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Schiit Modi USB DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. themarkness
  2. jaywillin

    i had a modi, i found it got better after 20-30 hours, the hardness i heard soften significantly
  3. jaywillin

    i have a bifrost at the top of my list, if i can sell an explorer and msii+ lol
  4. rbxs
    Did someone hooked up the Modi to a Hifiman EF2a? I'm planning to replace the internal dac of the EF2a with an external Modi as DAC.
  5. HPiper
    I yes I did and it did improve the sound quite a lot actually, but I got the Modi for my LD MkIII and that is where is is living now. I still like the EF2a dac and all though that is kind of a mute point now as my wife stole my EF2a and it now sits next to her computer instead of mine <g>
  6. metaldood
    How is this combination for a basic desk setup with a laptop?
    Schitt USB DAC + Lepai Amp + Pioneer BS22 LR Speakers
  7. cel4145

    I think that's nice. But if you can afford it, I would step up to an Indeed or Topping t-amp. Better build quality and a little bit better SQ. Topping TP21, TP31, Indeed TA2020 or Indeed TA2021. The t-amps with the TA2021 chips have a few more db of output than the TA2020 like in the Lepai.
  8. PanpandaChan
    My Schiit Magni (and possibly Modi as well... not sure if my GF is trying to confuse me, surprise me, or what.) is supposed to be arriving today, and I'll get it from my GF tomorrow :D
    My stuff from quables also came in, so I started to make my interconnects.
    Its a 4 strand braid of solid silver.
    My soldering still sucks cause I dont do it often.
    And sigh, some of the PTFE sleeving got shaved because the barrel of the connector is too small, so i had to gently force it on.
    Anyway, here's one done:
  9. metaldood
    Just received my Schiit Modi. First dedicated dac. My god what a difference between onboard laptop soundcard and modi. The clarity is amazing.
  10. axizor

    I hear you man. Although it's only $100 , it's a killer DAC.
  11. Shaffer
    I have a Modi. Operationally, it's nothing short of perfect. Zero glitches, zero noise, zero issues all-around. Sound-wise, as auditioned in my main system (not headphone driven), the Modi made music sound opaque, homogeneous, dynamically limited, It exhibited a distinct lack of real bass and a propensity to make the lowert registers appear a (subjective) half octave higher in the spectrum - Nick Cave sounded like Elton John. Brrrr...
    This being said, on my desktop system fronted by a pair of AA A5+ streaming Spotify at 320kbps, the Modi's issues effective disappear. Frankly, I have no complaints about the sound in this application. YMMV
  12. Netrum
    I am considering buying the modi to team it up with a asgard 2.
    But like everything in life, its so hard to chose.
    Especially when you cant listen to it before you buy it. :/
    Yes i know you could return it. But i dont want to be that guy you know.
  13. HPiper
    The problem with the Modi and also it's main benefit is the price. Sure you might want to compare it to something else, but who else makes a dac at any where near that price that would have a chance at sounding that good, the list is very short.
  14. Netrum
    Thank you for the advice.
    I will be ordering a Modi as soon as possible.
  15. Netrum
    I am now the owner of a Modi.
    Hopefully it will arrive in the mail by mid next week.
    Looking forward to listening to it for the first time. :)
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