Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. koover
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  2. robertbudding
    Suck less - that may be a reasonable first step!
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  3. TK16
    Save yourself a ton of cash and buy a pair of 5670 to ECC88 adapters and some $35 Tung Sol 2C51, dirt cheap Reflektor 6N3P-E, Western Electric 396A square getters and a whole load of pretty cheap of the other variants. 5670 etc.
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  4. rnros
    That is true, but now that you have entered the House of the Rising Sun for tube consumption, all reason will soon evaporate...
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  5. robertbudding
    I fear that you are correct. I've even been eyeing Woo amps . . .
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  6. koover
    You’re toast
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  7. robertbudding
    I'm getting Focal Clear headphones in a couple of months. Seems like a good time to pick up a new amp, too! Transformer coupled, though, to drive lower-impedance loads. Besides, the Woo amps are damned beautiful!
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  8. Phantaminum
    Nice! Skip lo-fi, mid-fi, go hi-fi and purchase a nice tube amp.

    But see, that’s almost like sitting down to watch great boxing movie then skipping to the end. Where’s the drama, the growth, the exercise montage? You’re missing out on lifes lessons. Oh who am I kidding. You’re doing it right brochacho.
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  9. robertbudding
    Going straight to hi-fi may be the cheapest route. That's important - I'll have both of my sons in college next year. But luckily there is only a one year overlap. And I can argue that audio is a cheap hobby when compared to college educations.

    I'm telling my wife that I'm showing great restraint - the Focal Utopias are not on my 'To Buy' list.
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  10. gmahler2u
    Happy New Year to you Bill..Sorry about this delay.

    First of all, it's knockout tube! Yes, it's warm compare to Siemen CCa gray. it gives me detail. Revelation, Yes, it knockout my #1 6922 which is "Lorenz Stuttgart Tri-mica"
    So this mean Telefunken E188cc is my new #1 tube!!!
    When I start listening with this tube I don't usually roll... Just listening, am enjoy this tube VERY BERRY much.

    hope this help bill..
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  11. billerb1
    You're speaking to me. Loudly...but with beautiful tone.
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  12. billerb1
    That's great to hear bro. It is a wonderful tube. Pristine and pure...but surprisingly ballsy. My #1's have made this progression...Philips Miniwatt E188CC's to Holland PW's to Tele E188CC's to Tung Sol 2c51's. That's a motherload
    of good schiit. I haven't had the Tele's back in since Sammy backstabbed them with his TS 2c51 discovery. You've inspired me to get them back in for an interesting comparison.

    Edit: I'm glad I didn't steer you toward a tube you didn't like. And if I remember right, you got a sweet deal on them too !!! Enjoy !!!
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  13. gmahler2u
    I don't think I won't rolling tubes for awhile, I'll just stay with this Tele E188cc. It's too good too sweet...i can listen to music hours and hours...
  14. OldSkool
    As that Woo-loving Darth Vader said, "Yesssss....come to the dark side..." :D
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  15. Autostart
    The problem here is I want the WA5-LE which just adds conformation illness.
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