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Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mhamel, Aug 19, 2015.
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  1. reddog
    Sweet I hope you have a great night jamming out.:)
  2. rb2013 Contributor
  3. Mediahound
    Of course they don't really look that bright in real life but shooting with really high ISO on the camera, in low light,  and slow shutter speed, really brings out the fire in the tubes!
  4. Skooks
    I used surgical gloves to pull my tubes. They are very sticky on the glass. Buy 'em by the box and keep 'em handy for rolling those tubes.
  5. rb2013 Contributor

    Lightning in a bottle!
  6. Mediahound

    I've also found it helps to rock the tube in a circular motion while pulling it out (don't rotate it though). Sometimes just pulling straight up will make it snap release too forcefully. This is especially the case when the amp is new and the tube sockets are tight.
  7. JK-47

    Just take it nice and easy if you are going to use a circular motion, that wears the pins and socket. It's all gravy once the first tube is out, because you can stick your finger inside to help the second one out.
  8. Mediahound
    Can't believe I never thought of doing that. 
  9. Shembot

    Oh, Schiit. Neither did I.
  10. JK-47

    lol..I actually started taking the second one out with the tape trick before it clicked in... [​IMG]
    I set my self up for the sarcastic comments with that one...lol
  11. Mediahound

    I ordered some of the DeOxit, just to help prevent oxidation on the pins and other connections in my system. Are you sure it's safe for tubes and tube sockets?
    Regarding the expensive tube pin cleaning kit, I think it's not needed.
    Non gold tube pins which have oxidation on them, can be cleaned by gently scraping them with an exacto knife. And gold pins do not oxidize so no cleaning or treatment of those is needed. 
  12. rb2013 Contributor

    I have been using the DeoxIT Gold for years (used to be called ProGold - now GxMD).  Perfectly safe.  That's why they include it in the 'Vacuum Tube Survival Kit'.  Just use a small amount - bottom half of the pins - wipe off excess.  More is not better in this case.  As the pins push into the socket, it will spread.  
    You can use pure alcohol to clean mildly oxidized pins - I would not scrap them with a knife.  The pins travel through glass and strong vibrations can effect the vacuum seal - once that goes the tube is finished.
    Been doing this a tube thing for a few decades - tried it all.  Soft tooth brush - gently brush is OK.  No metal brush or files.
  13. Mediahound

    Thanks. Makes sense. 
  14. JK-47

    I also use both De-Oxit's on my tubes. First I give them a light scrub with a brass gun bore cleaning brush.
  15. Mediahound

    Some of the reviews say the stuff actually improves sound quality. I can't wait to try it. 
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