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Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mhamel, Aug 19, 2015.
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  1. olor1n

    Is the performance gap between the two amps wide enough that you miss the Ragnarok's refinement when listening to the Mj2? Or is it only evident when switching back to the Rok, and the Mj2 in isolation is good enough to not detract from the experience?

    I.E. - having lived with the Ragnarok, could you slum it with just the Mj2 if you had to?
  2. reddog
    I did not think I would miss the rag/ yggy like I did. But when I plugged my Mac Book Pro into the yggy/ rag I was bloody shocked how good the sound signature sounded. The rag has such resolving, textured detail and naturalness to its sound signature than does MJ2 and gumby. I love how the gumby and MJ2 sound but the rag anf Yggy is just superior than the other. However I have yet to hook the MJ2 to the Yggy, and will do that this weekend. My fingers are too numb to safely change out amps.
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  3. AustinValentine
    7DJ8 Telefunkens add clarity and air but not weight and body (a bit of the opposite of what you're looking for with the HD800's IMO.)  You might want to consider using a couple of Amperex Orange Globes in their place.
    Modding the HD800s is more or less mandatory because of the 6-6.5k chamber reflection - it's not so much a tonal brightness as part of the inherent character of the headphone that must be modded away. There are a number of resources across the web for doing this, but one you might want to check out is Tyll's "DIY Modification for the Sennheiser HD800" article here over at InnerFidelity. It gives a good explanation of what's going on with the HD800 and gives an solid starter mod for fixing the issue that requires little more than cheap craft store materials. 
    Mod them, make some tube changes, and then give it a chance. It's entirely possible that it *might* not grow on you at all. But, if it does, you'll have a very solid setup.
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  4. learningcurve
    Do you run into any noise floor issues with your TH900?  Any hiss or buzz when there is no music playing?
    I have a TH900 (re-cabled with balanced XLR) and Mjolnir1, but could not resolve the issue of getting a very slight buzz when there is no music playing. I suspected ground loop type issues and did everything (including powering the Mjolnir1 through an isolation transformer) but could not resolve it. I am continuing to greatly enjoy Mjolnir1 with my LCD 2.2 (that has no buzz/hiss given much lower sensitivity), and instead use the TH900 with Woo Audio WA7 (that gives me what feels like a completely black background).
    I am hoping that upgrading my Mjolnir1 to Mjolnir2 will solve the above issue, so that I can use my TH900 without any buzz/hiss. 
    Is it true that Mjolnir2 is much quieter than Mjolnir1?
  5. Arnotts
    Don't know what the MBP is, but the HD800's do need to be EQ'd, or, ideally, modded. Anyone that tells you that the HD800's aren't bright (like a lot of people in the HD800 thread seem to think) is just objectively incorrect. The sound of stock HD800's is completely unengaging and clinical, imo. You could pair it with a warm DAC and a warm amp, but then you've taken away most of the HD800's strengths and just made them sound like weak, pseudo-Audeze headphones.
    If you don't want to do any mods to your HD800's, get your HD600's back. Or get a pair of HD650's and do the coin mod and the foam removal mod. Or just get some LCD-2's if you want that sound (I love both presentations).
  6. Trastan
    No worries there. On the low power setting from the single-ended output (which is still tons of power on the TH-900s), it's dead silent even at max volume. In the high-power mode, I eventually hear a very quiet hum/hiss at higher volume levels, but my head would explode if I dared play music at that level. 
    As far as the single-ended output goes, this amp is completely silent with the TH-900, and I can only imagine that the balanced output would be even better. 
    EDIT: I should also note that I'm in a 100+ year old house running a terrible wiring job of extension cords and power strips (temporary!). If there were noise issues with the Mjolnir 2, I'd have found them.
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  7. Poimandres
    Ah! Temporary Permanent!
  8. ziis

    I meant to say GMB, GUNGNIR multi bit.

    Thanks, I'll look into the modding, which, unfortunately, isn't what I'm good at...
  9. ziis

    Did they say why? I also have a pair of tesla 6922
  10. rb2013 Contributor

    The stock HD800's are amazing HPs' but do have a bit of sibilance (see below) - but that can be 'cured' with a cable change.  I have had a few and love the Moon Black Dragon V2 cable.  With this cable - all brightness, sibilance gone.  Bass deeper and better defined.  Wider, deeper more holographic sound stage.  The things the HD800 do best remained - neutral, rich natural tone, speaker like sound staging. Really like a new HP.  Highly recommended - just now I need to get a balanced version for the mJ2.  Cable changes on the HD800 are a simple plug and play deal - no mods needed.
    Compared to the HE-560's I had - light years ahead.
    In the epic 'Battle of 58 Headphones' David Mahler ranked the stock HD800's at #6 and ahead of every planar, then available. 
    If anyone hasn't checked this epic Headfi thread - do so.  David did an amazing job.
    EditPS:  I have had great success pairing it to the Schiit Lyr. With the right tubes - for me the rare totl Russians just did it - simply majic.  My hope is the MJ2 is that and more - in balanced configuation.  I understand the HD800 respond well to balanced.
    This was my take on the various 6922 type tubes in the Lyr/HD800/Moon Black Dragon V2 combo
  11. learningcurve
    Thanks for great info!
    Your input gave me confidence to go ahead and order the MJ2 and it should arrive next week.
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  12. reddog
    I have hooked my Mac Book Pro to my Yggdrasil and the Yggy to the Mjolnir 2 ( Ediswan tubes) and I am using MrSpeaker's ETHER'S and the sound is incredible. The bass is so impactf, yet so detailed and textured. The mids are smooth and lush, yet ever so detailed, and musical. The highs are just right, neither bright or fatiguing. The soundstage is large, and very three-dimensionally holograpgic.. The overall sound signature is lush, detailed and transparent.. The natural, tube lushness is very intoxicating, listening to the Ether test track, on Tidal.
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  13. Poimandres
    Received my 6N23P 1974 Reflektor SWGP Silver Shield Tubes from Rob and even before burn in they sound crazy good.  Going to let them burn in for a week or so and come back and take a listen.
  14. mangler

    It's been about a year since I asked about using 7dj8 in the Lyr2. I was curious of the situation would be different with M2, and so I sent an email asking if 7dj8 would work in the Mjolnir 2. Here is the response I got:

    "We don’t recommend them, as long as the current spec for the heater is at or under 415mA you should be fine"
  15. Trastan
    Looks like @PETEREK will be able to reterminate my Fostex TH-900 to XLR (with an adapter to the original plug, no less!), so I'll be sticking with those. I just love their sound so much, it'd be a shame to waste them on the single-ended output. 
    To go with this news, I've placed an order for the Gungnir Multibit, WYRD, and some PYST cables to run them. Can't wait to hear this all connected and running fully balanced. The "end" is in sight!
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