Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. billerb1
    Happy New Year to all you audio neurotics. It's good to be among the comparably afflicted. bout some 2018 predictions ??? Share the vision !!!
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  2. TK16
    What is the prediction on how many more pairs of WE 396A I will buy in 2018? Please tell me 0!
  3. ThurstonX
    Rangy and I are massively hungover, but we're working on it.

    Tesla 6CC42s fnckin' ROCK! Plus they look cool. Expect a run on them. There, how's that? :wink:

    Also, 2018 is gonna be sacrilicious.
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  4. ThurstonX
    Too many. You'll be forced to sell. Trust your Magic Eight Ball.
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  5. TK16
  6. billerb1
    Hey gmahler2u I don't remember hearing your impressions of the Tele E188CC's. Nothing special ??? They were a revelation to me when I first heard them but I have not
    gone back and listened to them since I abandoned them for my TS2C51's. It's tough after you've been spoiled with some of these 2c51 variants. I will have to roll them back
    in for comparison here soon. Curious what you thought of them.
  7. kolkoo
    Happy new year fellow tube lovers :) Been out of the game for the holidays. Now I'm watching some Siemens E88CC D-getter auction to complete my pair and have a listen to these virtually extinct tubes.
    Currently sporting my miniature Sylvania 7963 and it's actually one hell of a tube. Pretty happy with its usage over the holidays. Probably will buy 1-2 more pairs to stay ahead on these.
    Still trying to find time and desire to compare my tubes but I can't, every time I think about it - it seems too difficult to attempt to describe and compare all this glass, so I've basically been rolling based on feeling lately.
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  8. Autostart
    Happy New Year to everyone!

    How many hours of burn do you have on those LME's you recently bought? You must really be digging them if you're in the hunt for a back
    Up set. That says a lot right there.
  9. Phantaminum
    He's been looking for a pair.

    It's been hard just to find a normal steel pin pair but it looks like the gold pins are almost unicorns now. We're all keeping an eye out for him.
  10. robertbudding
    I'm venturing down this dangerous path myself. My new NOVIB socket savers should be delivered today, and I have a set of Gold Lion tubes sitting on my desk . . .
  11. TK16
    Looking to make a swap of 2 very rare tubes. I got the 1951 square getter Bendix 2C51, looking for a pair of the LM Ericsson 2C51 square getter. Thought I would put that out there if anybody is interested.
  12. Autostart
    Sorry, maybe I worded it wrong or I have wrong info. I thought you had purchased a set of LM Ericsson 2C51 from eBay not that long ago, yes?
  13. koover
    That’s a good new production tube but you’ll find out sooner then later that you don’t want to go down the same path I went down starting out. Look for some NOS vintage tubes, preferably some Amperex E88CC, Siemens E88CC’s, 2C51/5670 variants (preferably Western Electric + you’ll need an apadter) and even some inexpensive 6N3P-E Russian tubes. I bought everything under the sun where you only need a few good higher end sets that will satisfy you for years. Just read this thread, especially the last 100 pages or so and you’ll get some great info and advice from the experts.....and I’m not one of them.

    Good luck bro. Hope you find them.
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  14. winders
    All of the new production 6922 tubes suck. The Gold Lion suck less than others but they still suck.
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  15. Autostart
    Not sure who bought them but I remember seeing a shared auction from eBay for a set of LM Ericsson 2C51 for around $180. Not sure why but I thought @TK16 had bought them. If he didn't buy them..... who did?

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