Schiit Gungnir DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by warriorant, Mar 29, 2012.
  1. deserat
    Only heard the the Hugo 2 at a meet. It was pretty impressive - but meet conditions aren't ideal, aside from the ton of noise there is also fatigue and the Adrenalin of playing with new toys. My guess though is that a Hugo 2 would replace both your Mojo and your LC. If I get the time to audition it again in quiet it may replace my Bimby/MJ2 and my Mojo as it is transportable. Very interested in hearing other impressions of the Hugo 2 DAC section vs the Gumby.
  2. joeexp
    Unfortunately the Hugo can't drive full-size Headphones properly. You'd still need your Liquid Carbon.
  3. RCBinTN
    I'm running the Gumby w/ Gen5 and the Bryston BHA-1 amp. Great SQ, IMO.
    The Bryston is SS, I'm not a tube guy, but it's got a smooth/warm sound for a SS amp. And plenty of power.
    Oh, and BTW, I have zero grainy sound with this rig. I went back to USB connection (from Mac), with the Gen5, the SQ is better than with my AQ diamond toslink.
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  4. Boogie7910
    So I switched to USB. Windows 10 automatically installed drivers. Is it better to just use that or the drivers Schiit provides on website? I tried installing the Schiit ones and it keeps saying device not found.
  5. cskippy
    With Windows 10 latest updates Windows now FINALLY supports USB Class 2 audio which should automatically work with any USB DAC. Just use the Windows drivers.
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  6. PWGuy
    Just bought a Gumby brand new with gen 5 USB! Very excited as I've been eyeing it for 4 months or so!
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  7. deserat
  8. Klots
    I've been eyeing one for 10 months (when my Audiolab M-dac died) and been listening with HD800 plugged in directly to PC motherboard :smile:. I hope I can buy Gumby/MJ2 combo in Nov/Dec. Should be "quite" an upgrade :dt880smile:

    How do you like your Gumby?
  9. PWGuy
    I don't receive it until Friday
  10. Klots
    only few days to wait then, very nice. Share your impressions also, if you receive it.
  11. RCBinTN
    I love my Gumby. I already had the Gungnir then as soon as the MB upgrade was launched, I went for it.
    Really opened up the sound of the HD800.
    And, I've heard many good comments about the GMB/MJ2 pairing...perhaps @MattTCG can chime in here!

    Enjoy Your Music!
  12. Klots
    When I searched gumby info on forums I saw where people compared DS Gungnir to M-dac and said that Gungnir was better. So Gumby seems great price/performance DAC.

    I already purchased IFI NOS 6922 tubes for MJ2. Easy to get and not so expensive. MJ2 should be very versatile and future proof also. I also use SDR mod with HD800.
  13. Charente
    After 8 months of GMB/MJ2 ownership I have no regrets whatsoever. With the new Gen5 Usb input GMB is pretty unbeatable at its price IMO (altho I use mine with an EITR). On the MJ2, I spent a little time with a few different tubes, incl LISST, but have settled on the 5670 family (adapters req'd). A pair of GE5670 5* for €48 and I'm set.
  14. Rowethren
    I have had my GMB/MJ2 set for about a year now and I love it, Gumby has the benefit that it really sounds great with speakers as well so I have it running two amps. The Mjolnir 2 has the power to run pretty much any headphone you want and you can tweak the sound with tubes if you want.

    What isn't to love! :beerchug:
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  15. PWGuy
    I also have an MJ2 and purchased some NOS WE396A tubes for my MJ2 about 6 months ago.

    I'm really, really excited to get this DAC and put it through its paces! I'm coming from a Gustard X20 which was no slouch (dual ESS9018 SABRE implementation).

    Connecting it up with a Curious USB cable - should be an outstanding combo! I'll report back after the DAC has had 100+ hours to break-in. What do other Gumby owners recommend for break-in time, especially if you have USB Gen 5 (in case it's different in this way from Gen 2)?

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