Schiit Mjolnir 2 Listening Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mhamel, Aug 19, 2015.
  1. Rowethren
    I have had them in my MJ2 for almost a year now and they are pretty great. Pretty much a good all rounder.
  2. SAndreev
    It runs hot, but not too hot, I wouldn't worry in your place. You don't have to power cycle it multiple times per day. I usually turn it on when I come home, and turn it off when I go to bed, and all is fine.

    Nice gear BTW!
  3. JerryLeeds
    Woohoo ... just got a notice that my MJ2’s repairs have been completed and that it is being sent back. I got it in May and the day before my xmas holiday vacation it went dead and would not turn on. I just sent a follow up email to find out the exact problem/fix. Lucky I took advantage of holiday pricing for a Vioelectric V280 else this would have been a bummed out vacation. Things are sounding very nice after burn in, nice compliment to my MJ2. Going to be using ZMF Eikon’s with the V280 & ZMF Atticus with the MJ2. Also, ordered a balanced switch from MapleTreeAudio ... I’m done now with equipment... my future funds will be devoted to increase my music library

    Happy New Year everyone
  4. ruthieandjohn
    Just ordered (today) the Mjolnir 2 at the recommendation of Grado Labs, to drive my new balanced Grados (PS2000e and GS2000e).

    Anyone have any info on how the Mjolnir 2 performs driving the HiFiMAN HE1000? Is it better or worse than the HiFiMAN EF-6 that they designed for their hard-to-drive HE-6 headphones for the HE1000?

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  5. bosiemoncrieff
    EF-6 is a mediocre amp; it's powerful but not speaker powerful, as well as strident and unrefined. It led to my mediocre first impressions on Susvara. (Which I continue to believe is worth perhaps a third or half of its MSRP.) MJ2 powers he1k with power to spare. I have used it satisfactorily with HE-6 and K1000, though obviously my Panache powers them even better.
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  6. eee1111
    I have the HEKv2....they are good with each other
    tube rolling is fun....I wouldn't suggest the solid state or generic tubes with the MJ2
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  7. hikaru12
    How would people rate the Mjolnir with the Atticus? I'd be upgrading from a Mimby/Valhalla 2 combo with JJ tubes.
  8. bzzzt
    I don’t know about the Atticus, but it sounded great with my Coco Eikons with both tubes and LISST. The Eikons are super smooth and the sense of macrodynamics from the mj2 was a great compliment. I liked the pairing better with LISST than with most tubes, but the very best tubes I listened with were superior to LISST. Still even with LISST I would be totally satisfied with the pairing.
  9. hikaru12
    Thanks for your impressions. I'm looking for an upgrade path for my 650s/Atticus and was wondering if the increase in resolution and power would better help with detail resolution while still maintaining the warm musicality which made me these my favorite cans. I was thinking about getting some Miniwatts which should go a long way to improving the sound in all aspects (soundstage, detail, clarity, etc.)
  10. bzzzt
    Absolutely yes, the mj2 has power to spare, and while not the most resolving, analytical amp I have heard, it is will make those ZMF sing. Warm and musical is a great way to describe the pairing. While LISST sounded just a bit harsher on some bright cans, I found the smoothness and warmth of the ZMF to take the edge off but let all the resolution through very nicely. For comparison, I preferred most tubes to LISST with my TH900, but the opposite was true with the ZMF. And I felt the ZMF pairing was better (though I did enjoy both).
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  11. iamjaymo
    I have been through the entirety of this thread and while overall I see many positive comments regarding the clarity, separation and crispness of the MJ2, I don’t see a whole lot of comments regarding the bass, slam or low-end capabilities of the amp. Clearly, I may have simply missed these’s a long thread!

    I am looking hard at the MJ2 to pair with balanced headphones and I want to be sure as to it’s bass capabilities. My little AGD R2R 11 has a very nice low-end “grunt” and “slam” and I really enjoy, especially when paired with my Purple Hearts.

    Can you owners please comment on the above? I once owned the Lyr years ago and got rid of it as I felt it was very light sounding even with many tubes tried.

    I just cannot, and will not, deal with any brightness in my amps as it just pierces my brain after a short time.
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  12. Charente
    Depending on your headphones and to some extent the tubes you'll be using, I don't believe that you would be disappointed with the quality of the bass out of the MJ2, SE or balanced. As a bass guitarist I do look for clear, punchy and articulate bass and drum lines, and I achieve that with my pairings. I can recommend MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open headphones with this amp, which deliver what I look for. MJ2 is a different beast from the LYR 2, which I also have ... more power giving more heft and control.
  13. iamjaymo
    Great, thanks for the reply. I should have added I had the Asgard and Valhalla also and I found all of them to be a bit bright and not possessing the heft I was looking for. Guess I assumed the Schiit “house” sound was more about clarity, staging and resolution. Those Schiit amps I had in the past did all sound good but I felt was missing the solidity for a good foundation. I realize the MJ should be a different beast considering the price and power but I’m still a bit nervous.
  14. Charente
    @iamjaymo ... I would add that I consider the MJ2 to be slightly warmish and not bright to my ears.
  15. iamjaymo
    Yes, warmish...definitely what I am looking for! Thanks.

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