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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. zzzmonster
    Not sure if this has been asked before, is it possible to buy Schitt products during CANJAM shows? Thank you.
  2. Ccfire
    Excited !!Cannot wait reading more
  3. skraggy1981
    I'm currently trying to figure out what to do:
    -replace my dac with a bifrost mb
    -go all in on this schiit and get the mjolnir 2/gungnir mb combo (i really like my Lyr 2 though)
    -wait for the rest of the 2 channel stuff to hit
    Decisions decisions...
  4. Rowethren

    I would go Gumby/Mjolnir 2 personally. That combination already had a lot of flexibility and as I can say from personal experience sound fantastic with both headphones and 2 channel systems.
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  5. limelake
    bimby is so worth it.....i have a mimby and a bimby. mimby is awesome bimby is still better. well worth the extra. I don't think you would be disapointed with either....the mimby slaps the ess sabre dac in my oppo black and blue.....the bimby makes it cry for it's mama. hp amps are very personal..... I have a valhalla 2 and it sounds best to me and I use grados or ath 50's with it.
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  6. skraggy1981
    Theoratically, if I were to buy the Gumby/Mjolnir combo, would I be able to later get the Vidar and use the Mjolnir as Pre Amp with the Gumby through the balanced connection and my turntable via RCA?
  7. Rowethren
    You would need to put a Mani between your Mjolnir and turntable unless your turntable has a pre amp built in but other than that it should work fine. 
  8. OldRoadToad
    Argo Duck likes this.
  9. limelake
    I would just start with a Multibit dac....mimby....bimby....gumby....yggy...... which ever you like. When i put the bimby in my system I was speechless......just stunned with difference schiit multibit made.
  10. Defiant00
    Schiit multibit in general, yes, highly recommended.
    Mjolnir 2...do you have balanced cables for your headphones? If so then that's a great choice, but do keep in mind that the SE output is referred to as a "convenience" output because it doesn't sound as good (not making broad balanced/SE claims, this is specific to the Mjolnir 2 and Ragnarok, due to their topology there's added parts/complexity with getting a SE signal out of them, which degrades sound quality a bit).
    If you're mostly SE for now, but might want to try balanced later, maybe go with Jotunheim. Its SE output is much more consistent with the rest of its performance.
  11. bigro
    The Page refresh itch is hitting again. I may break the refresh button on my browser.
  12. KoshNaranek

    I am going to make it worse: Mike is correct, the RCA Red base tube is a revelation. Putting one in the Saga makes it compare favorably with a Pass X1
  13. bigro

    This Brings a Smile to my Face and a Tear to My Eye. I smile Because the Saga Has the Potential Hit hit way above its (price) class. a Tear Because Freya has one more input tube and those RCA Red base Tubes are not exactly everywhere and demand a premium.
  14. KoshNaranek

    My wife actually likes Hitachi tubes better than the RCA. I like them too, and they are much cheaper.
  15. bigro

    Thanks, I am Drying the Tears Away and Hitting the refresh button on the Schiit Page another 18 million times.
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