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Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mhamel, Aug 19, 2015.
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  1. Skooks
    The bass at this point is very good... I played some Chesky organ music and it rumbled way on down with authority. I listened also to test tracks by Chesky with bass guitar... sounded very good. I listened to such a variety of music and test tracks and I honestly don't think the M2 has a real weakness.
    I want to see where it goes after about 150 hours with these stock tubes, then I will know for sure what I will be listening for with some good NOS tubes, or even some good new tubes. But, don't put these stock tubes down just because they are OEM's. I think the boys at Schiit like to send their stuff out so as to make a good impression with their OEM's. But, I know there is better... always is. Yes, I will be rolling!
  2. rb2013 Contributor
    Sounds really good. My HD800‘s with the Moon Black Dragon V2 balanced should be a great combination. I give them credit for including decent NOS tubes versus new std fair like JJ's. I'm amazed when I see $4k dacs supplied with $30 tubes.

    Happy rolling :p
  3. CrocCap
  4. Exacoustatowner
    Hey Bob!
    Yes-and thank you for suggesting them. I've been happy with them on my Lyr.
  5. reddog
    Thanks Bob, I broke down and ordered a pair last night. I will order the Mjolnir 2 at the end of September. I feel that is a more positive way to spend the money. A few people want me to go clubing, while my mother is in rehab, learning how to walk and what have you. Once I have the Mjolnir 2, I will go on a quest to get some Ediswan tubes to go with the amp. Please have a goodnight jamming out Bob.
  6. Mediahound
    Do you notice any sound quality different with them? I guess they're supposed to help reduce vibrations to the tubes. 
  7. reddog
    The socket savers also make it easier to roll tubes. My fingers are increasingly getting numb and I need all the help I can get, when it come to getting a secure grip on the tubes, to pull them out.
  8. Mediahound

    Does the socket saver also come out when you remove a tube? Or, does it remain seated?
  9. reddog

    It can but if one uses a wooden ice cream bar stick or tongue suppressor, to hold the socket saver in as you remove the tube.
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  10. money4me247 Contributor
    do note that while tubes may be quite difficult to put in and pull out at first in a new amp, it becomes much easier after a few swaps. I used to be strongly considering socket savers, but honestly, they are not as necessary as I first thought.
    no issues removing tubes nowadays. If you have extremely difficult to remove tubes, use some kitchen elastic plastic wrap which will grip the glass very securely for easy removal without any fear of squeezing the tube too tightly & breaking it (aka do NOT use normal pliers).
  11. Mediahound

    I usually wear nitrile gloves. Makes gripping the tubes much easier and also protects the glass from skin oil on your fingers etc. 
    Dishwashing gloves work too, just not quite as precise. 
  12. rb2013 Contributor
    So sorry to hear about your mom - hope she gets better soon. 
    The risers have saved my fingers from blisters!  Actually I'm on my third set of them (the first two were the black base ones), I literately wore them out.  Just my 6922 17 tube review took over 120 rolls!  I've been through 100 different types of 6922's (20 different), E88CC's, CCa's, 6N23p's (30 different) , 6N1P's, E188CC's, 7308's, 6DJ8's, E288CC's, 7DJ8's. 2492's, 2493's, E189CC's, ECC88's, 6N5P's, 6BZ7's - over the last few years in the Lyr.  Probably few 1000 rolls!  Can't wait to get that MJ2 as well.
    I did not notice any difference with them or without - I do use Herbie dampeners and my Lyr sits on top of Cerball isolation devices.  The tube risers do allow enough of the tube to extend out the top of the deck to use the Herbies.  I've tried several - and these are my favorites Ultra Sonic Rx Dampeners - http://herbiesaudiolab.net/rx.htm
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  13. rb2013 Contributor
    I also highly recommend using some DeoxIT GxMD Gold - it acts as a lubicant and contact enhancer.
    Comes in a single bottle or smaller tube:
    and as a Vacuum Tube Cleaning Kit - the one I get, as I collect a lot of vintage tubes from the '50s, 60's, 70's, 80's etc..
    Just apply a small amount on the lower half of the pins - wipe off the excess and pop them in.  Makes it so much easier to remove - and I do notice better sound quality after treatment.  On my favorite 6n23p vintage tubes - the DeoxIT D100 works great to remove the oxidation on the pins - I use the enclosed brush to gently brush the pins after soaking and wiping (special pads included in the kit)  - finally I apply the GxMD Gold to inhibit future oxidation and as contact enhancer.
    No saying I'm a little OCD with my vintage tube collection.  They sure make my amps sing!
  14. JK-47
    My Dad and I I both have Tube monger socket savers, and they do the trick nicely. I can't use them at the moment due to clearance issues (tubes are too tall with savers).
    Someone else mentioned tape to help get at them. Post it notes, thick rubber bands, and stickers are also good. Corral the far side, steady the tube with your thumb or finger and gently pull straight up.
  15. Mediahound
    Got the MJ2 fired up for a Saturday night listening session:
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