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Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mhamel, Aug 19, 2015.
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  1. JK-47
    quote name="MattTCG" url="/t/778250/schiit-mjolnir-2-listening-impressions/255#post_11908551"]
    That's a pretty strong statement. 

    Not really. It's a fact, that Jason from Schiit also backs up.
  2. rb2013 Contributor
    Cavalli Liquid Glass
  3. RCBinTN
    Will be interested in your experience with the Mojo2 and HD800.
  4. RCBinTN
    I moved all my rigs and cans to balanced.  IMO the sound is superior.  Never looking back to SE.  YMMV.
  5. Poimandres
    I have yet to listen to the MJ2 through SE however the ETHERS balanced fed by the MJ2 (LISST) is sublime, best setup I have heard to date.  I have been burning in the Wyrd>Modi 2 Uber>Mojilnir 2 straight for 6 days straight. 
    I have some '74 Reflektors incoming and are looking forward to giving them a listen.  Thanks Rob! 
    One of these days I will order the Gungnir MB and determine if it is an upgrade to the M2U.  However as I said this is the best setup I have heard period.  I have a new appreciation for music that I never wanted to listen to before, it's that engaging.
  6. Shembot

    I'm borrowing an HD800 for the weekend and will report my findings. :)
  7. zabzaf

    I've been running the 800s with M2 and GMB and the results are very nice. With M1, the 800s were in he harsh side and couldn't be tolerated for long listening sessions because of the hot treble. Also, the mid bass is is much more present in the M2.

    I was about to retire the old dogs until M2 came around. The pair actually have good synergy.
  8. zive
    Just took delivery of an MJ2 w/ LISST + stock tubes this afternoon. Currently paired with Gumby as the balanced in and Mani as the SE input. I've noticed that nobody has posted anything specifically about vinyl as a source with the MJ2 yet on this thread. I can confirm that the Mani + MJ2 combo sounds stunning: warm and holographic even with such limited burn-in, while my previous setup using A2 + Mani sounded harsh, sibilant, and analytical. I had been contemplating upgrading the Ortophon 2MR on my Debut Carbon to get more detail off my vinyl, but hearing my records through the MJ2 (using stock tubes) has me thinking I'll wait. I'm hearing nuanced background details pop out that I've never noticed when using the Asgard 2. Very happy with the performance and can't wait to hear the set-up at its full potential when my LCD-3's arrive and I'll be able to take advantage of the balanced functionality. Also looking forward to evaluating the LISST sound, but for now the stock tubes aren't going anywhere.
  9. tuxbass
    I've to agree with @olor1n and @JK-47
    I tried MJ2 with my LCD-3 both balanced and unbalanced. The balanced setup sounds significantly better (even with the very limited burn-in on my tubes).
    I've not heard Fostex TH-900, but my LCD-3 sure as hell sounds amazing with balanced cables :wink: :wink:
  10. JK-47
    Are you running the stock Ortofon 2mRed? I changed the stylus on my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC to the Ortofon Blue, and noticed a considerable difference... Much less inner groove distortion, smoother mids and hi's (I found the Red almost harsh in the treble). Got the Blue Stylus only, as it plugs direct into the Red cartridge. $150 brand new from Germany.
  11. zive
    Yes, slightly ashamed to say that I'm still spinning with the stock cartridge a year after buying my Debut Carbon. It's funny that you mentioned the Blue stylus because I was split between going that route or just replacing the whole cartridge for a Denon DL-110. Have you had the chance to hear the black stylus? Wondering if it's not just worth it to save a few more weeks and go all the way if I'm going to stick with my current cartridge.
  12. JK-47

    The Black and Bronze Ortofon stylus will plug directly into the Red cartridge, but you will not get the added benefit of the higher grade cartridge body that come with the Black and Bronze... If you planned on the Black, you would probably better off buying the complete cartridge and stylus.
    I haven't heard the black stylus.
    I found the best deals on Ortofon cartridges and stylus on ebay from a fellow in Germany.
    zive likes this.
  13. jjacq
    I've heard of people adding a Wyrd onto their GMB/Mj2 stack and I wonder as to what it actually does. Let's say I don't really have any noticeable USB issues with my setup, would I still benefit adding it to the chain?

    I don't know, it seems like a given to buy a Wyrd when it comes to their schiit stack, especially the GMB/Mj2 along with the Rag/Ygg.
  14. RazrLeaf
    Many thank for the thoughts. Sounds like the $30 it costs to convert my HD 650s to balanced would be justified (if I got a MJ2). Now all I have to decide is L2 or MJ2...and I know there are people here that have both MJ2 and L2, and said they would provide their thoughts (looking at you, reddog =P). L2 vs. MJ2 SE and L2 vs. MJ2 Balanced.
  15. rb2013 Contributor

    I have the 2M Black - it's awesome!  Compares vary favorably to the big buck MC I've had like the Benz Ebony and Dyna XV1-S.  Not cheap though.
    One note the higher end 2M's need proper VTA adjustment  - hopefully your arm has it.  If not set right you won;t get the bass fully fleshed out.
    zive likes this.
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