuraments it would be considered more accurate. 
    So, final thought: I think it is nice to own them both and to play with different setups. 
  9. StanD
    @plonter are you saying that one of these DACs doesn't have a flat FR?
  10. plonter
    I guess it could be..I just don't know which one is more accurate.  I guess only measurements can tell the truth.  But like I said,there is a slight difference in the mids that's all, the DF sounds (to me) more farward and aggressive in the mids, "colder" than  Modi if you wish.  I still haven't decide which one I prefer better cause I still experiment with different setups.   Right now I am listening to modi --> headroom ultra micro.
    EDIT: By the way,if I recall correctly I am not the only one saying that the modi has a little recessed mids.  But I may be mistaken here.
  11. Schopenhauer
    jerg: Any development with respect to the treble character?
  12. Mr Rick
    Attention Modi 2 Uber owners::
    Today the humidity is very low and consequently electrostatic discharge risk is very high. 
    I walked across the carpet to switch my M2U from optical to USB. When I touched the switch I heard a snap through my headphones and the M2U went dead.
    Removing USB power did nothing. The unit remained dead. Rebooting the computer did nothing. The unit remained dead.
    Disconnecting external power and turning the unit off, and then back on, returned the M2U to normal operation.
    This could be a problem in places like California during dry conditions or, in other places when the outside temperature gets very low.
    I hope this might help some M2U owners if they happen to have this problem.
    I also have a original Modi 2 and I do not know if it is susceptible to ESD.............. and I'm not going to test it to find out.[​IMG] 
  13. StanD
    Good to hear it wasn't pushing up daisies after that lightning bolt. I'd guess that the internal microprocessor crashed and needed a cold boot.
    I'll bet that it boots up faster than MS Windoze.
  14. Mr Rick
    Would you believe me if I told you it sounds better now??[​IMG]
  15. StanD
    Nope. [​IMG] Perhaps you're so relieved that it didn't fry that it sounds better than a dead DAC.
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