Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mhamel, Aug 19, 2015.
  1. Globox
    Ok thanks everyone. Then I will let it the way it is.
  2. JerryLeeds
    Tried turning my MJ2 on today and it was dead .. switched power cord and outlet source .. still dead .. no LED glowing on front panel ... switched tubes to a different set and still no joy ..

    I’m also using socket savers ... any tricks on getting those out? I want to check all possible points of problem
  3. rmoody
    Wrap some electrical tape around them and sort of spiral out of the case. Pull while rocking back and forth.

    Hate to hear your hammer is dead. When mine did this it was the fuse. If it's out of warranty, check that before shipping it to the mother ship. No sense in spending $70+ for a fuse.
  4. tjl5709
    Happened to me earlier this year. Had to send it back. They took care of it no issue.
  5. JerryLeeds
    Unit still under warranty.. RMA issued .. packing up and shipping unit tomorrow

    I got the socket savers out ... they got messed up ... are there taller socket savers that I can get? ( so I can pull them out easier )
  6. FLTWS
    None taller that I'm aware of. You could buy 2 more and tape them together, but then you've added 8 more points of contact for a possible issue at some point
    bringing the total to to 16.

    I stopped using them as every time I went to remove a tube the socket came halfway or all the way out with the tube. here's just not a large enough hole diameter in the MJ2
    to maneuver it all for me with my large hands and fingers. I solved it for myself by spending $5.00 to purchase a box of 50 disposable vinyl exam gloves ("powder-free"!!!).
    The gloves grip the top of the tubes with more than enough stick-ion to pull the tubes easily with a gentle, slight rotation and patience. Each glove is good for dozens of reuses so its a long term solution for me.

    I've then got 8 pins in 8 pin sleeves the way it was designed to be used, instead of another 8 or 16 points of contact.

    But that's just my way of doing it.
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  7. Rowethren
    Is it bad that I mainly use socket saves to raise the tubes up because they look cool :p
  8. FLTWS
    Not at all! I like designs like the Woo's because of all that glowing glass, like I remember when I was a kid. It's an aesthetic thing.
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  9. bosiemoncrieff
    I wonder what the best Woo upgrade from MJ2 would be. I'm on the fence between the WA22 and WA5/LE. New, of course, the prices are laughable, but preowned I could likely get the first for $1400 and the second for $2500. I'm interested principally in the HD600/800 and in achieving more euphony than I get from MJ2. Is the WA5's principal improvement the external power supply?
  10. FredoIsFishing
    New guy here. Having spent weeks reading the schiit threads, I've made my choice and pulled the trigger. I have an order in for a Mjolnir 2 and a Gungnir Multibit.

    Mjolnir 2 is on backorder though, from

    "Status: Backordered. Orders placed now estimated to ship the week of December 29th."

    I suck at waiting! Anybody else in the queue?

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  11. tjl5709
    Not sure of the rest of your gear, but if possible obtain a balanced cord for your HP's. When I moved to this kit, I got a balanced cord for my HD650's while waiting for delivery.

    It was a mind blowing experience the first time I listened. I had finally learned what a good DAC actually can do and it's impact to the music, and the improvement in clarity of the highs and lows with the MJ2 over my Lyr 2. It's a magical paring.
  12. FredoIsFishing
    Can't wait! Yes, I'm definitely going to need headphones with balanced XLR. Neither of my current pair (Audio-Technica ATH-M50x or Sennheiser Momentum 2) are easily upgraded to balanced so I'm shopping.

    I'm leaning toward the higher end Sennheisers that support changing cables between single ended and balanced with no mods.I may end up with the 800 S. It comes with both cables. Not this month though. Spent enough this month already.
  13. tjl5709
    Well, its a nasty habit once you are on the upgrade train.

    After the GMB/MJ2 purchase, my HD650's (open) sounded great, but my maddogs (closed) sounded poor. I upgraded the dogs to Ether C's as I need a closed HP for evenings. The C's where so good over the HD650's, I then "had to" move up. Ended up with HD800s.

    Side note; with the new HD660's out, look for a set of used 650's. Should be plenty out there with a reasonable price. They sound great balanced on the kit. Easy to find a balanced cable. Yes, the MJ2 has SE out, but it's designed for balanced. Just saying.
  14. bosiemoncrieff
    I find hd600 to be the better can for my needs, as well as hd800, though I recognize classical music is different from other genres.
  15. bzzzt
    Considering purchasing an MJ2 to pair with my Gumby. Really attracted to the excellent macrodynamics and slam.

    However I'm a little concerned from several comments that the MJ2 doesn't have great extension, particularly in the sub-bass. Is that true? And if I'm looking for an amp to pair with the Gumby that has great slam and excellent extension and soundstage, is there something else I should consider instead?

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