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Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mhamel, Aug 19, 2015.
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  1. mangler
    Same here. I was on the Carbon list, but got off a month or so ago. I'm sure the carbon is great, but I've been waiting for this amp ever since Jason started talking about it a few years ago, although at the time it was supposed to be a pick-your-flavor Ragnarok. It's got everything I could want so Im happy as can be :)
  2. reddog
    My Mjolnir 2 has arrived, I am getting ready to unpack it. IMG_20150908_154824.jpg
  3. Tuco1965
    Congrats! You must be using socket savers.
  4. reddog
    Yes I am using socket savers for the first time.
  5. Tuco1965
    Are you just going to use glass, or are you going to try LISST also?
    reddog likes this.
  6. rb2013 Contributor

    She's a beaut!
  7. reddog
    The MJ2 and Gumby sound great togeather. I am using my MJ2, with my NOS Telefunken E88CC platinum tubes to drive my HE1K and its so beautiful. The bass is so powerful, yet textured, and refined, without leaking or mudding up the mids. The mids have that tube like lushness and smoothness, yet the mids never loose there resolving textured detail,. The highs are spot on perfect, that never fatigues the listner. And whenever one combines the great bass, midds and high, the large soundstage become fantastically three-dimensional holographic that naturally portrays the music. I highly recommend this system to anyone, especially if you are on a budget. The HE1K seem to like 8 watts of balanced tube goodness.
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  8. reddog
    Thanks the MJ2 has a elegant, neo spartan look to it, no fluff just functionality. I think the socket savers add to the simple elegance. Thanks to all who have suggested them in the past.
  9. Poimandres
    Where did you pick up the socket savers?
  10. reddog
    From tubemongers, First time using them, seem very nice, good quality.
  11. leafs
    @reddog, congrats to your new added audio system. Thanks for the early impression with HE1K. How is the MJ2 + GMB with ETHER?
    Btw, do you have Wyrd to your audio chain?
  12. reddog
    I will hook the.ETHER'S up later tonight. And write up my impressions.
  13. MattTCG
    Looking forward to see what you think  of the pairing. Can you tell me where you are on the mjo2 pot to get to a medium volume level?
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  14. tuxbass
    @reddog Congrats ! (hoping mine shows up tomorrow :))
    Would you mind linking the socket savers that you are using ? (I don't want to buy something that doesn't fit)
  15. reddog
    The ETHER sounds fantastic going from Tidal >MacBook Pro>Gungnir MultibitMjolnir 2. I am uusinga Tidal playlist for MrSpeaker's ETHER. I am pleasantly surprised how great the MJ2, with NOS Telefunken E88CC platinum tubes makes the ETHER's sing. The NOS Telefunken E88CC platinum tubes add a tad more impactfull bass, as well as more resolving texture. The micro texture makes the bass ever so real/ natural. The mids are spectacular, they are so smooth and lush, yet the mids are textured and detailed, completely natural and transparent to the artist true intent. The highs are spot on perfect, the micro detail is not bright just ever revealing to the artist. Finally the impactfull, ever controlled bass, smooth and textured mids and great highs allows for a great soundstage, that is large and three-dimensionally holographic. The MJ2 and the GMB have a great synergy that make the ETHER sound ever so nice.
    I plan to hook the MJ2 to the Yggy and see how that sounds later on. I have not used the LISST tubes yet.
    One the low gain setting, I listen on the 9 a clock volume setting. If I use the maximum gain setting then I keep the volume at 7 to 8 a clock setting. I have listened at a louder setting but rarely
    I have mutant hearing and need not abuse it to hear it well.
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