Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. billerb1
    Well hell. If you're gonna jump, it might as well be off the Empire State Building. You're my new hero. Hey, how are you at predictions ???
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  2. Autostart
    Hero, haha... I wish. I was just about to ask you for the winning Powerball numbers. Jackpot is to the tube of $400,000,000.00
  3. billerb1
    Managed to pry the TS2c51's out of the WA2 and got the Tele E188CC's back in to do what they need to be doing...making beautiful music.
    Man I'd forgotten how gorgeous these things sound to me. I can't say they're "better" than some of the 2c51's but I would never be without these things. They present with an elegance and beauty that to me is unmatched. They don't touch the vastness and the 'surrounding' presence of the Tung Sols but their tone and textures can damn well make you cry. It was really good to hear them again.
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  4. robertbudding
    I guess I'm lucky - trying to choose between the WA-6 and the WA-6SE!
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  5. kolkoo
    Woohoo just won my second Siemens E88CC D-Getter single. It doesn't quite test as strong as the first one but it should be close enough. Once it gets here I'm gonna pop these babies in the MJ2 for a spin :D
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  6. TK16
    Screw freaking tubes! Got a Gumby and LCD2-c coming in tomorrow!
    Really was kidding about tubes! Highly addicted myself.
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  7. koover
    Awesome bro. I’m trying to trade my once beloved TH900 for and LCD.
    Just posted today so REALLY hoping someone will bite. The 900 is awesome but after acquiring the AFO, I’m spoiled with that warmer signature. The 900 just doesn't sound like it used too after the AFO. Have a TH-X00 modded Purpleheart to fill the gap but look what just happened. I’m gonna throw up again. Gimmie a minute........ok, I’m good. Wait.....

    I’d be really interested how you like that combo. Truly!
  8. TK16
    Ouch, that is terrible, hopefully it was not alcohol related or some juggling experiment, seriously that's a hard 1 to take.
  9. Phantaminum
    Oh damn bro! I’ve heard about those headphones breaking but sucks it happened to you. Sorry about your loss.

    Some peeps on here and Reddit sometime sell parts that maybe would get your set up and running.
  10. billerb1
    Have heard nothing but good about the Gumby. Think it will be a great upgrade unless you have an exceptional DAC now.
    Really known for it's musicality. Some even prefer it over the Yggy.
  11. robertbudding
    I'm becoming worried about the company that I keep. My life is going to get even more expensive!
  12. TK16
    Wait until some of us sells tubes again at way below eBay prices. You'll be hooked for life.
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  13. ThurstonX
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  14. TK16
    Don't be stingy, might take both of Bill's kidneys.
  15. billerb1
    I offered $35 and they're shipping tomorrow. It's how you ask.
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