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Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mhamel, Aug 19, 2015.
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  1. Trastan
    Thanks to everyone for the replies re: balanced vs single-ended. I've updated my endgame setup plans to Gungnir Multibit > Mjolnir 2 > LCD-3. I'll be keeping the Fostex single-ended for general use around the house, especially in the home theater (they do an awesome job with movies and games). Though the LCD-3 will set me back a bit, I have no doubt that they'll be worth the cost. I'm looking forward to the peace of mind knowing that I have a proper endgame setup without weak links, and enjoying it for decades to come. 
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  2. ToTo Man
    Sorry for the silly question, but is it possible to connect Gumby to Mjo2 using balanced and then Mjo2 to my main hifi power amp using single ended, or does it need to be either balanced or single ended all the way along the chain?
  3. Mediahound

    Yep, that works fine. I do exactly this to connect to my powered desktop speakers.
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  4. ToTo Man
    Thanks for the quickest reply ever!
  5. tuxbass
    Last night I was listening to the "Ultimate Demonstration Disc" from Chesky Records. And I've to tell you I was completely blown away by the track "Correnteza"  (the first minute in particular). If you've access to this album, make sure you listen to it :)
    Edit: Added link to the album
  6. ToTo Man
    Is it normal for the Mjo2 to hum for a couple of minutes when first switched on?  The hum isn't constant, it appears for a few seconds then goes away, then it repeats.
  7. Shembot

    I've heard this, too.
  8. ziis
    Just made a big round of upgrades.
    From HD600+Magni+Modi
    to HD800+M2+GMB+Telefunken 7DJ8
    The result is.... I'm underwhelmed. I seem to be bothered a lot by HD800's treble rendering, I guess it's what peopled called "too bright". I hate to admit, but I really prefer my old school humble 600 setup more.
  9. Mediahound

    HD800's need to be modded and cables upgraded and balanced to sound halfway decent in my experience.
  10. ziis
    I did upgrade the cable with Senn's own balanced CH800S
  11. ToTo Man
    I'm comparing [Gumby -> single ended -> Mjol2] and [Gumby -> balanced -> Mjol2], and after compensating for the difference in output levels, balanced does sound better IMO.  But I'm struggling to describe exactly what it is that is better about the sound with balanced.  Would it be right to describe the single ended sound as slightly more constrained, veiled and less dynamic, and the balanced sound as more projecting, floaty and breathable, particularly in the mid frequencies?
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  12. jjacq
    Finally ordered my Mjolnir 2 to pair with my LCD-X and Ether. I only have the stock tubes + the LISST though. I was wondering if you guys have reached a consensus on the tubes that are great with the Mjolnir 2.
  13. mangler

    If M2 is like Lyr2, 7DJ8 tubes aren't ideal. At least that's the word I got from Schiit support when I asked about using the 7DJ8 in the Lyr2
  14. hifimiami

    I have a matched pair of 1970 French Mazda EC88 (6922) in the for sale (cables etc) they sounded great in my Lyr.
  15. reddog
    Hi all my Ediswan CV2492 have arrived and I have plugged them in for over 35 hours now. The Ediswan have good bass with lots of impact. The mids are lush and sweet. The highs are nice and do not fatigue the ears.. The Ediswan have that good tube like lushness and good bass. They are like a lusher gold lions with out the realistic, textured detail. My led Zepplin's and uriah heep sounds great. I will use these tubes for video games and television. But I will burn in the tubes and amp for another 200 hours and see how the sound signature cures and changes.
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