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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. bretemm
    Random but, I just went to Guitar Center and asked about tubes for the Valhalla2,
    He hasn't heard of Schiit but,
    Was amazed that it's a Class A amp and then said,
    The tubes are kinda rare? Or types of tubes that are listed to roll too, are rare or few?
    I asked about the Russian tubes and he said that there's tubes that are "old stock"?

    All in all he was intrigued when I showed him schiits info.
  2. Ableza
    There are FAR better sources for tubes than Guitar Center.  Try any of the following web sites:  Tube Depot, The Tube Store, SND Tube Sales, vacuumtubes dot com, or even ebay.  And there are many others.
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  3. bretemm
    Thank you. Guitar center is just close by. He did mention another place, I think it had "tube" in the stores name. I asked him about tubes, just to, because I was there.
    Thank you.

    Again, he was amazed tho I said the headphone amp is a Class A.
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  4. 45longcolt

    For those worried about the clicking volume knob, it's never been an issue with Rag. You'll get used to it quickly, at least I did. Nor have I had difficulty finding just the right volume level, which was a concern. Though occasionally I do get a silent spot when turning the knob slowly, as if it's between relays for just that little bit. Interestingly, if you turn the knob when the unit is powered down, it's silent.
    As to losing the remote, why not just tape or blu-tack or velcro it to something bigger? I'd probably pick a nice piece of figured wood, which can be shaped any way you like. But you might prefer a piece of plastic, or something softer, or even a brick if you really didn't want it to go anywhere. Also, never known a dog to chew on a brick. Dogs are smarter than that.
    Hurry Freya!
  5. bosiemoncrieff
    Hey Jason, have you tried any of the Vidar prototypes on an HE-6 for kicks?
  6. Fr8dog
    Received my Saga and Mimby yesterday. Sounds great. I don't mind the clicking or the plastic remote. The Saga replaced an Emotiva DC-1. The Emo has a heavy duty remote (overrated) and the volume control moves in .25 increments. Seemed like it took forever to adjust the volume. Waiting patiently for Vidar. Currently using a Class D Audio SDS 250 amp.
  7. wink
    My elder brother lived next to a family who had an insane rottweiler who used to do just that.
    Oh......, the sight of half-chewed bricks littering the backyard.   [​IMG]
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  8. bigro
    Madness. Have you Seen the the video Of dog In Chattanooga Ripping the Plastic Bumper Cover off a Police Car? He Probably should have thrown that Doughnut Out of the Car.
    On A completely Different but Audio related Note Passing the Time While the Flux Capacitors are tuned and installed in the the Freya. I have decided to try My hand at the Mr. Speaker Open source Headphones That Dan Released. It is Interesting when you get into Pricing out Parts and time for building things you get an appreciation for the Companies Like Schiit and Mr Speakers that Bring quality products to market that will not make you broke. Then You question Where all the Expense comes in for the Gear that costs as much as a car. Oh yeah Milled Unobtanium and Drivers Coated in Unicorn Pee.
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  9. R2RDAC
    If you would buy a complete new setup would you use a Saga with a Joti or a Lyr? Has anybody already tested the Saga+Joti against a Lyr?
  10. KoshNaranek

    Unicorn urine treatment (UUT) is a well established method of stiffening the driver and reducing driver deformation at high output levels.

    Urine treatment of steel has a long history and even worked for BMW

  11. RoundRound

    Any good places/sites to buy matched tubes I the UK?
  12. KoshNaranek

    You are lucky enough to purchase directly from Brimar
  13. RoundRound
    Thanks mate!
    Would these be the right ones for Freya? http://brimaruk.com/valves/triodes/brimar-6sn7gt/
    It's the same model number but with an added 'GT' - Tubes are totally new to me - thanks Schiit!
  14. KoshNaranek
  15. 33na3rd
    Will tube rolling in the Saga change the sonic flavor, as it would in an amp/pre amp? Or would the effect be more subtle since the 6SN7 is being used as a buffer?
    And would the individual tubes' mA have any effect in the Saga's circuit, or does the buffer role make mA a moot point?
    Over the years I've acquired a small stash of single NOS 6SN7's, that were orphaned when one of the "matched pairs" went south. It would nice to put those tubes back to work!
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