Schiit Freya Impressions and Tube Rolling Thread

  1. jseymour
  2. hornytoad
  3. Mike Thompson
    If you’re getting lots of tube noise, especially if you’ve changed around your tubes, I would look elsewhere for the problem. Could be something like a ground fault or noise in your home wiring. I have swapped out a number of tubes and have never had a problem. Tubes have a way of making these kinds of problems more obvious.
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  4. hornytoad
    I agree ,thats why I tried three different outlets in three different parts of my house. Problems in all of them. NO problems with the tubes in my Rogue Cronos Magnum.
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  5. Mike Thompson
    Honestly your experience is very different from most peoples. I’m wondering what other components you are using?
  6. hornytoad
    Mike, I was having a off an on buzzing noise in my right output of the Freya .A tung Sol is located there. I tapped it and the sound went away for the
    listening period. Tapped it a couple if times actually.
    So what does that tell you?
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  7. Mike Thompson
    I had a few problems with a different tube preamp and found the source of noise to be dimmer switches. I ended up having an electrician install a dedicated line to my listening room. Problem went away after that.
  8. hornytoad
    I have a dedicated line with PS audio dectet outlets and Ps audio power conditioner.
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  9. hornytoad
    Can a noisy tube bleed into another channel ?
  10. bmanone
    I haven't had any problems with my Freya being strident or flat lacking dynamics. The Freya is very emotionally involving for for me. With most of the music I regularly listen to I find myself unable to do anything other than just enjoy the music (I find it hard to multitask when listening to my system with the Freya)! Maybe you have a problem with your system somewhere else: interconnects, speakers, or amplifier?
  11. Dinche
    It shouldn't. I have experimented with this recently, and the noise is always contained to one channel. Only speak of Freya of course.

  12. KoshNaranek
    Have you tried it without all the PS Audio equipment?
  13. hornytoad
  14. Dinche
    I recently put Sylvania 7n7's into my Freya, and I'm not looking back.

    Tight, well-defined bottom end, mid-range clarity and depth, relaxed highs.
    Sylvania 7N7's are also the quietest tubes I have tried so far. All other tubes exhibited the varying levels of 45-60 HZ hum on the “high-gain” Freya.

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  15. KoshNaranek
    Where did you get the adapters?

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