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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Balthazar B
    Wonder whether within a year Amazon will sell a gizmo -- let's call it Echo Vault -- that will walk, quack, and paddle like a Roon Nucleus -- oh, and do a bunch of Amazon-y things as well, like maybe integrate with Fire, Ring, etc. And costs, say, half of what a Nucleus does. Could be a pretty compelling platform.

    Heck, it might make sense for Amazon to just flat out acquire Roon. Hard to know what the ROI would be -- I'm sure someone at Amazon is running those kind of numbers all the time -- but if it makes Amazon the channel through which everyone else must flow, and they collect a little toll for providing that -- then it could conceivably happen. Apple might be able to remain independent and separate as a combined hardware and service provider, but not sure anyone else could.

    Do I *want* this to happen? No. I like competition and innovation, and Amazon kind of sucks it from any marketplace they enter and dominate...but if there's any money to be made -- especially with predictable recurring revenues -- Amazon will likely go there.
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  2. JohnnyCanuck
    And, the crossover is a Bessel filter (at least it is in my Zu Essence). Flat phase response.

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  3. yonson
    This thread is pretty much noise in between Schiit releases and discussion. It seems as long as the discussions don't lead to religion, politics, weapons or illegal activities/items they are fair game. I REALLY enjoy that about this thread. Yes there are things that I just pass over (mainly cats) but I've learned a lot of interesting tidbits reading the "noise" in this thread and look forward to more of it (along with Jason's updates and new Schiit gear of course).
  4. Tim van der Leeuw
    Well having put up with the cable cooking story so far, it would give me at least some release of suspense knowing the answer: does it make a difference or not! :D

    Not that I'm likely to ever cook my own cables, but....
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  5. tincanear
    @PioBeer thinking about other recent posts regarding phase shifts between drivers (and comparing Tekton DI
    vs Vandy 2CE impulse response), I recall that the 2C's have separate enclosures (behind the outer grille cloth which is stetched over a frame). for each driver with an offset to help correct the time alignment between the drivers.
  6. Varejao17
    Pic above from the Vandersteen site. Saying they have separate enclosures for each driver doesn't seem to tell the whole story...

  7. valiant66
    This is how I think of it.

    You are recording some music with real instruments, be it folk, rock or classical.

    Now, a player hits the kick drum. The mallet hits the skin, the skin moves forward, and air is pushed away from the drummer towards the microphone. In an ideal world, when you are reproducing that kick drum in your system, the speaker cone moves forward and pushes air towards your ears.

    But this is a recording, and it may be multi-track, and the engineer may not be paying attention or may not care, and by the time the music gets finalized to disc, the phase gets inverted. So now, when you listen, that initial hit of the kick drum sucks the speaker cone back instead of pushing it forward.

    Not always, but often enough, that is something you subconsciously hear. Or sometimes consciously hear. And so, if you have a phase button on your remote you can, from your listening position, on a track-by-track basis, invert the phase as you listen and determine which sounds better to you.

    It’s not set-it-and-forget-it. It’s not source or album wide. It varies by track. And it can be really easy to hear in some cases.

    Not so much with EDM... :wink:...
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  8. Paladin79
    Chesky recordings, through digital coaxial cable fed into:

    Bifrost 2 with Lyr 3 equipped with Ken-Rad black glass VT-231 tube.

    Gungnir feeding Mjolnir with silver shield 1975 Reflector tubes 6n23P type.

    Headphones are MrSpeakers Alpha Primes and their cables that I personally hand built, four wire braid.

    I am highly skeptical about such things and last Sunday I tried a cooked cable but I may not have allowed it enough time, bass was suppressed and four friends from an audiophile group thought the same. (Two of which blind tested against two other cables)


    After 30 hours cooking,when using this cable, the Alpha primes opened up, bass is back, and mids are superlative. The overall sound stage has improved. Sound is well balanced overall.

    I know these headphones well have other cables made from various types of copper, solid silver, you name it. YMMV but in my opinion the cable cooking did help. Honestly they seemed to cause a change before when not cooked enough but it was in the wrong direction.

    I have no association with the company that made the cooker,nor MrSpeakers. Bill already had the connectors set up for his MrSpeaker (Aeon's I believe) so I used the same jacks rather than build Sennheiser fixtures.

    I have felt some of JohnJens statements on other types of cables a bit hard to substantiate but @bcowen mentioned his biggest difference was on headphone cables so I went that route.

    There are other headphones I like better than the Alpha Primes but with this cooked cable, I will spend more and more time using them now. This is what I believe I hear and YMMV. The cooker goes back to Bill next week most likely and I seriously doubt I would buy one.

    This is not easy to say, but Bill was right, about this, IMHO. :ksc75smile:
  9. RickB
    And maybe it shouldn't be said, but posting in this thread (even when off-topic) keeps it visible on the first page of the forum, so new Head-Fiers can get some exposure to Schiit.
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  10. ScottFree
    You’re new to Schiit Happened aren’t you. Schiit Happened has a particular charm about it.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2019
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  11. JohnnyCanuck
    Charm? Yeah, that's a word


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  12. jnak00
    No, I've been here for 3 or 4 years and I know this happens all the time.
  13. GearMe
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  14. Derrick Swart
    bear in mind that people who do not want to see it shall not pm you
    To me, i know tinkering with all the nice stuff is your hobby which i like to see and hear about, but a dialogue about cables and their colours for several posts is pushing it imho. Those back and forward posts sounds like pm material to me. Don’t think i don’t like to hear about cable burners, i do but i just think it does marginal things compared to just burn your system in with a bit of patience. But i do like to know about the fact people do this and that it exists. Which is great for our pursuit for great sound
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  15. dieslemat
    So about that Loki Maxi......

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