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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. theveterans
    I'm pretty sure different tubes will change Saga's sonic flavor. The stock 6SN7's does sound almost indistinguishable to passive mode to my  ears which is probably why Schiit chose the 6SN7's as the default tube.
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  2. hornytoad
    If it's indistinguishable then why bother with tubes ?
  3. hornytoad
    i'm really a fan of tubes and plan on buying a Freya. I am using a Yggy with a Rogue Cronus Magnum II and it is terrific. 
    Im wondering how good Schiit's tube implementation is. It looks like 4 tubes on the Freya and I don't think any of their amps
    use 4 tubes,just two. 
    The Rogue is accurate and not bloated but somewhere here said they could not tell the difference between passive and tubes on the 
    Saga. That is concerning. 
  4. 33na3rd

    The Saga is using the single 6SN7 as part of a hybrid buffer. The Freya is using the four 6SN7's as a balanced gain stage, that will definitely impose more tube flavor than the Saga.
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  5. hornytoad
    Yeah I'm buying that! Come on Freya ,show up on the website! 
  6. dmckean44
    It won't be indistinguishable in every system. Some equipment is more sensitive to impedance than others.
  7. StanD
    Some tube amps are hybrids that have a low output impedance since the final stage is SS. Same for other tube kit. Most of the impedance related issues we hear about are when driving headphones.
  8. Brubacca

    I'm using a Cronus Magnum v1 and am struggling with the thoughg of how good a Freya will be. Problem is the amp part then. My thinking is be prepared to be disappointed if you try a SS Amp. I'll bet a Freya and Rogue Atlas Magnum or Stereo 100 would be a sweet setup.
  9. US Blues
    The Freya sounded mighty nice with a pair of Vidar's at RMAF.
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  10. belgiangenius
    Vidar will be interesting.

    Everyone expects Freya to smoke almost any preamp because preamps are pretty simple and the technology in Freya speaks for itself.

    Now Vidar...will a pair of those running as mono blocks sound better than my Bryston 3BSST or other similar $5000 amps? That will be interesting indeed.
  11. ray-dude
    I'm intrigued for similar reasons.  I have a Classe 2300 driving my B&W 802d3's.  Based on the tone of my Jotunheim, I've a completely irrational twinge to hear how two Vidar's would perform in its place.
  12. Brubacca

    Don't misunderstand me, I think that Freya and Vidar will be excellent products. The concern lies in being a Tube amp guy. If you like the sound it is awefully hard to go back to SS. I will probably try a Freya with a pair of Emotiva SS Monoblock amps to see. It may be down the road as I am saving for a pair of Salk Song 3 towers.
  13. wasupdog
    i'm also interested in all of the above to see how their preamp/power amp mono bloc combo would sound on my cm10's.  the great thing is that if you bought all three components it's like the price of one high end component from other companies. 
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  14. US Blues

    Ah, it was not clear to me that you were a fan of tube amps. In that case going back to SS amps would be a different proposition for sure. The again, I heard the Freya/Vidar's on Song 3's...
    I am confident you will find the system that makes you happy, and that's what the game is all about!
  15. sublime9
    And that is why I bought one. My fifth piece of Schiit. Modi I (which is having a hard time), Vali I, Mani, Saga and now Modi Multibit. Thank you for providing such a compelling, made in the USA, product portfolio.
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