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Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mhamel, Aug 19, 2015.
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  1. Mediahound

    I have lcd3's.
  2. JK-47
  3. Mediahound

  4. Argo Duck
    Consider Matsushi ta (National) 6922. They were a revelation in my Lyr 1 some years ago. MacedonianHero directed me to them, describing them as having a "wonderful, earthy tone". He was right, they do - along with a clarity and extension I didn't experience with either stock options or other similarly priced NOS tubes.

    I got mine from tubemonger where they seem to be out of stock, but upscale lists them.

  5. rb2013 Contributor

  6. Mediahound

    Thanks, will check those out. 
  7. reddog
    I will check out matsushi ta(national) 6922 sound like a intriguing tube, to try in my lyr2.
  8. screwdriver
    Ehan I had my amp using 6922 tubes , the best sound quality I had are when I used the Telefunken , also the ediswans are very good
  9. Trastan
    I've been reading the Mjolnir (1) thread, and a lot of folks are saying that the Mjolnir needs around eight hours of warm up time to sound good, and that it's wise to just leave it on all the time, if possible. Obviously that's not a great idea if you're running tubes.
    What do you all think? Cause for concern?
  10. Shembot

    My experience with the Mjolnir 2 so far is that it doesn't require many hours of warm-up time. It's good to go once it's physically warm. Then again, I also didn't think the Mjolnir 1 needed to be warmed up forever either.
  11. Mediahound

    The manuals states they recommend turning it off when you aren't using it. I suppose if you're running LISST's you could leave it on, but it generates some heat and takes a decent amount of power so probably doesn't make sense. And if you're running tubes, that would wear them down quicker so no good. 
  12. Skooks
    Well folks, a few pages back I asked the question if anyone had heard the Mjolnir 2 drive the HE-6's, which I have, and CrocCap spoke up and said he carried his HE-6's to the can jam, or whatever it was, and he was impressed with the sound. From that post, I ordered the M2 that evening a few minutes before midnight EDT and specified FedEx 2 Day. They were shipped that afternoon and I received them this morning about 10am. First of all, I have to commend the folks at the "nameless company" for such speedy shipping.
    The M2 arrived in excellent shape. I put the stock 6BZ7 tubes in... hooked it up in balanced mode from a Wyred 4 Sound DAC that gets USB FLAC files from my iMac running the Audirvana Plus music program... plugged in my balanced Norne Audio Zoetic cable from my HE-6's... and let it all warm up for an hour.
    Then I began listening at intervals until now... shortly after 9pm. So, the M2 and its tubes have about 10 hours of playing time. Way too early to give you a detailed summary of my impressions, but I will say this without stretching anything... this is one SUPER headphone amp!! Let me repeat that... this is one SUPER headphone amp!!
    Already it is so airy, dynamic with black background, good bass, and yet very sweet in the mids and highs with female and male voices. When I listened to one of the best recordings to show off a headphone system... Wycliffe Gordon's album called "Dreams of New Orleans" on the Chesky label (192khz) recorded with one mic in binaural... it was absolutely fantastic! You got to hear it to believe it... the HE-6's driven by the M2 really puts you in the middle of the group. But, never forget, it's the overall system that produces good sound. The M2 has found a home indeed.
    I've listened to a little bit of everything... symphony orchestras, piano solos, choirs, pop, country... the stuff I have and like. I have not heard anything I'm disappointed about. And, just think... I'm just playing with stock tubes... which ain't bad... but knowing tubes, I will start buying and rolling in about a week. There are no harsh peaks in the highs... nothing bad at all. And, I've listened quite loudly. And speaking of loud with the HE-6's... I never opened the volume control past the 1 o'clock position... and for most, I played in the 10:30-11 o'clock range. It drives the HE-6's with ease and control.
    Did I get the solid state thingy migigs... no thank you. I sold a good solid state amp to go tubes. And tubes it will be.
    Thank you, CrocCap, for the good recommendation... I owe you one!
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  13. rb2013 Contributor
    Nice mini review. Your HE-6‘s need juice and it looks like the MJ2 has it. How's the bass?

    Plan on some tube rolling?
  14. rb2013 Contributor
    Anyone looking to do some serious tube rolling in the MJ2 should check out a pr of the these tube risers.  They make pulling the tubes way easier and save some wear and tear on the MJ2 tube sockets.  On my Lyr they've been indispensable.  They come in two styles - I've had both.  These are my favorites.
  15. Skooks
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