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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. bcowen
    Well, you were right about the Foton burn-in thing being due to bad/degraded solder, so now we're even, right? :relaxed:

    Now let's talk about fuses.


    I *am* loving my Bifrost 2. New and cold out of the box it sounded quite good, but after a few days of play time and on time it's opened up and really started to sing. Me happy. :smile:
  2. Paladin79
    The Bifrost 2 is really nice, I split time between it and the Gungnir. It and the Lyr are a really good match. Are you trying the Unison USB?
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  3. Timster
    ^ This :slight_smile:
  4. Timster
    Well, I'm currently in Manila for work. As luck would have it the Manila Audio Club November HiFi show is on today and I'm heading there now. If there's some interesting stuff I shall post about it tomorrow :)
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  5. dieslemat
    Too much noise is really not good. Both in audio and in the forums.
    Ive stopped reading Mike Moffat’s thread since that one had became too much of a waste of time to read.
  6. johnjen
    One persons noise is another's useful and helpful source of information.

    In my opinion Sound Science is a wasteland with very little value other than corralling all those drawn to it, and very little good comes from it.

    Starting up a dedicated cable cooking thread is guaranteed to be a short lived, light weight, snoozer thread, which would have far less meaning and value in total.

    Lastly, these sorts of side discussions are where valuable nuggets get disseminated to a larger audience, and if they spark enough curiosity then further diving down rabbit holes can follow.
    In fact I find MORE useful topics to explore in threads like this than ANY OTHER METHOD.

    It's to bad that you feel so put out by others curiosity and willingness to share, and want us all to stay strictly confined by 'rules' and expectations.
    I have found that these 'off topic' discussions are really useful with topics of interest that can be found far more easily and with a degree of experience behind the info that is quite welcome, especially when compared to the SS group in their own corner Way over THERE–––> where they feel they belong and should stay.

    Besides it easy enough to skip these discussions by judicious use of the down arrow and it will help all those who DO find value in such discussions, myself included.

    No offense intended, but trying to herd cats is an exercise in futility and while some may not see any value in any of this, I do believe there are PLENTY of folks who do spend time here just for this reason alone.

    Just say'n is all.

  7. johnjen
    While you have the cooker, try to cook at least a pair of balanced and a set of unbalanced cables and if it has the ac power cable adapters at least one power cable as well.
    A single headphone cable may be to small of a test group to really evaluate what a cooker can deliver.

    Last edited: Nov 23, 2019
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  8. EELawson
    Yes, Loki Max. A balanced Loki.....with 6 zones or 8 zones.
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  9. EELawson
    Does anyone want to speculate about what happens to Gungnir in 2020? Unison added? Autonomy added? Analog 2 added? Other changes?

    Given the breakthrough with Bifrost 2, isn't Gungnir looking ripe for a new version?
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  10. Rensek
    I'm hoping it gets an awesome upgrade. Either that, or who knows, it may end up on the the scrap heap. Gasp! #savegungnir
  11. dieslemat
    I seem to browse in another forum that a new release for the Gungnir is being targetted Jan 2020. My memory isn't that good so best to check out the other website.
  12. ev666il
    To the best of my understanding, Jan 2020 was (still is?) the target date for the Unison USB update to DAC modules and Yggdrasil/Gungnir.
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  13. hardinge
    @Jason Stoddard would be really interesting to hear what a theoretical cost no object head amp would look like knowing what you know now.

    Food for thought for a post at some point.
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  14. Paladin79
    I have all the adapters but I am just borrowing the device so I need to get it back to its rightful owner before he goes into cable cooking withdrawal. :ksc75smile:
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  15. ScubaMan2017
    For me, I'd enjoy gingerly handling my discs as they go into/out of the tray. And reading the liner notes. And reminiscing about being 18-21 again at UBC residence, wanting to trek down to Wreck Beach, and marveling at the insane sound quality improvment over those godforsaken-burn-in-a-tangled-hell cassette tapes. When I eventually pick up a CD transport, it'll be almost entirely all about asethetics and rose-coloured-nostalgia. :gs1000smile:
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