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Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mhamel, Aug 19, 2015.
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  1. Mediahound
    Regarding socket savers:
    I have not tried this but I think probably the best way to remove socket savers out of the amp is to use a few strips of tape inserted (without tubes of course) vertically and then stuck to the socket saver. Then, pull up on each piece of tape evenly to pull up the socket saver. You can use the tops of the strips of tape as a handle.
    Does this makes sense to those with experience with this?
    UPDATE: Now that I think about it, I think a sticker would work better. Use 2 of them and roll them and lower them to stick to the socket saver, then lift. 
    Does this seem sound? I know I'm probably over thinking this but I'm sorta OCD that way. 
  2. JK-47

    I haven't tried any tubes without cleaning the pins with at least the brass brush and alcohol. I didn't notice any change in sound when I added the De-Oxit, just that the tubes slid in and out of the sockets easier.
  3. Poimandres
    Used only as LISST is there much difference in sq from the original Mjolnir?
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  4. Mediahound

    I can't answer from personal experience but did read a posting by Jason saying he thinks it sounds even better than the original Mjolnir. 
  5. Mediahound
    Anyone know if the MJ2 runs hotter than the Lyr in terms of heat to the tubes?
  6. tamleo
    Always think my Mjolnir 1 have a slightly v-shaped sound and soft-bass. And Jason said the Mjolnir 2 have a "harder" sound. It is what i like. Can't wait for a comparison between the 2 Mjolnirs :)
  7. Shembot

    My comparison between the two Mjolnirs is very simple. Mjolnir 2 eliminates the common "complaints" about Mjolnir 1 -- that the low-end was a bit thin, and that there's a bit of upper-mid glare. As far as my ears can tell, Mjolnir 2 is totally neutral all the way up and down -- pretty much the perfect amp.
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  8. Trastan
    Interesting - thanks for the input. Can I ask which tubes (or LISST) you're using?
  9. Shembot

    My comparison above applies to both the LISST and to the Lyr stock tubes (which can be ordered with the Mjolnir 2). I haven't spent much time with the LISST yet, so take this data point with a grain of salt, but the LISST initially sounds to me like the Mjolnir 1 but with the two flaws I mentioned corrected and a bit more resolution. I've been mostly using the tubes, which I think give the sound signature greater depth, though again I haven't spent a great deal of time with LISST to do a thorough comparison. I have new tubes arriving today or tomorrow to try out as well, and I'll report my results with those as well.
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  10. Trastan
    That's great to hear! Mine comes tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to hearing an amp of this quality (the best amp that I'd used up to this point has been my Asgard 2!). Unfortunate that all that I'll have for a DAC is a Bifrost Uber, but I'm hoping that it'll do a solid job until I'm able to afford the Gungnir Multibit. 
    I've read a lot about the Mjolnir pairing up exceptionally well with the LCD line, which is giving me pause. My primary set right now is a pair of Fostex TH-900, and I'm hoping that they'll be a good pairing. We'll see how it goes.
  11. Shembot

    You won't be disappointed with the Bifrost Uber and the Mjolnir 2. I used my Modi 2 Uber as the DAC behind my Mjolnir 2 for a week while I was waiting for my Gungnir to be upgraded, and it sounded superb. That's part of how I came to the conclusion that the MJ2 is such a great amp. 
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  12. Mediahound
    I think Schiit has really 'hit it out of the park' for their first balanced tube amp. Enjoying it tons here and think it was a smart move to not try to re-invent the wheel but rather build, improve upon and tweak the already known platform. (Same with Gungnir Muiltibit).
    Although in a way, they did exactly that and kinda reinvented the wheel with LISSTs!
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  13. Argo Duck
    ^ True, though the Mj 2 (SS or tube) is pretty much what Jason planned/envisaged for Schiit's statement amp right at the beginning.
    It was fascinating following his announcements and thinking out loud back then. This was before he learned not to pre-announce stuff :D

    Schiit always promised upgradability, so I guess it's logical to build new tech into an existing chassis. An upgrade though? What an upgrade! I haven't heard either yet but from impressions Gumby sounds like a game-change from Gungnir DS - in fact, from DS DACs (at that price point) in general.
  14. schiitdrummer

    System Uber Bifrost > Mjolnir 2 > SE HD700
         My impression of this amp is prefaced by my move from a Schiit Vali to the Mjolnir 2.  I ordered mine with Schiit’s 6BZ7 Tubes and their new impressive LISST.  The amp arrived on 9-1-15.
         There is a body built like John Cena coming from this amp.  No, the body is like John Cena and Jillian Michaels had a kid and he or she toned up on muscle beach 12 hours a day. Remember to breathe.  Do you remember stretching in a team sport and getting apart from the group at arms length?  Instrument separation is evident.  I’m particularly happy with this effect from the LISST.  There is a decline in the (not dreadful) harshness of the HD700 through this amp. I am in the market for an opposing force when it comes to headphones, I’ll be certain to get my ears on and around the ETHER C at Can Jam at RMAF this October.  But for now, my stellar HD700s have had a haircut and they sound slick.  
    Lows: Chunky, Richie, Speedy, Punchy.  If you got in a fight the lows would totally have your back.
    Mids: Claritin Clear, Articulate, Airy.  This section of the spectrum, with the Vali, shone above the other two.  However in Mjolnir 2, I found the mids move into line and the music comes to center stage.
    Highs: Crisp, some sparkle bit like a fairy fart, Detailed.  There were sounds that previously went unnoticed in tracks I tested. Mjolnir 2's lightning lit up the corners of the music file like a Chinese chemical plant.
    Thus ends impressions.
    P.S. Going from a se dac to a balanced amp.  Does it make sense to upgrade to a balanced cable for my headphones? 
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  15. blance44
    I would say yes, you should get better separation and overall better performance out of your hd 700's. From my experience with balancing my hd 800's, I would say it's totally worth it.
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