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  1. pctazhp
  2. connieflyer
    Good Morning PCT, glad to hear you gumby has arrived. When you get a chance perhaps you can let us know what differences you have seen between the Bimby and Gumby. I agree with you on the usb cable, it is a data cable not a cable that carries an analogue signal. So long as the 1's and 0's pass donw the wire, the gear really doesn't care. When I bought my plasma tv, part of the deal was a high grade usb cable, they gave me an Audioquest evergreen, nice cable. I used this with my dac and heard no difference in the music between this one and one of the cheaper data usb cables. You would think if Jason used a printer cable, and some one in his position could have what ever he wanted, uses this type of cable, that would be enough of a recommendation. I have a pair of pyst rca cables because I needed the short length for the connection to my headphone amp. They are nice, well made, but never heard a difference in the music because of them.
  3. pctazhp
    Thanks so much CF. First, let me say I am comparing my older Bimby which remains Schiit's Gen 2 USB. I really don't know how much of the improvement I'm hearing is due to the more sophisticated design of Gumby or how much is due to the new Schiit USB Gen 5 implementation on Gumby. I really don't care because Gumby is now MY DAC!!!

    Between my Bimby and Gumby the later is just far more natural, organic and enticing. Have to be careful when I start listening to it as it is truly captivating. It just gets everything right. Wonderful soundstage, imagine, natural vocals, highly musical. Really I am enjoying listening so much now.
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  4. Eldair
    Damn! These are out of stock in europe atm. No date when more arrive. WHY! WHY! Why now when i have money...
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  5. Vas19
    Just got my Gen 5 USB upgrade and it adds another level of ease and naturalness to the sound. Took about 20 minutes to self install - definitely worth the $100.
  6. RCBinTN
    Wow - 20 minutes. How did it go with re-aligning the LED's?

    Fully agree with the above comments.
    The Gen 5 USB Gumby is my end-game DAC.
    Used to think I wanted a Yggy. Not any longer.
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  7. Vas19
    Somehow I lucked out and they all just popped right back into place. I know how big a pain it can be from doing the same thing with my Bifrost... I should've bought a powerball ticket right afterward haha.
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  8. Mtavares_12

    We have been following this site by a long time, but now I decided to post here. I had a Mimby and now I moved to a Gumby. The information shared here were very important to this upgrade.
    The Gumby has been on for 120hrs. I am very happy with the increase in the soundstage, definition and clarity. It is "warm" also.
    I am considering that the final "burn-in" occurs at 300hrs. Based on your comments, I will keep it always ON.


  9. RCBinTN
    Great first post, welcome to Head-Fi.
    Enjoy your time here and don't be shy.

    I love my GMB and am not looking further for a DAC. It's just perfect, for me.

    I've been to Brazil many times. We bought a company in Sao Paulo then built a new plant in Jundiai.
    Love your country...and especially the people.


    ps. My Portuguese is really bad. I know maybe three words.
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  10. Friscosfoe
    Hi, Im having this frustrating problem with my gungir mb. Im nearing the end of the return period, but Id really like to keep it, and could use some advice. Hope this is the right thread to use

    Hi have a problem with a new gumby, still within return period. Hope this is the correct thread to use for advice.

    (1) System is imac to gumby gen 5 to rogue audio sphinx using SE/RCA connection.

    (2) Problem Im getting static in one channel when I turn the volume control on the Sphinx to about 12 o’clock, which is just at the top of my listening range. It stops making sounds when I stop adjusting the volume

    (3) Notably the problem persists regardless of whether I am in playback mode or not or whether the gumby is the audio out on the mac, as long as gumby is connected to the computer. It also persists regardless of whether my connection to the mac is usb, SPDIF through EITR, or optical.

    (4) Two other DACs, Bimby and Dragonfly red ,do not create this problem- the volume control is dead silent.

    (5) On the other hand the Gumby works perfectly in two other setups, Valahalla 2 and two channel system with Jolida tube preamp.

    (6) Reversing the RCA inputs sends the static to the other speaker.

    (7) I bypassed the Sphinx’s tubes by using the headphone jack. The static persisted (and was worse.)

    (8) The problem persists if I use a battery powered macbook or an ipod as a source instead of the iMac.

    (9) I upgraded my usb cable, and my rca cables to bluejeans highest rated for shielding; the problem continues
  11. Ableza
    That's usually a symptom of a bad cable, although if you only reversed one end of the cables there could be a problem with the line out on one side of the DAC. So, if the issue moves with the cable it is likely the cable; if the issue moves with the output of the DAC, it could be one channel of the DAC.
  12. Mtavares_12

    Thanks by your reception.

    I expect you have always great time and business here in Brazil.

    I am using the Gumby in a speaker configuration. Before the Mimby, I have used the DAC inside the Oppo 95. I became surprised how the Mimby was better. Moving to the Gumby is another level. I am still using the Oppo 95 as a transport connected to the BNC input (through a Black Cat Veloce coax cable).

    Considering all the good comments related to the USB Gen5 input, I am planning to start the tests to use a notebook as a music source. Let's see how it goes.


  13. rkw
    Are you saying that you only get static while you are turning the volume knob? Strange that an input signal could cause something like that.

    Anyway, following up on Ableza's comment, you should swap the entire cables left/right to narrow down the problem.
  14. Ableza
    Ooo - I missed that little fact about he noise only happening when volume is adjusted. Yes, that sounds like an issue with the volume control. Although the rest of your description points to cable or output issues.

    In any case, If you swap out the cable and the problem persists, contact Schiit and ask for an RMA to send the DAC back for testing if you think it is the problem. They will be happy to help.
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  15. RCBinTN
    Nice job helping out here! Well done.
    What we are about, my friend.
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