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Schiit Modi USB DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Wolfdale
    Guys, I'm thinking of buying this dac, but how should I connect it with my iBasso PB1? Should I buy a XLR cable? Or a regular P2 adapter? Any help? Thanks!
  2. kimvictor
  3. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Which app, the music player app for Android miniPC's? The PB1 has an analog single ended 3.5mm input in the back right next to the HR10 balanced input. If you have the DB1, you might look into whether the miniPC can work with the DB1 through USB. You get the better DAC and analog output circuit this way.
  4. Wolfdale
    I'm sorry, I meant DAC, not amp or app. It was late at night when I wrote it. I want to buy the Modi DAC to pair up with my laptop. iBasso PB1 and Beyer DT660 Pro.
    I was told I only need to buy a RCA to 1/8 adapter, and it will do the trick. Now the only question remaining is: will I experience significant improvement in quality using this DAC? I can notice difference in sound quality when I plug my DT660 + iBasso PB1 in my laptop and then when I plug into my iPhone 4 (which sounds about 20% better). Will the Modi be significantly better than the iPhone?
    Thank you very much!
  5. kimvictor
    Yes you will find a big improvement. Modi is one of the best DAC in it's price, and will be a leap from iPhone. Much better resolution and speed, as well as neutrality. But how much improvement depends on your amp and headphone as well.
  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Why not add a little bit more and get the DB1? They might go for cheap used. At least then you'd have a balanced signal from the DAC's analog output through to your headphones.
  7. kbuzz
    question for the board: Can anyone comment on burn in (if any) with this unit. I know its a $99 unit but im a bit unimpressed right out of the box....not slam the modi- for what it is even at this stage, and made in  north america, it is an achievement 
  8. RMiller
    Not sure what's there to burn in on the modi, it is what it is :)
  9. tdockweiler
    I haven't heard any difference with the Modi from day one until now. I think i've had it for 2-3 months. The Modi has stayed but I replaced the Magni with an E17 (not as my main amp).
    I've been loving the Modi from day one. If you're not impressed with the Modi you won't be impressed with the ODAC either. I couldn't really hear much difference between the two at all.
    ODAC might have been like .00001% clearer sounding but maybe it was my imagination or maybe the Modi sounded warmer. Who knows. I actually think the Modi is better than the ODAC.
    Both are very good of course.
    I don't have a lot of experience with computer DACs, but I found the Modi better sounding than the ODAC and HRT MSII. I'll give the Bifrost a try sometime since I like the Modi so much.
  10. Defiant00
    I thought there was a noticeable change in the first couple hours when I tried the M&M, but I couldn't say which component was changing since they were both new.
    Edit: Just to clarify, I listened for about 15 minutes right when I got them then left them burning in for a couple hours while I watched some TV.
  11. kbuzz
    Thanks all for the responses re burn in. Im very impressed with what Schiit has accomplished with this little guy, but i have been unable to come to grips with the sound of high hats and note decay after two or three days of steady use and swapping of usb and rca cables. Stated otherwise- the high hats have that early 1987 type digital sound (metallic/hashy) and there is no real decay on certain notes. OTHO: the separation is done very well, the bass is weighty and the general detail is impressive. But given the above, i have not been able to relax or "get into" the music with this unit so far.
  12. tdockweiler
    Are you sure it's not caused by your amp or just how your headphone is?
    No problem here with the Modi and even a K400 or Q701.
    Are you using it with the Magni? If so it's most likely the Magni and not the Modi.
  13. Wolfdale
    So I just bought the Modi, and when I turn the volume up I get some distortion. It's very annoying since I thought buying a mid level DAC would suffice in my quest for decent sound quality.
    My set is a DT880 250 Ohms Pro, Schiit Modi DAC and a iBasso PB1 Toucan.
    Perhaps the amp is not driving it enough, being it the cause of distortions?
    Thanks for the help!
  14. kimvictor
    Lol. Modi is an entry level DAC. Anyways, Modi doesn't distort much. It could be interference issue. Modi is very prone to catching interference. Move Modi to a place where there isn't anything that could cause interference(like cellphone, radio, router...).
  15. Defiant00
    When you turn the volume up where? On your amp or digitally (through Windows or your media player)?
    If it's the amp then there's your culprit. If it's when adjusting digitally then I'd recommend trying this: set Windows (or your media player) volume to something like 10% volume and see how loud it'll go without distorting. Then try it again with digital volume set to 100%. If it starts distorting around the same volume in both cases then it's probably the amp; if it starts distorting at a specific volume % in Windows / Media Player regardless of overall loudness (aka, 100% in Windows and it's always distorted regardless of how high you have the amp turned up) then your Modi might be defective.
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