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Schiit Modi USB DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. RMiller

    Well, I didn't really bother trying to find solution, perhaps there is one, but it doesn't work out of the box, that much is sure :)
  2. kimvictor
    I've tried powered usb hubs. No luck.
  3. Mando323
    Anyone ever pair this with a Lyr? Doing this till I can afford a Bifrost.
  4. DanBa
    How about trying to connect the Modi to your Android phone using the USB Audio Recorder PRO app available on Google Play store?
    USB Audio Recorder PRO doesn't use the native USB audio driver of the Galaxy S3.
    There is a free trial version of USB Audio Recorder PRO.
    USB Audio Recorder PRO is my prefered music player. I has also Neutron and Poweramp.
    And I am not alone:
    "From what I understand, USB Audio Recorder Pro app allows higher quality recordings to be played in their true hi-res quality because it bypasses a 16-bit/48kHz limitation in Android kernel. (The DX100 also does that with the iBasso software.) All other apps downsample to 16/48 before passing the signal to the external DAC like the Apex Glacier.
    Besides that, I also find the app to output very natural sound. So I used the app quite a bit when I am in the mood for the best quality."
  5. jeremyarntz
    Should be getting my Modi next week and I can't wait! I've had my Magni for a few months and love it.
  6. kimvictor
    I've tried with the USB ARP. It still didn't work.
  7. DanBa
    Could you report the interworking issue to the developer?

    As USB Audio Recorder PRO allows a lot of Android devices to interwork with a lot of USB DAC(s), USB Audio Recorder PRO should become the de-facto reference implementation of Android USB Audio, so that USB DAC makers and Android device manufacturers could use it for testing purposes.
    Actually each Android device manufacturer implements its own USB Audio support. They don’t have the same interpretation of some USB specification parts.
  8. RMiller
    Tbh, I can't see why would anyone want to connect Modi with Android, even if it works... you would still need an amp, and the whole setup would be hardly portable :)
  9. kimvictor
    Well, it's because it's easier to turn on my phone than to turn on a computer to listen to music. Let's say I want to listen to music for 10mins. It would take 2mins to turn on my computer, but 10secs to connect the DAC to my phone(which is on 24/7).
  10. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    The system doesn't have to be portable just because the source is a portable device (a laptop is technically portable, and yet people use it for their home systems). An Android phone with the Modi and Magni would be smaller than the set-up below:
    And after the iOS6.3.1 update gave me the "too much power" issue (as iOS5 did after iOS4), that iPad has been replaced by my S3. Just got my RND dock (yes it works with the OTG cable like the CCK worked with the Apple stand in the photo); will take new photos when I get my tripod back from a friend.
    Yep, the nice thing about tablets and phones is they're always switched on (I sometimes switch them off when charging though) - just tap the screen, dock it, then click on the music player's icon and you're good to go. When done, you can leave it on the dock and hook up the cable that goes into a charger.
  11. DanBa
    Also there is a new type of Android devices: Android mini PC.
    "Well I took my SS808 [Android mini PC] on vacation with me. Got to my condo, plugged it in to the tv and bam, just like home. Weather, movies, info God I love my android on a stick."
    MK808 Android mini PC & ES9023-based HifiMeDiy Sabre USB DAC:
    music files stored on UPnP TwonkyMedia server >> LAN >> MK808 Android mini PC: native eHome Media Center app / UPnP media renderer music player > digital USB audio out >> USB OTG cable adapter >> HifiMeDiy Sabre USB DAC
    The UPnP system is controlled by the UPnPlay UPnP controller running on an Android phone.


  12. RMiller
    Well, I said "portable" because I thought everybody have some computer anyway, so if you're looking for something to connect with a cell phone, it would be on the go most likely. Of course, it can be used at home as well, but with today's ssd drives the system can boot up pretty fast. :)
    MK808 and similar, I thnk I've heard some of them have overheating problems, not sure how much is true and/or serious issue :)
  13. DanBa
  14. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    That's the thing, smartphones and tablets can be the hub of the entertainment system (now with wireless storage solutions) as opposed to just a WiFi remote control. It's not simply boot-up speed, but overall responsiveness* and ergonomics,* and that includes power consumption and heat management. I try to minimize recharge cycles on my laptop since it only runs five to six hours on its battery, and remove it if I'm working on one table for hours on end (and when I step out to work elsewhere I have a full battery, and a spare charger in the office); by contrast my iPad2 runs for a week off a single charge on my use (some browsing, roughly 1% battery charge for every hour as a digital music server, some magazine reading), and doesn't hit a core temp of 60deg C when the A/C isn't running** (ambient temp here during April and May, from around 11AM to 4PM, is around 35deg C).
    On the Modi specifically, however, I do have to admit it won't be as straightforward my own system, since the primary issue is that it's dependent on USB 5volt power, which mostly limits its use for computers and tablets, given powered hubs don't always work (the wiring varies? I don't really know). Then again, for some who could cram the Magni+Modi and headphones roughly the size of the headphones they'll be used with, and use that on trips, I can understand if they'd want to try to figure out how to make this run on more tablets and even smartphones.
    *that for now is best matched by Ultrabooks and All-In-Ones on W8 touchscreens; BUT the ultrabooks still have their ports on the side, unlike tablet and smartphone docks, at least for those who don't use
    portables on the go, is a big plus for keeping one's table clean of clutter
    **ambient temp here during April and May is around 35deg C
  15. Dark Helmet
    Anyone noticed an irregular spot about 3/4 of an inch from the left curve cutout(mine has it)? I think i can see it on some pics I have seen on the internet. After i suggested that it may be a mark where it got stamped out, Jason said "Aha, the stamp mark. Yep, that's a small imperfection caused by the die". I wanted to see if any of you guys had it too.
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