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Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mhamel, Aug 19, 2015.
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  1. Mediahound
    What would you all recommend for tubes that are smooth with laid back highs and great bass?
  2. Oklahoma

    I am using a pair of Tesla e88cc that sound fairly laid back with decent bass but was recommended a set of vintage herleens.
  3. reddog
    Look up rb2013 and see if he has some awesome vokshods NOS tubes. If not check out upscale audio, for any nos tubes.. I would pursue all your NOS options before getting current production tubes, like the gold lion or Telefunken TK's. If I get the Mjolnir 2 I will try to find some Ediswan cv2492, or at least some nice cv2492. Now is the time to look for NOS tubes, not 4 years from now.
  4. rb2013 Contributor

    The real Teslas are very nice, so are the Philips Mini Watts (Herleen) and Valvos - had them.  Also highly recommended the Telefunken E88CCs (the real ones from the 60's not the new production - which aren't bad but you can do better for the money).  The Amperex 7308 USA white prints (USN-CEP), also made as a 6922 - very nice!
    At the very top of the heap are the Siemens CCa early 60s with the gray shields (neutral with lots of detail and holographic sound stage), Amperex 6922 pinched waists (warmer,  with euphonics to die for), the Valvo CCa (again great holographic presentation), the Tele E188CC's OMG!
    But for me and my system the king of the hill is the very rare HG (I call my 'Holy Grail') '75 Reflektor Silver Shield Single Wire Getter Post 6n23p.  This tube does it all!  Holographic, 3#D sound stage - not like staggered 2D cardboard cutouts - the musicians present as 3D point sources in the sound field.  Radiating out with subtle reflections from the back and side walls - these very low level signals are usually buried in the mix.  Not with these tubes - the most detailed I have heard yet - they uncover those subtle ambient clues that the ear/mind uses to recreate the lifelike sound field.
    One of the reasons I'm so jazzed about the true differential balanced MJ2 - from what I understand this balanced configuration does the 3D hologram thing even better then SE.  And with my Lyr and the HGs on the HD800/Moon Black Dragon V2's thats already pretty incredible!
    Oh this is going to be fun!
    PS One word of caution tube rolling can be Highly Addictive!
  5. rb2013 Contributor

    Hey Reddog!  What's up Bro'!  Did you get those HE1000's?
    PS Yeah - they're not making any more 60's and 70's tubes
  6. reddog
    Yes I got the HE1K's and they are a fantastic headphone. I wish the strap on the production set was a tad longer and the HE1K would be perfect.
  7. rb2013 Contributor
    Here are some sources to checkout - but first ask yourself - do you want the blue pill or the red pill? [​IMG]
    OK down the rabbit hole you go!:
    An older shootout of top 6922 (and equiv tubes)
    Compatiblity chart (look for Lyr 2 compatible)
    My original 2013 review of the Voshod Rocket 6n23p's
    My subsequent review:
    Tube World's Rank of their best:
    Tube Dealers:
    http://www.tubemonger.com (also has risers that make swapping tubes easier)
    Have fun!
    reddog and Turdski like this.
  8. Mediahound

    It seems like neutral and holographic are terms they use a lot as good traits but I'm actually looking for something with a bit of a darker sound signature, albeit not overly dark like the 6L1P I once tried.

    Any suggestions for nos tubes along these lines?
  9. rb2013 Contributor
    Sure the rare but really excellent Lorenz Suttgart triple micas - dark but lushess tone. Amerpex D Getter pinched waists.

    More realistic some of the Amperex OG's (Orange Globes), not as sweet, but some folks like them. Mercedesman on Ebay has been a reliable source. Bugle Boy DGetters too.

    In the mid price range US made Amperex 6922 white print '60s.

    PS also Mullard cv2493 - but expensive. Maybe to ripe in the mids. What HPs do you have?
  10. JK-47
    I wouldn't overlook the made in Holland Amperex 6DJ8's, reasonablty priced, but many are microphonic.
  11. rb2013 Contributor
    Well I did mention the PWs. True on the microphonic side for the Amperex holland. Microphonics are system dependent, on the Lyr it's quite suseptible to microphonics. Microphonics is a ringing like sound, similar to a 'ting'.

    The 6dj8/ECC88 has a 5,000 hr life, whereas the 6922/E88CC/6N23P/CCa/E188CC/7308 have a 10,000 hour life expectancy.
  12. JK-47
    Still not impossible to find Amperex 6DJ8's that are good, and cost 1/2 to 1/3 of the PW's. I bought my dad Amperex 7308 PW's, and for some reason he keeps on going back to the Holland 6DJ8's in his Lyr2... Oh well, to each their own.
    Thanks for the tube guide rb2013 [​IMG]
  13. rb2013 Contributor
  14. Mediahound

    This is actually what I'm running in my Mjolnir2 currently. Aka Orange Globes. Really not bad. I'm just wanting to see what else is out there.
  15. JK-47

    I have Orange Globe 12AU7's in rotation for my Elekit-TU8200DX... Orange Globe Amperex are later production, and may have a slightly different sound signature than earlier years. I have the Herleen "Bugle Boys".
    What kind of cans do you have?
    My HD650's get along much better with my Elekit than the MJ2, My LCD2.2F's are nice with both. Sorry if I'm repeating myself, I'm 15 cold boys deep...
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